And Here is TV’s Greatest Moderator…

That’s right, it’s our old pal Guy Smiley and his unique brand of LEGO futurism. The Inter-Atmospheric Fighter is the latest model from the intrepid Californian and it has all the style and technique we’ve come to expect from the builder over the years.  The solid gray canopy could indicate a drone of some kind or perhaps a manned fighter with advanced technology, but Smiley leaves those decisions up to the viewer’s imagination.  The red box on the canopy is especially delightful, as is the nose turret and collect-a-fig bases never looked so good.  Be sure and investigate the builder’s photo-stream for additional views and leave him a comment if you have the time.  Everyone likes a good comment.


But wait, There’s more!


Back in May of this year, Mr. Smiley also produced a rather striking helicopter all decked out for service in UN livery.  I’m a sucker for choppers and this contemporary model hits all the right notes from the number of blades to the unconventional nose to the sliding door.  I’d love to see three or four of these beauties in a diorama too, but just about everything looks better in a diorama.  The design is so effective it would look great in any number of colors: all blacked out, orange or gray.  Mr. Smiley is definitely a builder I’d like to work with one of these years.  The numbers don’t lie, with 181 favorites on Flickr and counting, this is clearly a chopper to remember.


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