If Carter Baldwin and FateHeart had a baby, it might look, act and most importantly build like our next featured artist.  I’ve always admired Imagination DUCK for his great stand-alone mecha and related machines of war, but mostly because he also explores my favorite genre: Sci-Fi dioramas.  For his latest model, the builder ventures into well-trodden territory but manages to stake some very interesting real estate for himself.  The category is….futuristic VTOL gunships! (it helps if you think of Alex Trebek reading that last line)  I know, many of you are yawing and saying it’s all been done before, and done really well.  It probably seems like there is a futuristic VTOL gunship in your photos-stream every week, but since you’re already here, my Bucket-Head friend, you might as well have a look.

27916476172_d814a5589f_oObviously the nose is really striking, unlike any cockpit on a futuristic VTOL gunship that I’ve ever seen. The lack of a side-view window seems odd, but I’ll go with it because of the fascinating shape. For once, the blades actually look like they’d be able to lift something that heavy, so I applaud the DUCK  for giving a nod towards greater realism.  I really love the dark grey inset section running down the middle of the fuselage, and the wings look great too.  I kind of wish it had more ordinance under those wings, but what he does have looks good.  The guard rail on top was an interesting choice.  Although it sticks out like a soar thumb it also suggests a larger vehicle or crane might move these things around.


As long as I’m compiling a wish list, I think it might look better with some kind of tail or additional control surface in the back.  Don’t confuse my small criticisms with any doubt about the overall value of this model, this thing is a beast from every angle, especially the bottom left hand image in the above photo.

I can’t miss the opportunity to give some love to one of Mr. DUCK’s dioramas that I was going on about in the beginning of this post.  I’ll leave you with “Beautiful View” from 2012, which is cool for a number of reasons, but mostly because the builder does a great job of capturing a cinematic mood.  I probably would have put the figs under that perfect spotlight, but I appreciate the statement the builder makes by not doing so.  Enough with the futuristic VTOL gunships, DUCK, we need more dioramas from you.


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