“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”

If Mother Teresa had been a LEGO nerd she surely would have connected with the strength of the next featured “small things” here at the Manifesto.  First up is this unusual grayscale take on the Volkovskaya Dam by Dmitriy and Anna.The Russian duo didn’t have to go to far for inspiration as the dam is situated on the Iset river in their home city of  Kemensk-Uralsky.  The simple techniques for the shoreline look great and the builder’s use of white is really effective: you can almost hear the water falling through the gates, and the whole thing has an oddly soothing vibe.  If nothing else it is a refreshing break from the current preferred water building techniques.


Next we have another simply titled effort called Damselfly by young Mr. James Bailey, who is also apparently the self-described “Bane of Seagulls”, which only makes him more interesting.  Every part of the “devil’s darning needle” earns its place and the model is definitely enhanced by the National Geographic style photo.  I never would have thought gold would be the right answer for this creation, but I think it works quite well here.  The head-down stance he achieves along with the forward swept legs and backward swept wings is very pleasing to the eye. A fun fact about Damselflies: adults are able to devour their prey while holding it in their legs as they fly. Who knew?


Don’t get me wrong, I love big, bloated, studless mega-dioramas as well as the next red-blooded American but just like Mother Teresa, I can enjoy the small things too.  Yes, I just compared myself to Mother Teresa.  See you next time, constant reader.

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