“I’m giving you a choice: put on these glasses or start eatin’ that trash can.”

Full disclosure, constant reader, I’m a huge fan of  triple-threat director/writer/composer John Carpenter.  From Halloween to Escape From New York to Big Trouble in Little China, Carpenter rarely fails to ignite my appetite for action movies and building with LEGO.  So you can imagine my sheer delight to find our next featured model from April of this year.  The diorama comes courtesy of Irish builder Paddy Bricksplitter, who has been providing us with great images since he hit Flickr in 2014.  Although nowhere near as prolific, his often humorous style reminds me of Karf Oohlu, but with a better attention span for single builds.  When Paddy turned his attention to John Carpenter, it was like getting a Christmas present in the middle of spring.  While this diorama may not have some of the wackiness or dynamic action of some of his other builds, Paddy manages to nail all the important themes of 1988’s They Live in one clear, concise image: the mind-control signal device, surveillance drone, alien invaders, subliminal advertising and of course Rowdy Roddy Piper.  I really appreciate the builder’s decision to leave Piper as the only element in color, it is both visually striking and perfectly in theme to the film.  If you’ve never seen They Live, do yourself a favor and grab your favorite adult beverage and settle in for an entertaining 93 minutes.


Since this diorama may be old news to many of you, I have included Paddy’s latest model as well, entitled “Big Trouble“.  First impressions are crucial to a model’s numerical and critical success in the hobby and this one had me grinning before I clicked on the thumbnail.  From the giant’s expression and wounds, to the frenetic minifig action, I was immediately sold on the value of this image.  In closing, it should also be noted that those gauntlets are the most heavy-metal things I’ve seen in ages.  Rock on Paddy, rock on.


2 thoughts on ““I’m giving you a choice: put on these glasses or start eatin’ that trash can.”

  1. I think if you built a “Big Trouble in Little China” diorama my head might explode. But in a good way not the way Lo-Pan’s flunky explodes. Also, the Porkchop Express with creature!!! I see it in my brain, now if only I had the brick talent to make it real.


    1. I think I’ll get there eventually, there is certainly enough inspiration there: Egg Shen’s tour bus, the throne room, the Black Lotus bar…I’ll give it some serious thought. I’ll eventually get around to Escape From New York too.


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