I know the feeling…

I think most builders who have undertaken a large, time consuming LEGO project can relate to this Brick Barossa convention video posted by Michael Smith.  It features the demise of a rather nice and certainly inoffensive rendition of the historic Ayers House by Michael Burdon.  The Australian mansion is located in Adelaide and it is named after Sir Henry Ayers, the five time Premier of South Australia and wealthy industrialist, who occupied the stately building from 1855 until 1897.  If the builder is anything like me, he was so sick of looking at his long-term project (it’s been around for a couple of years) that the only solution was a violent end at a convention, to the delight of the crowd.  I can tell you from personal experience that putting your fist through a pain in the ass model can be very satisfying indeed.

The Brothers of Destruction

I’ve seen models dropped from stairs and slammed against a wall, but I’ve never seen a builder throw objects at a diorama with the intent to destroy.  Typically the models slated for destruction at conventions are Star Wars related official sets so it’s refreshing to see a scratch-built diorama get the rough treatment.  Nobody really cares that much if a giant official set gets wrecked, but the vibe is more intense when you watch a creator demolish his creation.  I can’t quite make out what the projectiles are, but hurling them at the model results in some very pleasing shrapnel.  The WWE style table slam at the end is a nice touch too: well played my Australian homies!  I’ll leave you with a video of the Ayers House before it’s destruction, since Mr. Burdon doesn’t seem to have an account at any of the usual sites.  If you’re into this kind of LEGO related disaster porn you can also check out the MandRproductions34 YouTube channel, where you can watch him smash a wide variety of official sets.

7 thoughts on “I know the feeling…

  1. BattleSHIP was easily the most entertaining thing at Brickworld this year. The SHIP drops got more and more brutal as it went on; Halliwell threw one of Simon’s at least 15 feet in the air and caused visible damage to some of the parts. The best was the crowd of people chanting, “Unbuild! Unbuild!” like it was some sort of ritual sacrifice.


    1. I’ve heard only good things about BattleSHIP, so much so that I’ve reached out to Simon for an interview. He’s sorting through the best video footage now, so look for that article in a few days. Thanks Christopher!


      1. The best vid I saw was Isaac “Ricey” Mazer’s slo-mo of Simon launching his SHIP while simultaneously leaving the earth slightly to get more height. Total goddamn commitment! Best part is the expression on Simon’s face as his SHIP hovers much in the same way a brick doesn’t.


  2. Maybe next year for Battle SHIP we have to change it up…. none of this backstabbing by bad shooters. Next year maybe a hit only counts as a hit if you can literally hit the SHIP by throwing a giant peg at it….


    1. I wouldn’t mess with an instant classic, at least not until I have a chance to see it. I think rountRee may be on to something with the lawn dart idea.


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