Live…From Fabulous Las Vegas, it’s Bricks & Beer!

The Manifesto is proud to cross-promote my appearance on Andrew Lee’s entertaining and always unedited Bricks & Beer! video series.  Mr. Chrome himself was in Vegas for a marathon bachelor party that ended with a little recovery time at my legoratory.  Considering how baked I was, I think it turned out pretty good, well except for my nasally voice.  This is a half hour of your life that you’ll definitely want back!

I suppose I should offer a NSFW warning, we drop a few F-bombs here and there, it was entirely unavoidable and somehow essential to the experience.  Andrew has been an O.G. member of KeithLUG since we met at BrickCon in 2007 and he’s been a great friend over the years.  For my money Andrew is the ultimate Iron Builder, his bouts with Simon and Jimmy are the stuff of legend.  Stop by any time Chrome,  you’re always welcome in the wasteland!

21 thoughts on “Live…From Fabulous Las Vegas, it’s Bricks & Beer!

  1. As always, excellent viewing. Had a great time watching you both. Made me feel as though I was chillin with the homies. =)


    1. Cheers Zach, and thanks also for that PM you sent me on the site, I really appreciate the support. If it felt like chillin’ with the homies then mission accomplished.


  2. Nice. You guys just cost the federal government 30 minutes of productivity. It was actually pretty structured and pretty focused compared to most of the other episodes. I would like to have watched you guys explore the theme of big fest / small fest a little more. Hearing Lee and you both acknowledge that the big shows are getting REALLY big, and maybe even slightly intimidating was very interesting.

    Is it impossible to move the lap top around while filming? Its a shame, because giving the viewer a quick glance at your Legoatory would have been cool.

    Great show, great sandwich.

    When it was done, and Lee turned off the recorder, did he yell: “And that’s a rap folks!” Did you? No? Well, you should have.


    1. Stickin’ it to the man! That’s 30 minutes the government will never get back, its my tax dollar at work. I agree that we could have hit a few topics a little more thoroughly, although with the condition I was in I think we did pretty good staying on track. I also agree that we should have panned the camera around a little more, but that’s the downside of unedited, unscripted action. There was no yelling of cinematic boilerplate Rutherford, because we’re not lame like you. As usual your suggestions are useless and too late to do anyone any good. You really should rethink your entire existence immediately.


  3. I went to Brickworld this year and I felt like the new kid at school, partially because it was my first con but also because everything was grouped by LUG. Thankfully I still got to hang out with some awesome people and ToroLUG/GamerLUG were kind enough to let me join in on their fun the last day.


    1. Brickworld is an amazing experience and I can imagine it would be overwhelming as a first time convention experience. Sounds like you had fun though, what did you like best/worst about it?


      1. Putting faces to the names I’ve known online for years was definitely the biggest plus; I look at Flickr completely differently now. I think everyone’s attention is divided at big events like that and most people I only got to meet in passing, but I did end up spending some good time with Ted Andes, Micah Beideman, Tyler Halliwell, Guy Himber, and Dan Church (sorry to anyone I forgot who’s reading this). Really glad I decided to join Ted’s tech west display since that’s what led to meeting most of those guys. Highlights for me were doing a Simon draft and building a giant cock and balls out of the play brick at 4 a.m. with a high-profile builder whose name I’m not sure I should mention.


      2. You can’t just mention a giant cock and balls and then leave us…hanging. Glad you had fun at the event, it seems like you met some great people and had a blast. I saw the Tech West display and I loved it except for the custom graffiti. I’m not as purist as I once was, but seeing the stickers made me break out in hives.


      3. Yeah, I would have preferred if that was brick built or maybe even hand painted by someone who knew how to do real graffiti art. It was last minute (like most of that display) and a tribute to Cole.


  4. Good shit dude and thanks for both being on the show and cross promoting.
    Sorry in advance for my technical ineptitude dear viewers. Next time we do this in the famed KeithLUG legoratory I’ll close the one window blowing out the frame, tighten the shot up some, and make sure the laptop fan isn’t blaring out of control loud. Or maybe I’ll just be less hung over and sleep deprived…


    1. Anytime Chrome, I’ll point the constant readers your way from time to time. I think we did the best we could, considering the circumstances. We need a longer visit next time.


  5. Awesome episode! I even got a shout-out! I’m a star!! XD I can’t believe that all of Bucharest is almost sorted, that’s madness. Love the big show versus regional show aspect, I agree that it’s worth exploring. Even the differences with big show versus big show like Brickworld and Brickcon. Both supremely different and equally intimidating.

    91 degrees at 3:am? fuck that shit, that’s why god invented A/C.


    1. You’re a star, baby! I have to begrudgingly give Rutherford props for a solid two days of sorting he put in before his flight left. We plowed through about half the diorama in that time span and it was a HUGE luxury that I’m not usually afforded. Putting up with Rutherford’s 2 day monologue about the Utah convention was a small price to pay. The big-show vs little-show topi is definitely one I’ll be exploring down the road on the Manifesto. I certainly had a blast chillin’ with you in the executive lounge in Orem.


      1. What do you think of trying to do After Action Reports (AAR) from various fests?

        Not mapping them all out a year in advance and assigning them to reporters… you wish you had that kind of juice! I just mean, as we attend different fests moving forward… we send you rough assessments, trying to address various aspects of the fest (ease of registering, social tone upon arrival, diversity of MOCs, attitudes of other attendees, overall level of satisfaction, peculiar wrinkles… whatever).

        But “whoever” goes to a fest, take some pics, write up a summery of the trip, and send you this raw report so you can scan it for useful bits, and push it out in a format that fits your blog? Your edit and formatting would make a diverse and irregular group of reports fit into a more consistent (decipherable) installment here.

        Nobody goes to ALL the fests (except for the enigma who is Abner Finley). But between all of your readers, I bet A LOT of the fests get covered. You should kick out a rough format and invite readers to take a crack at reporting a fest. Zero risk of publishing crazy talk, zero promises to the author, zero stress. Just an open invite to contribute?

        The only down side I see is more work for YOU… and I’m completely comfortable with that!



      2. Maybe I’ll test out a format with a Utah report, it’s not a bad idea. I’m not sure how many willing reporters we have in the audience but it can’t hurt to find out.

        I’ve got to get Abner to the blog in some capacity, even if only as a reader.

        Abner are you reading this, you maudlin S.O.B.?


  6. what the hell. first I got to shout out to AKU for being such a sport an standing in the background the whole time!! Keith now I have a face to go with that sword swinging tongue of yours lol.. I see we both have the same gray hair level of beard going on.. and shout out to Andrew. grom Florida to cali. sippin on Corona’s like always an tokin!! The show shoulda been an hour!! always love n postive vibes guys…


    1. The Shogun of Sorrow is my co-pilot Mike, he guides my every move in life. It’s good to know I’m not the only gray-beard out there, cheers to you Mike, I’ll lift my next Corona towards Florida in your honor.


  7. This is great. Now I have something to watch at work when I’m avoiding actual work!
    I agree about the after action reports. It’d be nice to learn about the inter workings of collaborative dioramas and what goes into big convention builds.
    As my hubby, Steve, and I watched this, he thought of an idea. On the topic of scale and dioramas: a “Castaway” recreation would be cool. The island and cave, plus the building of a craft. Various FeDX boxes and of course Wilson… with a lone Tom Hanks minifig to show the isolation.

    Enjoyable. Keith: your voice is distinctive and entertaining. Not nasal. Get over yourself.


    1. Yes, I’m officially responsible for wasting the time of federal and state employees. Hurray for inefficiency! Hurray beer!

      You know, I’ve never seen castaway but it sounds ripe for the LEGO treatment. It’s probably too commercial for my hipster tastes, but I can’t rule it out if Steve agrees.

      I’ll never get over myself, and you can’t make me!


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