Friday Night Fights [Round 2]

Welcome back fight fans, to Sin City Nevada for another pistol-whipping edition of Friday Night Fights!  Tonight’s featured bout is a match up between two constant readers of the Manifesto, one famous and one obscure.  This week’s duel will be pistols at 10 paces.  Without further preamble, let’s go to the tale of the tape.

Fighting out of the red corner, from too many LUG’s to mention in a single post, it’s the wily veteran Simon “The Cyborg” Liu and his “Good Samaritan“.


And fighting out of the blue corner, from the inky blackness between the stars, it’s Cath “The Interloper” Bailey and the “Plasma Caster“.

10687586896_af99aa8d01_oAs usual, constant reader, you are tasked with deciding the outcome of this pugilistic endeavor and determine who will receive a week’s worth of bragging rights.  Simply leave a comment below and vote for the MOC that best suits your individual taste. I will tally up the votes next Friday and declare a winner before announcing the next bout.

Last Week, on Friday Night Fights….

Lu “The Slasher” Sim and his RJ-PLS01A PALASO scored a 12-5 victory over Guy “The Moderator” Smiley and his Vertical Tank.  Lu Sim records his first win in the inaugural bout and improves his record to (1-0) while Guy Smiley falls to (0-1).


24 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights [Round 2]

    1. Then you should probably start fighting and vote for yourself. Also, don’t underestimate the crowd here, they don’t care about reputation, followers or views, they care about what they see in the ring. Your gun deserves to be here, now shoot!


  1. Cath’s begs the eternal question: gun or ship? I think it would blast the gunman’s face off before he knew which way to point it. On the other hand, Simon’s plays things a little too safe and doesn’t look much like its source aside from the big-ass barrel. I’m not that familiar with Hellboy, but a quick image search suggests that Simon’s would be hard to recognize at first glance even by a die-hard fan. Cath’s at least has the excuse of being “roughly based on” something, artistic license and all that jazz. Although an argument could be made that Cath took the easy way out in doing that. All this is really me dancing around the question of which to vote for, and in the end I can’t confidently vote for either. Sorry guys.


    1. What?! You do a disservice, good sir, to the two combatants spilling blood in the arena. You’re exactly the kind of viewer who must vote, you have a strong opinion and grasp on constructive criticism. I say stop dancing and vote. As yourself this question, if you were dueling with another gentleman and you were given first choice of these two pistols, which one would you pick?


      1. If you’re gonna put a gun to my head over this, I guess I’d reach for the Plasma Caster. It does incorporate original ideas, which is better than falling short of replicating someone else’s in my book. I like the shaping with the technic panels on the front and those vaguely phallic doohickies sticking out the sides. The UFO/Insectoid parts suggest that they dramatically snapped out or unfolded from the main body when the gun was switched on, which is fun to think about.


      2. sorry, keith.

        I am a wildcard.

        something I noticed, though, is that on your site we are only using names?
        that seems like it would make it easy to pose as someone else.


      3. Chris – I fail short at lots of things in life ;(
        But in this case I built the Comic Book version of the gun, not the movie one- since Tyler was a fan of comics 😉


      4. Welp. I feel like a dick now. Though I can’t find much consistency in the comics unless he’s using a different gun in each shot I’m looking at.


  2. I do love Hellboy quite a bit. And I have played Borderlands a little, so I’m familiar a little with the aesthetic. When I first looked these over, I was tempted to go with a split decision, but I see that the “Hoff” already pulled that move out of his poult-ass. I’m tempted to go with the Samaritan as Simon is one of my best friends in the hobby, but with the old school yellow technic hubs, the insecticide legs, and the yellow tubing, I gotta give the vote here to Cath.


  3. My moneys gumna have to go to Simon’s six shooter. the shaping couldn’t be more on point. The whole thing is mind blowing. I could just imagine building two of them an running around thinking Yosemite Sam, hellboy style. Then I thought those two gun from Roger Rabbit and I thought man I wish Simon would have built some crazy bullets.


  4. I have to say that I agree with everyone on this being a toughy. However, I like bullets over bullshit (no offense to Cath.) The whole idea of hand lasers or plasma cannons with their zappity-zap have always seemed a bit off the ludicrous end to fathom so it ends up being more prejudicial than anything in spite of the supernatural history of Hellboy’s pistola. I like explosive chemistry behind a heavy projectile when referring to hand held shit-kickers. Throw Cath’s on the nose of a space battle cruiser and I’d buy it, but for a quick draw on something up close and personal, nothing beats a hole poker releasing organs from the constrains of the offender’s body. Throw in some Whopper bullets and nothing is safe. Samaritan, hand’s down (or up, in this case.)


  5. That is a wonderfully polished (and surprisingly sturdy?) Si-MOCs build… I really love the dark bley, and the bits of texture from the grill bricks. Is there old gray mixed in too?

    The caster is so incredibly creative and playful. There’s so many fun ideas packed in… Yeah! I could imagine stealing components for spaceship engines. But, I’m not keen on the stickers, and the back seems a bit plain — I would have liked a bit more texture/shaping on the black bits toward the grip.

    So, one for Simon.


  6. I guess you can look at this one as a very literal fight – which gun would you want? Not a big fan of LEGO guns for many reasons, but this reminds me of Indu versus the Cairo Swordsman. One may be fancy and impressively designed, but all it takes is one shot. I’ll give that shot to Simon.


  7. Cath’s gun is pew pew pretty, but I feel like I’d accidentally shoot my face off.
    Simon wins for simplicity and reliability. Both good things with a firearm.


  8. I vote Samaritan.

    I offer the qualification that in my mind I am comparing two guns, not two MOCs. Because… Dam! They are both built and presented in such a way that they both look more gunnish to me then Lego-ish. Good job to you both!

    I start from the assumption that both are combat weapons (not for hunting, or marksmanship, or Saturday night specials… on the Friday Night Fights).

    That said, I tend to weigh durability heavily. The “caster” looks very fragile, especially that little yellow valve on the bottom of the… catalyst tank? Behind the… pilot light… sparker… thing…on the lower front end of the weapon?

    The Samaritan on the other hand looks pig ugly and pig tough. (Except for that unfortunate little chain on the handle… which make the gun look like it just fell off of a charm bracelet).

    Oh, and one other thing. This version of Friday Night FIGHTs has obviously turned into a genuine duel. A lethal conflict between two gentlemen, on the field of honor, with seconds at the ready, ten paces, and perhaps a breakfast of kippers and poached eggs in the misty morning sun immediately after the hostilities are resolved!

    The two contenders VOTED FOR EACH OTHER? Really?

    You shoot first good sir!

    No no old boy… you go first.

    Oh, but I insist…

    I say, do you know what I think? I think we should swap weapons! I’ve always wanted to try my shot with that caster of yours!

    Quite a capital idea old boy! Lets not fuss about! I say, Archibald! Do ensure breakfast is ready! We shall complete our business here shortly!

    Very good sir…

    You guys are the nicest combatants I’ve seen in ages. So while I voted on the assumption of combat, you two are obviously both true duelists. Now if you will both excuse me… I’m bound for home, where I shall view the film Sense and Sensibility… with my wife… again…



    1. Lmao. Mike, I feel like I’m reading two blogs. “KeithLug Manifesto” Blog and “Michael Rutherford’s response to KeithLug Manifesto” Blog. Just as entertaining but with spicy attitude!


      1. It’s like a crazy night with a gay, tranny, midget hooker and then waking up with a dosage of penicillin and a Skyy screwdriver next to your bed. Win, win!! XD


  9. Amandroid, I have always found it difficult to listen to Keith’s rhetoric without rebuttal. He sort of needs to be rebutted… again and again… it’s like a co-dependency thing. He says “I hate you Mike! Don’t leave me!” like… every day. There are many voices here on the Manifesto, but like a song that SHOULD have been in Les Miserables, all of our voices harmonize and produce the collective and ever evolving anthem of the AFOL. We are all writing The Manifesto (you like that Keith?) Ultimately however, you are correct. Keith is like Original V8… and I am delicious “Spicy V8”. Not that new Chipotle V8 though… that stuff tastes like swill! Chipotle V8 might be found on some other sucky blog…

    Matt, its amazing how often I have heard that exact metaphor! It is a metaphor right?


    1. No, you silly. That’s a simile!

      And if I had a nickel for every time I… Um, so. How ’bout that baseball match? Touchdown! Go team. I think Lichtenstein has a team, they’re all named Roy for some reason. XD


  10. I like 2-dimensional guns. Big bulky ones are awesome, like Chewie’s bowcaster, but the Bailey’s Caster isn’t quite flat (thin?) enough. It looks like a portal gun, deadly version, and I really wouldn’t like to carry something like that around. Epic gun, looks painful to use.

    I pick Simon’s Samaritan. At least that can fit in my pocket.


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