LEGO Eleganza Realness

And now for something completely different, a couture dress made primarily from LEGO bricks.  Ashley Eckstein is the model and the voice of Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, whose face adorns the striking garment.  I can’t help but wonder what kind of noise the dress makes as she struts the runway.  Ashley participated in the Her Universe fashion show at the famous San Diego Comic Con this weekend, which is apparently now the second largest convention of any kind in the world.   The one of a kind design was created by LEGO Certified Professional Nathan Sawaya, whose work should be familiar to many of you constant readers and it features over ten thousand bricks.  The likeness of Ashoka is impeccable, the dress is form-fitting (especially for LEGO) and the colors really pop under the lights.  Damn, I’ve been watching way too much Project Runway and Drag Race.



The construction technique is difficult to guess at with just a handful of images currently available online.  In the absence of info, I guess the LEGO elements are glued to the fabric or maybe the builder modified the bricks to allow for them to be woven together.  Even though the dress is lined with some kind of fabric, I can’t imagine it’s very fun to wear for prolonged periods of time or sit down in.  Sometimes great fashion hurts, but any discomfort is a small price to pay for the sheer amount of attention this garment draws, even in an over-saturated environment like Comic Con.  When everyone is an attention whore, how do you get noticed?  A LEGO dress is just the ticket.  Kudos to Mr. Sawaya, I think he’s found his true calling here and I hope he takes another crack at LEGO fashion in the future.  That’s difficult praise for me to dole out because I think he’s a bit of a hack, but damn…this is a cool dress and all of our fellow nerds at SDCC seem to agree.




24 thoughts on “LEGO Eleganza Realness

  1. I feel obligated to comment because I have a vagina and I don’t want Keith to feel lonely.
    I think the image isn’t positioned in a great way to be flattering to her figure and I’d like to see the back. That being said, I love that it actually has some movement and isn’t heavy or blocky looking. Also love the shine and the hair styling that mirrors the character.
    Woohoo! Really mixin’ up the demographics, Keith!
    Lastly, is anyone else both jealous and irritated by Comicon attendees?


    1. Jealous and irritated? Nah. Been there, done that. It was fun when it was actually about comic books back in the early 90s. After that, it became a cosplay convention more than anything, and brutally crowded at that. Back then all we had were Klingons walking around while we all tried our best not to laugh as they yelled, “K’Plahh!” Plus on Sunday, all the vendors didn’t want to take any shit home so they marked the hell out of their stuff. It’s worth doing once in your lifetime, and I must say that the cleavage is rather impressive (I dare anyone to go there, male or female, and NOT notice.) And you do get to meet some cool people/artists/actors/writers and get rip roaring drunk with comic nerds.


      1. Yeah, I have never been, so now I feel I’ve missed the window. I remember a few years ago Jo Chen was at Comic-Con and I would have loved to meet her and sign a BTVS comic for me. But alas….

        I agree it seems more like Cosplay everything now. I am in contact with my cousin who is there this weekend (in GoT cosplay of course) . She sent me some Bob’s Burgers Merch lists….Holy Jesus that stuff is expensive! I don’t think I could afford a trip!


    2. I’m always irritated by Comicon attendees, especially the ones who engage in cosplay attention whoring. Look at me! Look at me! No, don’t look at the other 30 Harley Quins, look at ME! My boobs are bigger! The guys are just as bad. I get it, you think a cross dressing Darth Vader / Pokemon is cool! Just fuck off cosplayers. Lego nerds can be bad, terrible even but they are nothing compared to the narcissism of cosplayers. I’m not having the argument that they are so terribly creative either…they are so creative that they can exactly replicate another designer’s creative brilliance. They don’t design their own costumes and characters, they copy people who are more talented. I feel the same way about Lego nerds who build X-Wing fighters…they often look great but dude, it’s not your design. I went to ComiCon about a decade ago and I had a good time, but if you’re at all claustrophobic I wouldn’t go now..too many sweaty nerds.


  2. Tim Gunn might approve. Yeah, so what. I watched Project Runway too. It does sort of work but more as a novelty than anything that could be called avant garde. Like you Keith, I’m intrigued by the construction and more importantly if the dress leaves a trail. Fair warning to anyone walking behind her to keep their shoes on. The placement of Ahsoka’s face as it hugs her hips is perfect but the fact that it looks like a Lichtenstein is annoying. The black on the bottom was a great decision on the design to curve the mass visually inward but the mass of color at the top that trails down needed some editing. The blue and white works well to complement her figure in contrast to the dull neckline. It’s a good idea well executed, but nothing more. I suspect that I’ll have a couple dozen FB posts asking if I saw the dress made of legos. Ugh.


    1. You’re right, this dress seems like perfect Facebook fodder and Tim Gunn would probably dig it, but he’d also have some essential piece of advice that would make it look 30% better. Even though I can’t stand Sawaya, or the character on the dress, I think this is the best looking LEGO garment I’ve seen.I didn’t notices the Lichtenstein factor either, but just like Amanda, now that you’ve pointed it out, I can’t unsee it. Maybe you and I need to get into the LEGO fashion trend and show them how it’s done. First up, Lederhosen! If you run MOCathalon again, you should definitely include this category. It’s probably been done before as “wearable LEGO”, but no more Iron Man bullshit, it has to be straight up fashion!


  3. ROWNTREE your on crack! Lichtenstein is a really tiny place, but it is still way to big for that lady to just put it on like a dress and walk around with it! AND… it looks nothing like Ahsoka. Where is your head at man! The shite you say doesn’t even make sense!

    Keith, I’m surprised you didn’t go “Omnibus” on this theme! Behold!

    I gotta say, this thing seems pretty Zoolander to me. ( ) It’s a cool… thing. I totally get it, as part of SDCC… It is what it’s supposed to be… I guess… a big, expensive, spectacular… thing… and it goes a long way towards explaining my near complete lack of interest in SDCC.

    Still Keith, you get full points for relevance and general interest.


    1. Not sure I’d count the Legoland clothes hanging on the line, they are not meant to be worn, but the other link is totally legit. I didn’t turn the post into an omnibus because I’m worried that trend on the Manifesto is getting tired. If left unchecked, I tend to turn just about any post into an omnibus. Were you serious when you said it looks nothing like Ashoka? Hurray for full points.


      1. Lichtenstein. The tiny country of Lichtenstein looks nothing like Ashoka.

        It’s funny if you read what Rowntree said to… aw you know what? Just forget it!

        The dress DOES look like Ashoka, the country of Lichtenstein DOES NOT look like Ashoka.

        And yea, you might be wise to guard against excessive omnibussism”. It’s just that I found pictures of Lego eyeglasses, and shoes, and stuff… and I remembered that guy who built the life size Lego Halo armor (that exaggerated his hips and made him look like a heavy set middle aged woman…) It seemed like natural grist for the mill.

        Also, I think Rowntree might be able to wear some of that stuff hanging on the cloths line.


      2. You know I’d rock those shoes, baby! That dress though, couldn’t do it on account of my thighs spread like…


    1. Oooh, that was fun! Silly company man, always thinking of political boundaries and Hilti products. Your sentence shall be to view Peanut Butter ten times in a row. Dismissed.


  4. Must. Blink. To. Wet. Eyes. That’s almost as bad as “What, What, (in the Butt)”. The internet has ruined us all. Must repent! Well, maybe later…..


    1. Don’t bother scrubbing your retinas, I’ve tried and it didn’t work. You cannot unsee that.

      You’re welcome! XD


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