Two for Tuesday: Jordan Schwartz


Good evening constant reader, its happy hour and our bartender Lloyd is setting them up neat, just the way you like it.  Since it’s jacket and tie only tonight, I’ve invited a sophisticated cat and swingin’ builder to class up the joint, one Mr. Jordan Jordan Schwartz.  The models are not exactly new, but they are new to the blog and to me.  I pretty much took last year off from building and even looking at models, so both of these builds slipped past my radar.  I was lucky enough to meet Jordan at BrickWorld 2010 in the outskirts of Chicago.  At the time he was 16, already a valedictorian and mature beyond his years.  Possessing a keen wit and the outlook of an artist, he made quite an impression on me in a short period of time.  As a teenager I saw Jordan put up with a lot of shit online from some high-vis “adult” builders and he handled it with complete class.  He also outlasted his detractors which is some sweet chicken indeed.  I only regret we didn’t get a chance to hang out more at the convention, but those overwhelming environments can be the enemy of meaningful dialogue.  Jordan has been a little on the reclusive side lately but at least he’s still gifting us with his genius from time to time.  Our first offering tonight is smooth operator Nick Wilde from Zootopia.  My daughter was looking over my shoulder while I was scrolling through Jordan’s photos and she insisted I include the wily fox in the post.  I couldn’t really argue against it, the build is pretty amazing and the pose captures the essence of the character perfectly.  The shirt is a nice study by itself.


I didn’t have to look much further for the second build, I’m such a huge fan of 1979’s Alien  that I used to pause the VHS tape every time the The Narcissus lifeboat made an appearance.  It was so unlike the lumbering Nostromo that it was a striking contrast and a really neat model.  I think the nose on Jordan’s version could be refined a little but I give him extra points for subject matter and it’s instantly recognizable.

I mentioned earlier that  Jordan is a sophisticated cat, right?  We’ll he’s got no time for your scuffed sneakers, skinny jeans and stained Marvel T-Shirt so why don’t you just show yourself out before you embarrass yourself any further.  Also, he might have a derringer in that jacket pocket and I know he’s shot people for dress code violations before.  ISeriously, you should just leave now…


7 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday: Jordan Schwartz

  1. The Narcissus is still one of those ships I remember when I got into the online community. Still impressive and I agree about the nose. I love it when a builder can show that they are not at all afraid of stepping out of any comfort zone but also have the ability to excel in whatever venture they try.

    I think that pic of him should have been taken elsewhere or staged a bit differently, the ship picture is distracting and the phone jack on the wall is more so. Otherwise it looks like he’s ready to pull a gat out of that pocket in order to steal some Mediterranean bird statue. Maybe there’s a femme fatale just out of shot flipping her hair back asking if she’s decent. I do however love the light on the shoes, has a nice Harry Lime vibe to it (Look him up Mike! No, it’s not a variety of fruit found in tropical climes! jeesh.)


    1. I didn’t think to critique the fashion but I suppose we should, since you and I are both such fashionistas. I dig the shoes too, but I disagree about the ship picture, I think it adds just the right amount of weirdness to the shot and the off-kilter angle lets you know that things may not be what they seem. As for the phone jack…yeah it kind of breaks the immersion a bit but it’s not a deal breaker. Harry Lime is the perfect comparison, you nailed it: ” Nobody thinks in terms of human beings. Governments don’t. Why should we? They talk about the people and the proletariat, I talk about the suckers and the mugs – it’s the same thing. They have their five-year plans, so have I.” I bet you Jordan has a 5-year plan.


  2. Ha! This guy! Right on! I remember looking at his MOCs and thinking “Geez… I gotta try that… I wish I could achieve that… Ooooh, yea, cool!”

    Then I learned he was like… 14 or some dam thing. A boot right up the side of my ass! What? No way! All the emotion in his work, all the creative freedom, the insight, the explosive creativity… He’s a kid?

    Was I prejudice? Hell yes… Duh! But Jordan was the ultimate, the best, the most meaningful response to that prejudice. A real, tangible, and ultimately unarguable walking talking living counter thesis. I thought really young builders couldn’t do or be all of those things… and then Schwartz strolls out of the shadows and quietly builds until my world view is nocked over on it’s side. With his actions, he changed my outlook in regard to TFOLs. No longer were they mere youngsters to be casually dismissed… but rather… terrible threats to my position on the food chain! Ready to build past us all… crush our orthodoxy and bring in a new era of mo-bettah building! Jesus they are all around us! I started working out.

    As I recall, he was a very low key cat in Chicago. Very quiet, very perceptive, and usually smiling. His brother and his mother were there as well. A very nice and very quiet family… with mad skill wafting around them like frost spilling out of a freezer!

    This cat is a real gentleman, and that Walt Disney pose is epic. By the way, I doubt he has a pistol in that coat pocket… Its probably a brier pipe yea?



    1. I forgot about the rest of the family Schwartz, they were also a delight, you can tell where Jordan gets his rapier-like wit from. As for the brier pipe…I’m not so sure, but it makes for a great riddle in the dark: “What has it got in it’s nasty little pocketses!”.


  3. This kid is a superstar. There was a time when I considered him to be the most talented builder out there. The guy not only transcends genres, but building styles as well. You could show me just about any build of Tyler’s and I’d say, “Oh yeah, that’s a Legohaulic” because of how chunky, cartoony, colorful, and flat-out “LEGO-like” it is. But with Jordan I’d never know; the only thread that runs through his work is that it’s always well executed, whether it’s fantastical, whimsical, cartoony, realistic, abstract, or otherwise. He can build landscapes and castles like the Falworths, characters like Tyler, replica cars like Calin, and sci-fi like Jerac. Much like his dapper suits, Jordan can just change into a different genre or aesthetic style and own it. Even his talents are multi-talented. And it used to drive me insane/motivate me knowing that he’s about the same age as me, especially after I found out he got an internship with LEGO at only 19.


    1. I couldn’t agree more, he’s a renaissance man when it comes to building. Jordan’s style is usually recognizable and as you say he’s a chameleon when it comes to subject matter, he refuses to be confined to a single genre or stye. I forgot about his internship, that’s right! I should probably chase him down for an interview sometime soon. Glad you enjoyed this post, I was concerned that the models were old news and nobody would give a crap.


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