Friday Night Fights [Round 3]

Welcome back fight fans, to Sin City Nevada for another punch drunk edition of Friday Night Fights!  Tonight’s featured bout is a cat-fight for the ages, featuring two big time fighters in the prime of their careers. The ladies control the action inside the ring, you control the results.  Without further preamble, let’s go to the tale of the tape.

Fighting out of the red corner, from beautiful Joensuu, Finland, it’s Pate “The Cyclops” Keetongu and his  “Agatha of Four Colours“.

And fighting out of the blue corner, from the beating heart of the cosmos, its constant reader  Letranger “Le Loup” Absurde and his “Machiko Noguchi“.


As usual, constant reader, you are tasked with deciding the outcome of this pugilistic endeavor and determine who will receive a week’s worth of bragging rights.  Simply leave a comment below and vote for the MOC that best suits your individual taste. I will tally up the votes next Friday and declare a winner before announcing the next bout.

Last Week, on Friday Night Fights….

It was a civilized confrontation between Gentlemen duelists.  Wily veteran Simon “The Cyborg” Liu and his “Good Samaritan“ scored an 8-4 victory over  Cath “The Interloper” Bailey and his “Plasma Caster“.  Simon records his first win and improves his record to (1-0) while Cath falls to (0-1).



21 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights [Round 3]

  1. +1 for Agatha and her white stripes…I fell in love with a girl. Red hair with a curl…can’t keep away from the girl.

    I love Mr. Absurde’s builds, I think he is super creative and the majority of his works are fantastic. I will say that I really really like Machiko Noguchi…the techniques are impressive and at this scale, I don’t know how much better his characters can evolve. BUT…all that being said…minus points for the presentation. Sure, it might be nit-picky, and sure I might be an ass for it, but to me, photoshopping for color that does not exist in the brick…I consider it cheating now.

    If the figure was presented as tan with a dark tan base (I understand the hinge color not available in dark tan, but creativity with a rock formation could have been used), then it might have edged out Pate’s build in my mind.

    Agatha, and it bears repeating now, those white stripes are utterly delicious.


    1. That’s an interesting point about the edit, I’m going to have to explain why I choose to take this route.

      It might might funny to hear me say it, but I’m normally the first to be against editing and the likes. The reason I allow my self to do this and why I don’t consider it cheating is simple: the figure works just as well without the edit. I didn’t use any part that’s not available in tan or other trickery like that. The base is not the reason for the edit, I would have done (and did for most builds except when I was lazy or didn’t care enough to bother) the same even with a different base color.


    2. Outstanding link!

      That guy swimming underwater? Crazy cool!

      And yes… Noguchi in tan would simply be MO-guchi!

      Alas… Agatha it is.

      You found a PERFECT Music-Lego-Video tie in… I’m just shaken my head.



      1. Thanks for the CREDIT Mike! That’s why I comment!!! =)

        Seriously thought, the white stripes on Pate’s build instantly reminded me of the White Stripes, and then the song…it fits so well that I seriously considered for a moment that the song was potentially inspiration for the MOC.

        Tits! (not as cool a catch phrase as Attack!, but I’m feeling like a delinquent tonight)

        – Zach


  2. Got to be Pate’s Agatha for me. I love the head position, hair, physical proportions and especially the white features and reflections off the dress. Very cool.


  3. Ah, you guys are so civilized so terribly mature. No love for giant boooobs?! Are there no heavy metal or Heavy Metal fans among you? Do I walk among puritans?


  4. Many of Letranger’s builds are a bit too “horny 15-year-old boy” for my taste. Plus the use of mixel eyes is distractingly cartoony to me for such otherwise “well-proportioned figures.” The stand is baller though; I love the angle on the foot.

    As I’ve already said on Flickr, the shaping and pattern on Agatha’s dress is sublime, and Lego’s inconsistencies in dark red work damn well in those crimson locks. So my vote goes to the lady of refined taste, whose weapons of choice are not made of steel, but something more subtle and deadly.


  5. Fine! I’ll be the sole voice of dissent here. I’ll give a vote to L’etranger. In spite of the fact that I am not a fan of the overuse of the Mixel eyes over the past couple years by many, his choice here works well. I would say the finer points have to be the proportions. He has refined the shapes to be more in line with the character especially the pose and those massive thighs. Not that Pate’s is flawed, I love the elongation of the body with the hint that the legs are intensely long.

    Both have their brilliance and what I have to resort to are the bits that annoy me. With L’etranger’s it really is mainly the arms, they need a bit more meat to them. With Pate’s, I have several nagging bits. The hair wouldn’t be as much of an annoyance if she did not have the white tentacle pieces on her dress. The studs do mimic curls slightly but with the smoothness of the white it just doesn’t seem the right style of hair (even though I too am a fan of red headz.) Those white pieces are too much and distract from the shapely body. But my biggest issue is the jumper plate on the face, I keep thinking that this is a Far Side cartoon.

    So I’ll throw to L’etranger.

    Oh, and boobs.


  6. If the only picture I was judging by for Pate was the second one, he’d have another vote. I can hardly take my eyes off it; it’s the perfect pose. The front view though is harder on the eyes. I prefer to study the sculpture I’m looking at, not have my eyes burned by the contrast. From the back, the dress looks amazing, though.

    As for L’etranger… Well, besides the elbows, what’s left to improve? I have been perpetually fascinated over the last year or so how he’s captured and perfected the (female) human form. And this gives us plenty of female form to look at. Win for Machiko.

    By the way, is Machiko’s body the same color brick as the landscape?


    1. Yep, they’re both tan. The shield is from the large batman vs superman set I believe, I don’t remember exactly.


  7. It’s Machiko Noguchi for me. The proportions fit perfectly although the figure is nearly naked. I find it extremely hard to get such organic forms right in the brick. Especially at such a rather small size.
    Agatha looks great too but for me the dress seems the easier build.



  8. My first reaction was to go for Agatha. Her sinewy lines and the cool white accents make her a very sexy siren lady. But the face really confuses me. The mouth is too simple and having the eyes covered is one thing but what is the black piece?
    My soul was a bit offended by Machiko’s breasts. It’s like Predator and Lady Death had a baby and she grew up to be a ninja stripper. But after I took my feminist panties out of their proverbial bunch, I decided Machiko really is the more interesting build. I like the pose and the body, while cartoonish, is well done. I still have my reservations about the outfit, but love the weaponry and hairpiece. Wish there was a butt shot, just sayin’.


  9. Agate is the clear winner in my book, the statue-like appearance, the attributes and the ornamental textures are great features, which flow together very well.

    Even without reading Don’s comment I felt and feel exactly the same about the post edit. While the build is ‘purist’ the editing pushes it beyond. Normally I love thinking outside the box and would encourage anyone to edit and stuff, but the prior purist route is too contradictory. Either being non-purist from the start or following the purist until the end or if mixing both ways, then I’d need a twist or a reason which makes it work. As this is not the fact Agate is clearly my fav.


  10. I vote for Agatha.

    She looks like a 50 year old divorcé who is drinking her sangria so fast that it is making her squint… Talk about a nightmare walking! Avoid eye contact and retire to the back yard! Maybe we can get Keith to take one for the team! After all, this is his party right? But you know what? With Agatha… despite her age… and her hard drinking… her tendency to over dress… and her rough language…her abundant studs… and her disturbingly masculine shoulders… you know that what you see is what you get. Not like the other one!

    Noguchi… that bouncy little trollop! She broke my heart with her own lack of confidence. Her muscles? Look at that belly… like a cross fit instructor for gods sake! And her eyes? So big and questing… like windows on her fun loving knife wielding little soul… Oh, and her proportions? She looks like a little Miata zipping past that MAC TRUCK Agatha!

    Just imagine my disappointment when I learned that her peachy completion was one of those die jobs! She goes to the “Un-tanning Salon”… I didn’t even know that was a thing! It’s like make up. It comes off when you touch her… I mean, I don’t KNOW that myself… rowntRee TOLD me while we were both hiding from Agatha out by the pool…

    Aw Noguchi… get good with your natural color and come back to us. Let your natural beauty chase Agatha back into shadow!

    Until then… it’s Agatha (Lola…L O L A, Lola!)


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