What the hell?

I’m not sure what’s going on with this latest creation from David VII, but it looks likes our robotic friend here has pleasured itself to a bloody conclusion….which just raises more questions.  David offers no explanation except for the following: “Robots want to have a soul…but they don’t know how to get it…”  Well, at least he calls it a robot and not a drone.  Enough with the overuse of the word drone already, it’s a god-damned robot.


I thought about reaching out to the builder for an explanation but I’m not sure I want to know the answer, sometimes the fun resides entirely with speculation.  I will say the design of the robot is crude in comparison to David’s previous exemplary work, the upper torso and head is so muddled I can’t make heads or tails of the design. There are some clever part combinations in there but it looks like a rough draft…of a robot jacking off.

18 thoughts on “What the hell?

  1. First impressions, without more than a few seconds thought:

    the head is lost in the body intentionally? Because if the head were clearly identifiable… then that would be the throne of the soul?

    I agree, the robot is in and of itself nothing to write home about. But I find the posture of the figure to be laden with feeling (beyond OUCH I mean). An almost exasperated slouch. “Huh… I still don’t get this soul thing…”

    I dig it.



  2. So me it looked like the robot was clutching a heart in his hand. But I can see the “not so happy ending” too.

    I really wish the details of the arms and legs followed through to the head as you mentioned. The mass of travis bricks isnt doing it for me.


    1. That was my first thought as well, that the robot had ripped out somebody’s beating heart and was trying to squeeze the soul out. I’m not buying it though, it seems like the robot would hold the heart higher, perhaps at eye level. I think to pull off the concept of the bleeding heart, you need a victim’s corpse somewhere in the shot.


  3. I had to double check who built it; this Fapbot seems a bit lacking compared to Devid’s previous work. The accompanying prose is as baffling… why would the robot check its crotch for a soul? What purpose would a robot have for a crotch? If the wound and hand were a bit higher, we probably wouldn’t be here, and it would be a little more touching. The pose, as Rutherford, would make sense.

    As for your other linguistic headscratcher, I use the term drone. It stuck with me during my internship with a drone maker. Incidentally, the defense bigwigs hate that term and use unwieldy kludges like UCAV or RPV that no one ever uses. If it moves on its own and is unmanned, it’s a drone. If it’s fixed, largely stationary, and was never intended to be manned, it’s a robot. If it’s sentient, I guess I it’s a droid. I have no idea what WALL-E is.


    1. Yeah, it doesn’t make a bit of sense to anyone but the builder, and he ain’t talkin’. I don’t mind the use of the term drone to describe certain weapon platforms or those go-pro quad-copters people fly around the park, I object to it’s use specifically with humanoid shaped automatons. It’s a robot. The word drone is so overused it’s just about lost all meaning. For my money WALL-E is a robot. I have not seen the word kludge used in ages, well played Juan.


  4. Mmmmmokay.

    I think I’ll give the benefit of the doubt and say that the staging of the figure is just a few degrees off. Odd for Devid, they’re usually spot on. I call fluke.

    Can’t say this is one of his better contributions, actually seems a bit lifeless.


    1. Agreed. In the artist words: It is the pose that deceives.

      I am inclined to believe the creator on this one. The robot is not holding it’s junk.

      That said, I must re-assess the MOC. No longer a bold statement that speaks to the testicular fortitude of the builder, it now seems to be a tragic blunder.

      I say this not to attack the builder (because I DIG this build!) but rather… because it looks EXACTLY LIKE a robot holding it’s junk! It does look like that… a whole super lot like exactly that! And if that is an accident, then what can one say except “Oh… Yes, I see… most unfortunate.”

      By way of increasing the clarity of the builders message, I would recommend the addition of a trans red 1×1 circular plate in the region of the upper mid torso. The exit wound is a visual cue that would not significantly distort the MOC as it exists right now. But the wound would prevent viewers from reaching an incorrect (and culturally significant) conclusion about the builders message.

      Either way, the lack of a head is not a distractor for me. I still dig those slumped shoulders. The palpable unhappiness of the figure.

      And I’m glad to hear it’s only his heart he ripped out! The alternative is just to terrible to live with!


    2. You may very well be right, and my initial thought was that it was an unfortunate camera angle, but I’m not convinced. David seems very specific and purposeful with most of his builds so until he says explicitly something to the contrary, I’m going with the bloody jack-bot interpretation. I disagree about the lifeless thing. I think Rutherford is onto something with the slouchy pose being a powerful image. I just think the execution is flawed, and I”m just not buying that pose being accidental.


  5. I think the Travis brick as the head makes sense considering how studdy the body is. I don’t find the overall design that interesting, but it’s consistent at the very least. And I don’t think adding an exit wound would make sense because the message I’m getting from this is that the bot ripped the heart not out of itself but something or someone else in an attempt to acquire a soul. All that said, the pose and the angle of the shot are just unfortunate.


    1. I had not thought of that. It makes sense but still does not block the unfortunate (and seemingly common) misconception. Good point though. It’s not HIS heart. Yea, he grabbed it out of some other poor guy! I’m down.


    2. But an unadorned Travis brick? That just seems lazy to me, too lazy for a builder of David’s caliber. I’m willing to entertain your theory about a ripped-out heart but why have it up against the crotch? Why not at chest level or even eye level? And if it is a beating human heart, I think you kind of need a bloody corpse in the image to drive home the concept. Otherwise jackasses like me (and others) will jump on the train to crazy-town pretty quickly. I don’t think there is anything accidental about the image, and I imagine if he’s reading these speculations, David is having a good chuckle at us talking about his bloody wank-bot.


    3. On a second look, the whole bot seems like a bare frame, like it stripped off all its armor, maybe also for the sake of being closer to whatever it considers “human.” Rationalization aside, I agree that this is pretty weak for David.


  6. Well, I went ahead and asked David about it and he removed any ambiguity. It apparently NOT a robot jacking off. A part of me wants to call bullshit, but how can you argue with the builder himself?

    “Hi Keith! It’s hard to explain what i want to transmit to people, this is different from my usually creations, sometimes i love to build something different like this “Life is everywhere”, but now i want to build something creepy and disturbing, the pose can make confusion of course, deceive a lot of people but if you see well the photo you can see that the red piece is far from the body…

    This photo give a strange sensation, creepy, tenebrous, disturbing, gloomy… i love it…

    Is very difficult represent the soul, the only words in my head to describe this creation can be:

    “Robots want to have a soul but they don’t know how to get it”


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