Friday Night Fights [Round 8]

Welcome back fight fans, to Sin City Nevada for another Punch and Judy edition of Friday Night Fights!  Gotham City isn’t big enough for both of this week’s adversaries, when the dust has settled there will be only one Clown Prince of Crime left standing.  Without further preamble, let’s go to the tale of the tape.

Fighting out of the red corner, from beautiful Bainbridge Island, it’s Taylor “The Tornado” Walker and “The Joker”.


And fighting out of the blue corner, from “Lando System”, it’s Kevin “The Rhino” Ryhal and  “The Joker’s Wild”.


As usual, constant reader, you are tasked with deciding the outcome of this pugilistic endeavor and determine who will receive a week’s worth of bragging rights.  Simply leave a comment below and vote for the model that best suits your individual taste. I will tally up the votes next Friday and declare a winner before announcing the next bout.

Last Week, on Friday Night Fights….

It was the battle of La Grange, and after a tightly scored bout, only one Texas trio won the pink slip and the keys to the Eliminator.  In the end, -derjoe- and his “Eliminator” scored a 6-4 victory over j-p-30 and his “Eliminator”.  -derjoe- records his first win and improves his record to (1-0) while j-p-30 falls to (0-1).


14 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights [Round 8]

  1. Both of these are hard to look at because of their symmetry. I have a little experience building brick faces, but that little experience is enough to levy an opinion. At first, it’s hard to see that Taylor’s model has no asymmetry, but aside from the hair strand over the forehead… nothing. But the angle of the bust does show off it’s curves and angles; curves which I don’t particularly like. I can assume Kevin was not trying to build a 3D bust. What he presents looks good as it is. On the other hand, Taylor’s model at that particular angle doesn’t satisfy.

    Symmetry also doesn’t injure Kevin’s model. Intended or not, I think the simplicity of his design causes it to be the better creation. I vote Kevin.


  2. “The Tornado” has better techniques, shaping, and parts use, but I gotta give it to “The Rhino” for creating something so unsettling and creepy (which the Joker should be) with a simpler design. The needle-like teeth, stretched out proportions, and wide-eyed stare aimed directly at the viewer make my skin crawl.


  3. Loving both, but the The Tornado wins it for me. Despite the design choice, it’s more complex and that mouth is ace. Kevin’s face seems to wide, if it wasn’t for that, it’d most likely get my vote. Gotta love those eyebrows.

    Now, here’s a mystery… where the hell do you get those nicknames from? :))


    1. Most of the time they come naturally as I write, but there is also a boxing nick-name generator for those times I’m not feeling inspired. It helps if I know an little something about the builder. I wish more people filled out their Flickr profiles, because although the nicknames are easy, coming up with a hometown for the fighter isn’t always.


  4. It’s all in the eyebrows. Taylor’s missed it completely there, his Joker looks ready to twist another animal balloon for a birthday party at Chili’s. Kevin’s seems like it’s just ready to twist an animal in half. I love the sculpted quality of Taylor’s over Kevin’s, but if it is the Joker then it MUST be the Joker. My vote goes for Kevin.


  5. This was a tough decision for me… I really liked the clever use of crowbars for lips in Taylor’s Joker, but overall Kevin’s Joker feels more Joker-y (I think it’s the eyes). I’m putting my money on Kevin.


  6. I like to think I’m a bit of a Joker connoisseur having several Joker Busts in my collection.
    While both are fantastic, I have to hand it to Taylor.

    His is just phenomenal technique. I mean look at those lips!
    Wow. probably one of the best busts I’ve seen.


  7. My vote is for Kevin. I’ve always been partial to Nicholson’s joker, who this resembles. It’s also has the creep factor because it’s a rounded human face translated to a flat plane.

    Taylor’s looks like Jared Leto. While it is a fine model, I saw Leto once in a music festival ten years ago when he was in 30 Seconds to Mars and the bad taste never washed out of my mouth. His performance in Dallas Buyers Club was a slight redemption, but then he had to pretend he was the Joker. Blech.


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