Raising the Banner

By now you may have noticed the Manifesto has a magnificent new banner that will surely inspire both the contributing writers and commentariat to even greater heights.  The responsible party is Lego builder and active duty U.S. Air Force navigator David Manhire (AKA OUdaveguy98!), who manage to design the mighty logo while serving in the Middle East in support of  Operation Inherent Resolve.  You can see some of Dave’s graphic design work in his Flickrstream along with some great models like NCSLL-1776, which is one of the few CS builds I can honestly endorse.

I had a great time interacting with Dave on the project, he was super easy to work with and very patient as I fussed over font styles and color choices.  I didn’t give him much to work with conceptually so it’s amazing to me that the final product turned out so well.  I think the sum total of my guidance amounted to “I’d like Something Soviet, or something related to 70’s Sci-Fi”.  So if you dig the new logo, give Dave some feedback in the comments, he’s looking to transition into graphic design after his stretch in the Air Force is over, so if you’re ever in the market for design work with a side of excellent customer service, keep him in mind.  Dave also runs a really interesting website called Powerpoint Parade, where he shares is artistic work with the familiar Presentation software.  It was an eye-opener for me, I had no idea Powerpoint was so versatile and it definitely changed the way I look at the possibilities of the program.  Thanks Dave!


30 thoughts on “Raising the Banner

    1. The bling factor is low, I’ll admit that, but when I dropped the KeithLUG from the title of the blog, the bling went with it. Never fear though, my long-term goal is to accumulate 12 banners from different designers for the site so I can change them monthly or at my whim.

      I dig Dave’s design, the hand that holds the wrench of constructive criticism and whatnot.


      1. JACK BALANCES EVERYTHING!! Even without a six demon bag.

        Admit it, which would you rather have, glittery diamonds or The Pork Chop Express?


  1. Manhire!

    Wow… man, you make Powerpoint look GOOD and that’s no lie! So many topics, captured in that cool 1950s fashion… sort of a Fallout meets Art Deco?

    So many excellent topics and images! Just three of my faves:

    Teamwork Takes You There!
    The 80s Rocked
    Keep Security on Your Radar!

    And then all that excellent Star Wars stuff? You are killin me Manhire! Killin me!

    I work with PP all the time, week in and week out. You really elevate the medium man! My best slides look like some half baked shite Keith would build! I mean really, you make the normal PP user realize how many limits we put on ourselves. If you taught a class in PP, I would take it man. I had no idea how much potential the program has.

    Anybody who likes this banner should go check your other stuff out! Well worth the effort.

    I would have commented on pics over on flickr, but I am stupid and have lost my logon data… again…


    Stay on it man, you’ll be home soon.



    1. Dude, we need to get Dave to make the map for DA3, if we ever get around to it he makes our past efforts look highly questionable at best. I knew you’d dig his Powerpoint site the most!


      1. Heck yes, this would make for an awesome map. He could probably make each nation a separate entity too so you’d just have to edit each one’s color, not redraw it every time.


  2. On the Manifesto, it is the Manifesto that comments on you. What a country!

    I approve as well. And with the PP, I think I just heard a solid boner hit the underside of a desk somewhere in the direction of Kansas.


    1. Did you check his flickr stream? It’s like a collection of movie and travel posters. Doesn’t even look like PP. This guy rocks that program.

      Absolutely rocks it!


      1. Yeah the Star Wars poster is cool, and so is this one from a game called Sunless Sea. I never would have guessed it was powerpoint. It was this image that made me reach out to Dave in the first place.
        Ocean Buoy


  3. Reminds me the art style of ‘CounterSpy’ game, where you choose to infiltrate either the Socialist (Russia) or the Imperialist (U.S.).I often opted for the former just because I love looking at its Soviet propaganda background.Nothing says Cold War than snowy landscape under blood red sky.


      1. I’m afraid that Ally Sheedy predates Emma by a good thirty years. Both are rather cute and Ally has aged rather pleasingly.


  4. Sweet banner, it’s dazzling to look at. Forget the bling of the old one, I say. This makes my head spin looking at it for too long. Win!

    I don’t know how much control you have over the site, but is there a way you could add some of the same red elsewhere on the webpage (perhaps a vertical strip between the white and orange)? It feels a bit like three blocks of color: banner, orange bars (which I dig), and white page. Almost like a label on a creamsicle popsicle.

    Thanks for taking action, though. Your blog looks much sharper!


    1. The old one is cool, I’ll keep it in the rotation but I’m down with Dave’s version. I agree about the sidebar colors, I’ll see what I can do there, unfortunately the color palette here is weird and it’s not straightforward, but I’ll figure it out. You’re right though, the orange doesn’t look good with Dave’s banner.

      Thanks for the feedback!


  5. Comrades, citizens, LEGO brothers and sisters,

    deep privilege was mine working for Chairman Goldman. Praise in comments section most truly inspiring from fellow members supreme LEGO Workers Party, LWP, over new banner hailing righteous and glorious cause first citizen Keithlug. May banner bring victorious SHIPtember and more to all who answer worthy call! Forward!


  6. I love how it fills my screen, like there’s no escape.

    I agree with VAk, ditch the orange for red if possible. Make it so that any passerby glancing into your cubicle will have no choice but to report you for subversive content. Let’s make Senator McCarthy twitch in his grave!


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