“Come on Tina, don’t be such a boob punch!”

Bob’s Burgers is a very popular show in Casa de Goldman so I couldn’t very well turn down the opportunity to spotlight this brilliant “Tina Belcher Inaction Figure” by Chris Goddard.(AKA eurotrash48903).  While the figure may be a little rough in spots, the builder really nailed the likeness of the character, from the hair bow to tube socks.  The toy-box treatment really adds to the build, using the same color scheme as the exterior of the Belcher home/restaurant. I can’t help but wonder how it would look if Chris had used Lego part-bags to mimic the clear plastic sheet on a doll box.  I also appreciate his decision to include “Horcelyn”, Tina’s porcelain horse, every good Inaction Figure deserves at least one accessory. I don’t really mind the “real world” setting for this one, but I kind of wish it was in a kids room, instead of this hotel…or furniture gallery…or real estate office.  I can give the builder no higher kudos than to say my entire family enjoyed this model and we all hope this turns into a series of Inaction Figures.29358080686_2e78da8e8b_o.jpg

You can compare the color schemes by way of this impressive minifig scale replica of the Belcher House, courtesy of plasmachild.  As you have no doubt deduced by the seam in the middle, there is access to a detailed interior as well, take a trip through the link and check it out if you’re a fan of the show.


I’ll conclude with a clip from the show entitled “Tina’s Terminator Dream”.  Tina isn’t exactly my favorite character (that honor goes to Gene), but she has her moments.

10 thoughts on ““Come on Tina, don’t be such a boob punch!”

    1. You should check out the show, the first four seasons and has humor that works for kids and adults.

      You’re right about the glasses, those care fenders were a good choice. Boob’s Burgers? That sounds about right for the show.


  1. I’m a big fan of the show. Love the Tina as an action figure. It should include some sort of poetry or drawing, but the horse is a nice touch.

    You simply must do a “Beefsquatch” Gene now. You know you want to.

    I prefer the other version of the building. https://www.flickr.com/photos/eurotrash48903/23248808849/in/photostream/
    from Chris. The facade at the top is much more interesting.
    I was so excited to see the interior of the burger joint, then was let down a bit. I don’t like his version of Bob. I need to see that messy dark mane of hair, and somehow not having an apron he looks unrecognizable. Also, is there no upstairs interior? No kitchen?


    1. A notebook with erotic friend fiction would have been a good accessory choice, but the horse is pretty classic too.

      Beefsquatch would be good, or Gene in his Queen Latifa Halloween costume, either way.

      Yeah, I thought the detail was better on that one, but upon further review it’s pretty lame. If you don’t have the kitchen, what’s the point. And really, you need the basement for Tina to run the gambling den and giant mechanical sharks to die in. I should have used Chris’s build.


  2. Ha! Yes, as soon as you said plastic wrapping, I couldn’t help but think that it would have been way beyond brilliant to have. Just like the old Baby-Shits-a-Lot or Check-Baby’s-BAC-When-Mommy’s-Asleep or Happy-Fun-Time-Eluding-CPS toys reserved for their entire sections at Toys-R-Us. You know, the one next to the reading section with books like Mommy Drinks Because You Cry, Gun Cleaning Tips for After School: The Latchkey Kid Edition, Romona and the Medicine Cabinet, and Curious George and the High Voltage Fence.

    Love the Tina, I agree she is a bit too blocky but the face and stare make up for it enough to be ultimately pleasing. That presentation box is perfect, although it could use a Mattel label somewhere along with a UPC. Oooh, maybe multiple markdowns as Tina would be a low sales item. Fun find, Keith, love the modulars too.

    Still find it hilarious that Bob is Archer.


    1. I’m not sure how good it would look with the seams between bags..I’m not sure if even the biggest part-bag would be enough to cover the opening in the box. It would have made for an interesting experiment though.

      Damn…your time in Toys ‘R Us really scarred you didn’t it? You don’t even have kids and that was an epic rant. Most toys are for shit, especially girls toys.

      You’re right, the stare really comes across, those dead Tina eyes.

      Have you seen the Bob/Archer mashup?

      Bob’s kids look really creepy in the Archer style though.


    1. I was about to link your Tina portrait. I think if you used that technique for the hair and glasses here and built the rest of the figure around that scale, it would have come out better.


    2. Thanks for checking out the Manifesto Chris, I hope you stick around and join the conversation over here. I’m excited for Beefsquatch! So, is there any chance we’ll see Gene in his Queen Latifa Halloween costume?


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