“In an age of things that hover, you and I will still be lovers”

I like small models as much as the next builder and I can be captivated by a compact design with a low part-count.  I know that bigger doesn’t always mean better…I just hate it when snarky wannabe-architect dickheads who couldn’t build big if they had an entire Merlin model shop at their disposal, feel the need to point it out.  Good building is good building, regardless of the scale.  So let’s take a hard look at a model that could easily fit in the palm of your hand and slip past your radar in the sea of crap we see on Flickr each day.

First and foremost, it’s got a backpack!  It’s a widely held belief that backpacks make every model at least 42% better, and Atahlus even manages to make the oversized pack look great.  My only complaint is that it should have some kind of tool or accessory sticking through one of the side-loops.  I can imagine this thing in a setting inspired by everything from Futurama to Akira, The 5th Element to Firefly.

What I like best about the design is that it practically begs for variants and different color schemes.  I can imagine work versions, sport versions and two-seat extended cabs.  I’ve got to fight the urge to make one of these, because Matango is a harsh mistress and she will not be ignored for the sake of this “Hoverbikethingy“, as the builder so sadly calls it.  Come on dude, your baby deserves a better name.  May I humbly suggest “The Jacobin”?  Too esoteric?  How about “Hover-Dingus”?


In case you’re wondering about the quote in the title, it comes from an episode of Futurama, written and sung by Seth Macfarlane.

6 thoughts on ““In an age of things that hover, you and I will still be lovers”

  1. The ultimate space ute! I can see thousands of iterations of this thingy skipping across a barren lunar landscape or entrenched in a futuristic city sprawl or even tucked away in the corner of a large SHIP waiting to venture out to repair the hull or replace a solar array. Things like this make me smile. Seems so simplistic but so perfectly cute and utilitarian. Great find Keith!


  2. It’s like an evolution of WASP flying platform.It looks neat with flushed panels and essential mechanics, one thing I would add is a headlight on that jumper plate.


    1. It does look like a WASP variant, good call. I agree about the headlight, but I wanted to put them on either side of the central jumper plate, trans-cheese slopes. That’s the beauty of this platform though, I can imagine all kinds of changes.


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