Sunday Comics: Thule’s Gold

The Manifesto is proud to present the first volume of a highly irregular series by legendary builder Karf Oohlu.  If you’re not familiar with Karf’s work, slap yourself twice…really hard and then educate yourself immediately.  There is no other builder like Fedde, to call him prolific is an understatement, his models number in the thousands.  My guess is close to 5000, but only Karf knows the true number and he’ll never tell anyone but the creatures who live in the inky blackness between the stars.  In the time it takes to write this post, he’s more than likely posted a new model.  Productivity aside, I can’t think of another builder who so perfectly personifies the concept of NPU, in fact, if Karf’s exhaustive catalog of work can be summed up in 3 letters, it’s NPU.  I interviewed the builder in 2010 for my Boilerplate and Beyond series on TBB, so if you’d like to learn more about Karf, you can dive into that link.

When I started the blog I always had the newspaper format in mind (without the news), featuring various columns for different aspects of the hobby.  My favorite column as both a kid and an adult was the comics, forget all that wind-bagging I want to see Spiderman, Calvin & Hobbes and Hagar the Horrible.  Karf’s work has always reminded me of a weird stream-of-consciousness comic strip, with some common elements and themes but nothing as coherent as a plot.  I also have a certain fondness for the work of H.P. Lovecraft, who’s writing and ideas feature prominently in Karf’s building.   It seemed like a perfect recipe to combine Comics / Karf / and Lovecraft, so I contacted Karf to see if he had any interest to build an original cartoon series exclusively for the Manifesto and fortunately for all of us, he agreed.  Without further blathering, enjoy the first edition of Thule’s Gold.

sheet 1.jpg

Although we will be seeing more of Thule’s adventures as the weeks pass, Karf is a creature of chaos and spontaneity, so there is no telling how long the interval will be.   You’ll probably feel a sense of dread on Saturday night, when he’s about to deliver a new installment for the Sunday Comics.

If you’re interested in having your own work featured in the Sunday Comics, contact me through the usual channels to include the comments section below.
Please welcome Fat Thule, to the Manifesto…

4 thoughts on “Sunday Comics: Thule’s Gold

    1. Welcome aboard the good ship Manifesto, Karf, That headboard with the crabs is both brilliant and nightmarish. I’m excited to follow the adventures of Thule, I’m sure shenanigans won’t be far off.


      1. Keith, he must be Cthulhu in real life, there’s no way a human being can come up with original creation on daily basis.Karf, always a fan.


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