Digital Death-Machines

Maybe it’s the hangover from the Matt Bace double-shots talking, but for this spotlight post we’re staying in the realm of the digital. It seems like we’ve been trippin’ down memory lane a lot lately so with that in mind, today’s offering is fresh as harvest day.  The builder in question is Sergey Cat, who has only been on Flickr since last month.  MOCpages is predictably down for service so I was unable to find out if he has an account over there.  Don’t ever change, MOCpages, may your unofficial motto always remain “Bonk! Smash! … Thud.”  I don’t think I could bear it if gentrification hit that ghetto…it’s mediocrity shall never tarnish or fade away.

I think Sergey Cat is a good example of the uphill battle digital builders face in the community at large.  Sure they can rise to prominence pretty easy within their genre (given a stable of good builds) but to get that much coveted wider recognition is more difficult.  I think if Sergey Cat had used brick instead of a program, he’d be enjoying a much higher degree of visibility and statistical success, even when considering the short period of time he’s been around.

We’ll start with the latest effort from Sergey Cat, that I found while stumbling around the usual haunts, looking for something new to blog.  I had two thoughts when I saw the Raider Buggy:”I want one of those” and “I hate those red hex wrenches.”  I’m not sold on the white gem or even the gun when it comes down to it, but the rest of it is money!  I want an RC version too, since I’m thinking about stuff I can’t have, and I want it available in a variety of color schemes to suit my discriminating taste.  That suspension is a monster and I love the doubled-up tires.


You don’t see too many dioramas from digital builders, and even fewer that have a Sci-Fi theme.  Not surprisingly, I was drawn to this build called “C&C диорама”, which has some rough edges but is really compelling and definitely looks like it’s Command & Conquer RTS inspiration.  In fact, all of Sergey Cat’s models seem to be drawn from the C&C series of games, so it will be interesting to see if he branches out eventually.  I took a quick look at the source material for these models and it looks to me like he nailed the respective designs, and in the case of the Buggy perhaps even improved it a little.  If you’d like to see the individual builds from this diorama, Sergey Cat has most of them documented in his Flickrstream.  My favorite details are the defensive turrets inside the fence, they look wicked and can work as a stand-alone model as well.


I’ll finish up with this Flame Tank, because how often do you see a good flame tank these days?  Sergey Cat has an arsenal of great war machines from mecha to giant tanks and everybody’s favorite, VTOL gunships!  Let us welcome Sergey Cat to the warm and embracing community, or at least to the ivy covered halls of the Manifesto.




23 thoughts on “Digital Death-Machines

    1. I spoke to the builder on Flickr and he says his work has only appeared on the Russian social network ” Vkontakte”. So it mus have been another diorama you were remembering.


  1. Love the design for the raider, reminds me of a cross between the M-35 Mako from Mass Effect and something from Megaforce (yup, I went there.) I actually like the wrenches, the shots of red here and there are nice and mean. The suspension assemblies make me want to see this thing screaming over the top of a dune with every occupant squealing with joy. I would!

    Love the other builds, and you’re right, who doesn’t love a flame tank? No garage should be without one.

    Great find!


    1. You know, the red hex wrenches are growing on me, I think it just thew me off that they are not available in the brick. They are by no means a deal-breaker, just a nitpick. It’s all about that suspension, baby! That should put a smile on anyone’s face.

      Megaforce, yes! I need to watch that with an adult beverage…I forgot it has Swan from The Warriors, and somebody who looks like John Oates.


      1. I’m not sure if I should be ashamed or proud that I saw this in the theater. Actually, I’m not sure if I should be ashamed or proud that I saw it at all. Persis Khambatta with hair, but not as luscious as Barry’s! Wow, I actually remember that scene like it was burned into my retinas. I also remember rainbow smoke from scores of motorcycles running across the desert, and someone throwing a hat onto the dune buggy and the paint turning black. ??

        So, Mike, where are we on that in regards to army camo? 1982 buddy, I’m thinking we should already be there by now. And gold Lame’ jump suits? They’d go nicely with a cravat. Just sayin’.

        I think I may torture the wifey with this one. This might take many adult beverages to achieve. And many to apologize for. Totally worth it. 😉


  2. Just like in the movie, CGI matters when it’s imaginatively used.I know LDD is free, but I wish LEGO Company updates its rendering.Talented digital builders deserve better.


      1. I think the lack of rendering options is the reason we don’t see a lot of digital dioramas – it takes much more in terms of shadows and light scatter to make buildings look really good, you get that naturally with bricks but not with any of the LDD-compatible renderers (except perhaps POVRay but that takes disproportionae effort and time).


  3. Man, this brings back a lot of good memories. Days and nights spent on that game series.. Like he must ‘ve spent days and night getting all this done I reckon. That’s a vast amount of quality builds 😮 The base diorama is so awesome. Instafollowed this guy, thanks for bringing him up K.


    1. Yeah, I pleasantly wasted a lot of time on that series of games. I was never all that great at it, but it was great fun. I don’t like to think too much about the time I’ve spent video gaming in my life.

      The base is indeed awesome and a topic that isn’t explored too often in LDD, I hope he explores the idea further.


  4. I really hate the aversion to digital builds. Nightmaresquid has been putting out quality stuff for years and could go toe-to-toe with ANY military sci-fi builder out there, yet he’s got less than 250 followers.


    1. Oh man, I couldn’t agree more about Nightmaresquid. If he built in the brick, he would be one of the biggest names in the military sub-genre. It’s remarkable how many quality builds he has that cover a wide range of historical eras along with some sci-fi. I know he was more popular on MOCpages, but like many people he migrated to Flickr and for whatever reason he’s not as well known there. He doesn’t seem to converse much outside of his wargame group so that might have something to do with it too. You have to give to get, so to speak.


  5. Thanks for spotlighting yet another builder who flew under my radar. Man, the quality of the builds presented by Sergey Cat are top notch. What amazes me the most I think is the play features presented and how well he displays them utilizing digital builds. That is not something normally seen by digital builders. The jet that has detachable tank treads? Awesome. That 6 wheeled truck that folds down its wheels and opens to reveal a comm center? Even more Awesome. His most recent “tank” that transforms into a insect walker? My favorite of the group. Blown away…good choice of material here Keith.


  6. Cheers Zach, it’s always good to see you pop up in the comment section. You’re right, Sergey is really, really good, I’m glad that people seen to agree and hopefully he’ll build up a following pretty quickly. The play features are a bonus, I should have mentioned them in the article, and I like how he frequently has variants for his models. I didn’t see the truck that opened to reveal the comm center, that thing is money.


      1. Understood, it’ just such an odd color. Forgive me, I just realized you are Sergey, welcome to the blog! I know English is not your native language so I really appreciate you making the effort to post a comment or two. Please stick around, we don’t have any Russian commenters and I would love to hear your perspective.


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