5 thoughts on “Sunday Comics: Thule’s Gold

  1. I would NEVER do such a thing! Without writing all over his face with a sharpie, hiring a couple of tranny midgets for a Kodak moment, or setting him on a mattress in a lake and sending him off. Naked.

    I’ve got standards!


  2. Definitely feel like I should smack myself after perusing even a fraction of Karf Oohlu’s flicker pages. This is the kind of disturbing humor and creative eye candy I need in my life. Even jusy the imaginative use of mini figure parts I could look at all day. Looking forward to more posts.

    And the zombie mermaid is my spirt animal.


    1. Yeah, I only had eyes for Zombie-Mermaid as well, I hope she appears again soon. Karf is without a doubt on his own level, nobody can match his pace and relentless imagination.


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