Friday Night Fights [Round 14]

Welcome back fight fans, to Sin City Nevada for another meat-grinding edition of Friday Night Fights!  This week’s bout features one of our hobby’s most popular yet…somehow…unappreciated sub-genres, with the international heavyweight clone-on-a-plate championship belt on the line.  Without further preamble, let’s go to the tale of the tape.

Fighting out of the red corner, from somewhere in the garden, it’s Longer “The Lion”  Ludovic and his “détente“.


And fighting out of the blue corner, from a place where hope still floats, it’s “Killer” Ki Young Lee and his “For your wish“.


As usual, constant reader, you are tasked with deciding the outcome of this pugilistic endeavor and determine who will receive a week’s worth of bragging rights.  Simply leave a comment below and vote for the model that best suits your individual taste. I will tally up the votes next Friday and declare a winner before announcing the next bout.

Last week, on Friday Night Fights….

It was the 200 Years War, as near future starfighters dueled for the all important control of the Earth-Mars corridor.    In the end, Nick “Nasty” and his “SAB S-44 Kestrel“ scored a walloping 10-5 victory over  “The Human X-acto Knife” xiei22 and his “BLUE Phobos“.  Nick records his first win and improves his record to (1-0) while xiei22 falls to (0-1).


27 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights [Round 14]

  1. I vote for the one with the Stormtrooper.
    But actually the composition of “For your wish” works better for me. There’s a little more space to play with on this one and it allows for a some place for the eye to rest.


  2. Both MOCs hearken back to a simpler era. “Before the dark times. Before the empire.”

    But, like the precision blast points that only imperial stormtroopers possess, “For Your Wish” produces a dreamy quality with its graphic design elements that must be recognized. It gets my vote despite a good showing despite detente’s au natural appeal.

    P.S. choosing a winner was difficult; like trying to decide which is friendlier just based on a meaningless throwaway line from a B movie; do I pick the scruffy looking nerfherder, or that bounty hunter on Ord Mantell?


  3. I like the “Garden” one slightly better. I guess it’s mostly based on the focus. In the “Garden” one everything that needs to be sharp is, whereas the “Wish” one makes me wonder whether it would look better to me if the boat and the puppy were less blurry. Close call and a matter of personal taste, eh?


  4. I love you, Keith. Not sure there’s any other blogger who would take the smack in his comments section and proliferate it to this extent.

    OK fine, I’ll sing to your tune. I didn’t know these irritated me so much until I tried to compare them. “Détente” contains the lesser amount of Lego, but the focus IS the Lego. “For your wish” contains more Lego, but of course, the Lego is NOT the focus. Missed the mark there.

    I vote for “Détente”. That shot has my preferred old-school style to it. I’m pretty sure the photographer actually got the trooper swinging before taking the shot. “For your wish” is aesthetically pleasing, but obviously the subject of much editing. An interesting duo to choose between certainly, but again, my choice lies with “Détente”.

    Also, who names these? The names themselves try to say more about the picture than the picture. I say forget the creative title and let the image do the talking.


  5. Keith, this fight shows your mastery in full glory. To take a pun a come up with two truly worthy representatives of the genre. That’s sheer brilliance!
    But this fight is not about you, so bat to topic. As the stormtrooper is the true core of the MoC it has to show up in its full glory, no foggy blurry appearance. Like Caleb pointed out the amount of LEGO in the build (can a trooper on a plate be called a build?) is no measure. It is all about the presentation of that sole stormtrooper an his behaving.
    So my vote has to go to “Détente”. Not only that lovely peaceful garden but the whole scene contrasts the true nature of the trooper perfectly. Showing a shiny trooper put on a wooden(!) plate is very innovative to the genre. Might even lead to a terrific change of the genres style. The photography is very appealing to me in this one two.


  6. My vote is “détente”. I also like the contrast between the real organic scene and focus on the Minifig. It has movement and mood.
    “For your wish” appears to digital and flat.
    I for one, and I think I’m literally the only one here, like this kind of Lego sub-genre. I am new to the hobby and have little building knowledge. I mostly play with my kids. Meaning my boy wants me to build him a spaceship and my daughter wants to play with Minifigs.
    I don’t really think of this as Lego building, but I feel it’s okay to like Lego and experiment. I also appreciate the skill of photography and composition. This genre reminds me of Blythe dolls
    or Playmobil
    The idea of combining toys and the real world to make them come alive. The Minifig steps out of it’s brick house and into another realm.


      1. Lego promotes imagination. Not everyone has building skills. But one can still enjoy Lego and be imaginative.


  7. Thanks for highlighting “MOAR Stormtrooperz” in the Manifesto! WOOT!

    You picked two perfect examples here for the F-N-F. I think this Stormtrooper-poser trend is best exemplified by these serious photographers on flickr wanting in on the LEGO action (and all the faves it brings)… so they pose minifigs… putting much less effort on the build, and most of their effort working the photoshop magic… Hey! They’ve already invested a bunch in all that camera equipment, so they should invest in SHIP-tons of LEGO brick too? Pshaw!

    …So judging them by their own standards, I give “Killer” Ki Young Lee and his “For your wish“ a victory nod. (plus, “Classic” trooper vs. “Neo” trooper)


    1. They’re like the opposite of a lot of AFOLs who love to build and dread the photography. I’d suggest collaboration as the answer, but I don’t know if that’s the style of background and editing I’d want on my MOCs. I like the focus to be on the build, not on extraneous effects.


      1. I’ve often wished I could just make a model and hand it over to someone half my age to take the photos and make it look good. Photography and presentation have always been a pain in the ass to me, and I hate that to be considered a good builder, you have to at least be competent with the camera. At least the technology has made the process easier and easier. I can still remember taking film pictures and sending the double-prints to Rutherford wherever he was stationed at the time via snail-mail.


  8. I love the juxtaposition of the struggles and dreams of For Your Wish; however, Detente really evokes the duality of the Stormtrooper as child and adult that captures the zietgiest of a pre-postmodern, neo-classic, revivalist renaissance synergy. My vote goes to GO FUCK YOURSELF, GOLDMAN! I take solace in the fact that you had to look through god knows how many of these before these particular ones triggered the appropriate response:


    1. Oh man, Chopping Mall! That’s a blast from the past, I’ll be looking for that one on Amazon tonight. Looking for just the right photos was more like this…


  9. I vote “For your wish”. The reason is simple, in “detente”, the minifig hands are upside down. And I know there are AFOLs who think that is the correct way, just like there are some AFOLs who espouse their (incorrect) opinions about flower petals going on the flowers with the “stud” side down. And before I get told the reason for the upside-down hands, I get it. The rotated hand gives a better angle to pose the minifig holding the swing ropes. But just because rotating hands in many cases allows minifigs to hold accessories with different orientations doesn’t mean that it doesn’t look like shit.


    1. I did not expect hand positioning to factor into anyone’s decision making process but I find it delightful that it did. I’ve always been a studs side down person as far as flower petals go, never thought of that one either, now I’m gonna have to check. Have I been doing it wrong for all these years? Or are you and Joseph some kind of perverse anarchists?


  10. Curmudgeon about renders / excessive photoshoping that detracts from the MOC itself, gotta go with “dëtente” on principal.

    Also the tags on this post are great.


  11. I’m gonna go with “détente” because the pose on the fig sells the little guy’s emotions better. I guess he has to be leaned back to even sit on the swing, but the head angle helps too. Giving *way* too much credit here, but some thought must go into creating a sense of feeling from an emotionless bucket head.


  12. I’m voting for “Détente”. The other one just leaves me with too many unanswered questions. Why is the stormtrooper out there in a boat? Why is there a puppy in the boat? Also, despite the fact that the hands in “Détente” are the “wrong” way ’round, at least they’re engaged with the scene. The position of the hands in “For your wish” are just kinda… there. They’re not holding the oars, and they’re not positioned like he just let go of the lantern exactly.


  13. For my vote…For Your Wish.

    I described the setting as best I could to the artist. I thought, he would never get all the details right. The lighting, the choppy water… the color and position of my commanders puppy (just before I drowned it). But now that I see the image… it’s like the artist was right there in the boat with me!

    It’s a kind of magic!


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