13 thoughts on “Goddamn Chickenman!

    1. Who could forget Auntie Jack, another brilliant but slightly disturbing model from a TV show that I found to be mostly impenetrable. I love Legolanded Here’s offbeat style, I think “builds of character” are kind of played-out right now, the market is saturated, but his (hers?) are almost always compelling.


  1. It’s like a cross between American Dad and Big Bird, this guy knows how to make offending yet amusing characters.A stop motion film featuring them would be a hit.


    1. Would that make it Dad Bird? or Big American…either way I like your line of thinking and your description of his work as “offending yet amusing” is spot-on and I wish I’d thought of it for the title.

      Where we part company is that I would NOT like to see a stop motion of this mother-clucking atrocity. It’s already alarming enough in it’s static state, no need to add the nightmare fuel of motion into the picture. I hate chickens with a passion…they are wretchedly stupid creatures that deserve slavery and transformation into nuggets. Seeing it move just might tip me over to madness.


  2. I’m conflicted. My natural inclination is to try to be clever, or at least rip on Keith… I mean… Chickenman. How many places can you go with that?

    But screw all that for once. Even though the notion is not one that grabs my imagination (again… its a chickenman), I feel compelled, morally compelled to point out that it’s a good build.

    The positioning and the proportions of the limbs… the eyes… the nose… all of it. It looks like a chickenman running around. It looks dynamic to me. Like a photo of a subject in motion. I dig it. It is a good build… of a chickenman. Well done!

    As for that jackass singing the chicken song…no. I got nothing. He’s a jackass. Annoying. He makes me think of (if not yearn for) a single short well aimed burst of automatic fire. Kill him. Kill the man on stage, but celebrate the chickenman MOC.



    1. In my abject horror I did fail to point out the quality of the build, I was hoping it was implicit in the title, but perhaps not. Yes, the stance of the disconcerting Chickenman is impressive and I’m especially pleased by the feathers on the torso and the use of that faceted cone piece from the old underwater sets. Truth be told, I think the face borders on boilerplate, I’ve seen more than a few “builds of character” with that general look, I think he could have pushed the boundary a little more there, but it does jibe well with the body.

      I’m also in the horrible position of having to agree with you about the Chickenman singer as well, and you know how much I hate to agree with you. It would be great if the song ended with one of those heavy lighting fixtures falling on his head. I think the worst part is when he produces the egg at the end. What a dick.


  3. I wish I could unfollow that link. “Lifestylin'”…….wtf? I’d rather look at Chickenman at least he covers his genitalia.


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