Friday Night Fights [Round 15]

Welcome back fight fans, to Sin City Nevada for another ankle-snapping edition of Friday Night Fights!  This week’s bout is all about style, it’s a take-no-prisoners cat-fight for runway supremacy…  Without further preamble, let’s go to the tale of the tape.

Fighting out of the red corner, from scenic Jakarta, Indonesia, it’s Kosbrick and his “Stiletto Heel“.


And fighting out of the blue corner, from the mean streets of Moscow,  it’s Redverse and his “Uslaw Haern the Sharpshooter“.



As usual, constant reader, you are tasked with deciding the outcome of this pugilistic endeavor and determine who will receive a week’s worth of bragging rights.  Simply leave a comment below and vote for the model that best suits your individual taste. I will tally up the votes next Friday and declare a winner before announcing the next bout.

Last week, on Friday Night Fights….

It was the Battle of the Backyard, as minifig Stormtroopers tried desperately to shoot each other from a distance of 10 paces.   In the end, true to form, neither combatant could hit the target and the judges scored the bout a draw (7-7).  There has never been a draw in the long and illustrious history of Friday Night Fights so an official ruling was required from the KeithLUG Home Office.   And the winner is…you the constant reader, because both entries have been given a loss and neither photo will be featured in this post.  Enjoy this week’s match!

25 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights [Round 15]

  1. Well here’s a righteous palate cleanser after last week’s fight. Tough one too. Combining Bionicle and system is brutal to do to any measure of success, these two win in my book in that regard. I love Red’s Sharpshooter, but I’m going for Kosbrick’s Heels on this bout. There’s a gaudy elegance about the stilettos that works perfectly with the colors, pieces, and photography (that lighting is brilliant). Red’s Sharpshooter has similar quality and his proportions are wonderfully alien, but the plume on his head just slightly takes away. The rifle does the same in that it tells a specific narrative where the figure could actually be anything instead, especially with that long plume sticking up while he’s sniping. I’d hear a shot, look around for a sec, and say, “Oh, well there he is; the big purple plume sticking out like a sore thumb in the tree line.” That doesn’t detract from it, but by contrast the heels are just pure sexy and nothing else.


    1. I always thought you were a plume man… you wore that yellow plume so proudly for that glorious weekend in Utah. I feel like I don’t know who you are anymore.


  2. Looks like Keith’s foot fetish is rubbing off one me, because my vote goes to the Heels. The sharpshooter is great, but I would like it a lot better if that horn/head plume was a tail instead.


      1. I sometimes feel my face contort into a disdainful sneer whenever I see a large collection of steampunk stuff, so that time might be sooner then you think. That said, I don’t think I have quite the level of hate for it as you do. Like Saruman, I have a mind of metal and wheels, and sometimes steampunk builds deliver the kind of intricate mechanical functions I crave. But most of the time they boil down to “slap some gears on some shit, call it a day”.


  3. I love the heels. They get my vote. The sharpshooter is impressive, but the alien proportions don’t quite pique my interest. I do actually like the head plume, though as Matt mentioned there are drawbacks.


  4. I’ll have to go with the sharpshooter. I’m simply not a fan of artsy photography where half the MOC is blurry, even though I know both shoes are identitical.


  5. My vote goes to the blue corner. I acknowledge the issues Rowntree brought up, but I’m just really sick of still life Lego, especially in Iron Builder. It’s pretty much all that contest is.


    1. I think the market has been saturated with Iron Builder models. It think the contest would be better off with fewer bouts each year or maybe even take a year off and build up demand/excitement. I hadn’t thought about it before but you’re right, IB seems to generate still-life style models more often than not. I still dig the shoes though, they’re pretty clever, but you can’t go wrong with either choice this week.


      1. I dunno if I could ever be truly interested in watching Iron Builder again. It was exciting back when it was new, but looking back it came from an era when “NPU” was a buzzword in the community and I’ve become way more jaded about builds centered around it recently. The whole quantity over quality thing is another issue; IB is a guaranteed way to see crap builds from good builders that get 100+ faves anyway because of special snowflake followers and inane cries of “NPU!”

        Still-life does make sense for IB though because when under pressure, inspiration has to come from the most mundane sources. But I think another reason it keeps cropping up is that everyone remembers those early rounds with Tyler, Bruce Lowell, and the like. Those guys liked to build still-life outside of IB as well, but people forget that and now still-life is forever associated with IB. It’s getting to the point now where you could make IB bingo cards: Stationary? Check. Microchip board? Check. Food? Check. Office appliance? MATAN–I mean, BINGO!


      2. What’s that…Matango you say!? Like the drums of deepest Africa I can hear the orange beast calling me from inside it’s sealed bin. Matango….Matango!

        I think the format is still a good one and just because people go crazy with the number of entries since the epic Andrew Lee / Simon Liu showdown doesn’t mean that can’t change or even that it should be. I think a contestant might do really well by adopting a less is more strategy, if nothing else for the novelty of having fewer but much higher quality models.

        I did enjoy your insight that IB sort of peaked along with the saturation of “NPU” shouting, and that the number of faves is not as impressive as it once was. Not that I can generate those kinds of number but it doesn’t seem like as big of a deal.

        It seems we both agree that it should take a hiatus or at least a breath to maintain its value.


      3. All the still life Lego in Iron Builder has truly made it stale. There is almost nothing I find less interesting than seeing some mundane household implement pop up in my feed. That said, last round, with the duplo grass piece, actually had some really enjoyable builds, especially Eero Okkonen’s. The mecha-dinosaur build and the Arthur Weasley build were pretty sweet.


      4. Yeah, I don’t need to see another stapler or cordless drill, that’s for sure. I think every round of IB still has it’s standout builds, I just think there is too much of it and it’s gone stale. I say keep the contest but only have one or two a year, the market is saturated and I still don’t like how it’s presented, all spread out. It doesn’t help that there are a couple of knockoff IB contests too, that can fill the inbox quick.

        Eero did have some great entries.


  6. Ouch!
    Good choices this week. Both builders chose excellent topics, and achieved terrific results with awkward parts. Even as I write this… I think, wait… no, not awkward parts… they picked the PERFECT parts for what they built! And colors that normally make me turn my noes up… these two guys, both of them… made these colors really WORK for them!

    But… if you want to travel past a fork in the road… then you must decide. Keith, you make me feel forced with this one. Again, I dig it. At the end of the day… I’ll go with the shoes. Grudgingly… the shoes are a more surprising MOC. Shoes? The guy built a pair of shoes and made it impressive? Ok, right on. He did it. The Mew-tow sniper guy… is cool… but more like what I see from many builders.

    rowntRee… I find your assertions regarding the value of the snipers camouflage to be… shall we say: questionable. First, if you hear the shot and “look around for a sec”.. you will probably catch the second round with your forehead (well, having seen your forehead I can say from an informed perspective may be a good course of action) if you hear the first shot and don’t lose consciousness… you really need to look at the gravel right where you were standing… really really closely. Second, you would spot the purple plume? Well, maybe… if that guy was engaging you from a wheat field… but what if he was engaging you from a purple plume field? What then? Huh? Huh? Purple plume field… purple rod tree… purple curvy wedged factory outlet… Mew-too cos play convention? What then tough guy? Gonna spot him as quickly then?

    That last notion… the sniper engaging you from within a crowd of people dressed as Pokémon… it’s actually an attractive notion when you think about it. Returning fire… opening up on a large crowd of oversized poke-mon with a heavy machine gun and a few grenade launchers. Wow. What would that look like in slow motion? Like in a Martin Scorsese film… Tell me you wouldn’t buy a ticket to THAT movie!


    1. Going all Peckinpah on that would be the best flick evah! William unloading with a bullet factory while Ernest, Warren, and Ben open up with 45s and 12 gauges. Yeah, I’d watch the shit out of that!

      My only question would be why this guy would want to snipe me? I’m so fucking nice. And why am I in a purple plume field? I gave that shit up in the 60s. For that matter, why am I at a Mew-too cos… Oh wait, nevermind.


      1. I can think of at least one Canadian doctor who likes to indulge in “sniper training” who would love to take a shot at you.


      2. Keith, that was splendid. I had no idea that movie was such an emotive cornucopia of inane violence! I don’t just want to see the film, I want to join a club of people who live the films simple and true values in every day life! What’s the films underlying message? Si se mueve… matalo!

        What the hell was the deal with that guy who shot the mirror? Does he hate mirrors? Was he a vampire? Or in this case, perhaps un chupa cobra?

        Matt, your not in the purple plume field… that’s where the sniper is! He shoots you while your down the street in the “Firehouse Subs” parking lot making Rodan noises… Geez! Sometimes you make shit so complicated!


      3. Wild Bunch is an underrated movie and the orgy of violence was a huge influence on guys like Tarentino. Sometimes I can’t believe it was released in the sixties, it was ahead of its time and of coarse it has Earnest Borgnine and that goes a long way. I’m not sure I can go so far as you do with the whole “I want to live the films true values”, that not only sounds dangerously close to cosplay, but it would end with jail or the grave. I’m not a man made for jail, and neither am I quite ready for the grave yet. When I come out to visit you this summer I’ll bring my copy of the Wild Bunch and we’ll enjoy an adult beverage or ten.

        I forgot about the guy who hate’s mirrors, maybe he’s the spiritual brother of the guy who hates oil cans in “The Jerk”?


      4. Watch it again, there’s a dude behind the mirror that the girl’s eyes are looking at. Holden pops him then turns away, done with this fucking room. Except for the bitch!

        There is always that inane question of “what’s your favorite movie?” that gets asked to movie buffs like me. I have come to the conclusion that it is the wrong question. The right one should be, “which movies have you seen the most?” The Wild Bunch would likely be in my top ten. Gil nailed the brilliance of the violence of Peckinpah flicks: The simmered build up. What that clip doesn’t show is the reason (I won’t give it away) and the looks the four share before their intensely fucking brilliant iconic walk in line to this little soiree. This ain’t a movie you watch once, this is one you watch forever.

        And Keith, I had forgotten that said Canadian medical professional (he ain’t no “doctor”) has taken “sniper training.” I wonder if that’s offered at DeVry, I think that’s where he graduated. -Zing!- (apologies to all DeVry graduates for lumping you all with him. -Zing! Again!-) I’d welcome a bullet to the head if I could avoid listening to his bullshit ever again.

        BTW on Monday someone drove by our house and tossed a now phone book in our driveway; so, naturally, I had to go dancing out to get it exclaiming, “The new phone books are here! The new phone books are here!” Yes, the Jerk would be in the top ten as well.


      5. That is indeed the better question! Although now that I’m examining the mental list of movies I’ve seen the most…it doesn’t really jibe with what I consider my favorites. That would mean The Devil Wears Prada is one of my favorites because every time I walk in on that movie or see it on a menu I will click every time.

        Zing! Again!


  7. Both are dandy, but I have to go with the shoes. The mind that comes up with that needs recognition. Then professional help.

    I remember seeing the Wild Bunch for the first time in my late teens when a friend and I were ripping through every cult / alt cinema list and bottle of cheap rye we could find. Expecting something similar to Leone, we didn’t really know what to make of it. After another few viewings spread over the years, the genius which Peckinpah wield’s violence amidst long, long periods of inaction and tension building really become apparent. One of my current Saturday morning rituals is getting up before the fam, getting coffee and breakfast underway and watching The Rifleman mini-marathons on AMC. Despite the cheap thrills of seeing heroes like VanCleef, Eastwood and Wallach show up from time to time filling out their studio obligations, the rotating directors reveal some gems. One of those is early Peckinpah. His eps always have this dark twist – an event that sidesteps the usual saccharine Leave It Beaver on Horseback quality the show can have, replacing it with a dark kernel of evil that spreads out like a slick over the characters and story line. He doesn’t have a lot of episodes to his name, but the ones he does do are always entertaining and a treat to watch.


    1. “a dark kernel of evil that spreads out like a slick over the characters and story line”
      You villain!


    2. I didn’t realize Peckinpah did Rifleman episodes, that pretty awesome, contractually obliged or not. Sometimes it’s awesome to watch genius level guys be shackled by the rules, to see how their talent rises despite the situation. I’m gonna have to take a stroll down to his IMDB entry and see what other TV shows he was involved with. The man is a national treasure though, he brought us Wild Bunch and Convoy.


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