Friday Night Fights [Round 16]

*This very special edition of Friday Night Fights has a brief and arguably interesting backstory.  Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed that I posted and quickly deleted an entirely different Round 16 match-up earlier today.  Because I’m lazy I didn’t notice a very important detail that gave one entry a huge advantage over it’s adversary.  Constant reader and friend of the blog Zach pointed this advantage out to me in the comments and challenged me to do better, with some obligatory rough language about my mother.  After some entirely urbane and reasonable discourse we decided to go head-to-head this week, his crony against mine, mano-a-mano.  In that spirit….

Welcome back fight fans, to Sin City Nevada for another Punch and Judy edition of Friday Night Fights!  This week’s bout will be fought on the unforgiving soil of the angry red planet, with mineral rights and access to the gravity well on the line.  Without further preamble, let’s go to the tale of the tape.

Fighting out of the red corner, under the KeithLUG banner, from Australia where a man is still free to be a man, it’s Shannon “The Savage” Sproule and his “Unity Outpost“.


And fighting out of the blue corner, under the WACKlug banner, from the bathroom of WACKlug’s coastal tree-fort “Gwendolyn”,  it’s Brendan “The Brawler” Mauro and his “Modular Mars Base“.


As usual, constant reader, you are tasked with deciding the outcome of this pugilistic endeavor and determine who will receive a week’s worth of bragging rights.  Simply leave a comment below and vote for the model that best suits your individual taste. I will tally up the votes next Friday and declare a winner before announcing the next bout.

Last week, on Friday Night Fights….

It was the Battle of the runway, an erotic cat-fight between Sniper and Stiletto.  In the end, Kosbrick and his “Stiletto Heel“ stomped his way to a 6-2 victory over the hapless Redverse and his “Uslaw Haern the Sharpshooter“.   Kosbrick records his first win and improves his record to (1-0) while Redverse falls to (0-1).


31 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights [Round 16]

      1. Oh come on bro, does it still hurt after all this time? It was a basically a coin flip, you guys both killed it. When it’s that close no matter what the sport, the judges will always lean towards the incumbent champ. Easy for me to say because I’ve never stood in the Iron Builder ring, but you’ve got to be happy with the effort you gave and the avalanche of cool mocs. I know losing sucks but it wasn’t like he took you to the wood shed. For my money that was one of the best rounds in the history of IB, so yeah you lost but you got in some shots and made him pay for it.

        And as for judges not liking you….I”m gonna just call that crazy talk and move on. Everyone likes you dude, even Rutherford thinks your OK.


  1. Well, fuck me handle first with a rusty screwdriver, how is anybody supposed to choose between those two builds?

    Shannon’s presentation makes me think of that scene in Total Recall where Arnold Schwarzenegger’s eyes start popping out on the surface of Mars. So I think I’ll go with that over Mauro’s more realistic depiction of the red but not really so red planet.


  2. Nobody likes you Simon. . . but onto the match at hand!

    As much as Mauro is a crony for life Shannon would have completely destroyed him this round purely on presentation if it wasn’t for his little sisters hoodie hanging out there in the corner. My OCD won’t let it go and the more I try to view the build the more I get distracted by the laundry. So if I’m judging this purely by the photos it’s probably a tie with a slight edge to the fellow from down under.

    HOWEVER! Having drunkenly molested Mauro’s build in the flesh all of a week ago there’s all kinds of neat tricks and details in each module. That and there’s a wee monorail! So if these were on a table next to each other it definitely goes to the Homie Mauro.

    Make of that what you will – I guess I’ll check the crony box and go with B!


  3. Normally glare, washout, and uneven lighting hurt an MOC. Normally, that’s because people only care about the build. But something strikes me that Shannon wasn’t focusing on the build, but rather the one shot. And I love how I can’t even figure out everything that’s going on in the picture. Nothing feels overly greebled. Everything LOOKS like it has a purpose… I just don’t know what that purpose is. I wonder if they offer tours?

    I vote for Shannon, because the build is what I consider to be the perfect balance between detail and brevity. Nothing looks useless or surplus. And regarding the laundry, I may have used a similar technique in the past, so I don’t mind it. I prefer it to an infinity drop, actually, and the color fits in very well. It would have been fun to see Shannon work with the different elevations and perhaps put a sentry tower up on top.


  4. My vote goes to Shannon. I’ve always had a soft spot for the simplicity of his designs and use of color, which have that 70’s sci-fi novel cover art flavor to them. And as others have said his presentation here is excellent. It disappoints me that he doesn’t get as much faves and follows as he should since he’s one of my biggest influences.


  5. Here’s a strong vote for Brendan. I simply adore that base. It’s a system I could easily imagine other people contributing modules (ala moonbase) but with an organic geometry. The components he’s included are marvelous: domes, monorail, that “flower” array, a rover, etc. And the little details throughout are lovely, including pops of color, texture, and terrain.


  6. Chalk one more up for Unity Outpost. The hoodie in the background doesn’t really bother me, I don’t think I’d have even noticed it if someone else hadn’t pointed it out.


  7. I’m going with Shannon here, but barely. I love the spartan aspect of it, bleak and barren as if every communique with Earth is pleading for just a voice to hear in the silence. I half expect to see Bruce Dern or Sam Rockwell running this place talking to a trio of clumpy robots or himself. There’s just a hint more realism with Shannon’s, Brendan’s feels like it’s way off in the future. Not that it’s a point against, but it lends to the isolation that Unity exudes where the modular feels like it houses a large community or at least can. There’s a wonderful dread and hope competing equally with each other; the vast, stark red of the backdrop versus the clean, reserved white of the structure. The single light source is sublime in adding to both with the shadows of the solar arrays. There’s some genius staging going on here that’s so subtle and directly psychological. Even with the hoodies (at least they don’t have an Arizona Cardinal on them.)


  8. It’s true! Nobody likes you, Simon.

    I vote Mauro!

    I will not be bucking cronyism today, but to make sure I gave the matter appropriate consideration I looked long at both entries (I recommend to future voters that they check the other available angles on Mauro’s action; the aerial shot is the only comprehensive one but it doesn’t tell the whole story).

    Rowntree points aptly to a lot of good stuff in Shannon’s photo, but this wasn’t a hard choice for me because I personally prefer the further-off, bustling space future suggested by the Dark Tan Planet than the near-future, NASA-extrapolated, frontier mood captured by the Red Planet. It’s a deep-running preference, overlapping onto Original Trek vs post-Picard, pre-Pine Trek or The Fifth Element vs, well, any American made frontier-ish sci-fi movie that’s not The Fifth Element.

    And, like Andrew, I’ve had my mitts all over the damn thing and it’s sweet to behold. You had me at that onion blossom solar power plant.


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    1. I just never liked the music; however, with that sort of endorsement, I feel obliged to give it a thorough listen. Thanks! I think.


    2. Tell me more, do you have a newsletter I can subscribe to? How did you find this blog and what about this post inspired you to air your grievances with T-sizzle?


  10. Was planning on starting up a Mars base collab for next year but then I saw the two combatants above and this
    Arsia Prime
    and this
    Alpha Centauri - Copernicus Base
    and I suddenly feel very unoriginal. Guess it’s in the… (*deep inhale*) ZEITGEIST


    1. That would have made for a great matchup too. What was the scope of the collaboration you were planning? Was it online or convention based? Were you going to have a building standard? I’m intruiged. At least I was…until you used the word zeitgest. Really?


      1. It’s only in the conception phase right now, but our LUG has a load of red baseplates leftover from a fantasy collab we just finished and I thought it might be cool to do something sci-fi with them. I was thinking microscale base with minifig-scale ships flying overhead for a forced perspective effect. And do all the ships in the style of Real World +200 but I dunno if the others in my LUG have that in them. Very few builders and most of them are green. Also I seem to be the only person who appreciates microscale.


      2. Sounds frustrating, I used to have this romantic notion that LUGs were filled with nothing but like-minded builders but it seems with experience and talking to other people that the opposite is true. You’d be lucky to have a handfull of hardcore builders even in a huge LUG. I’m surprised about the microscale thing though, I thought that style was more popular than ever. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a red baseplate, you mean the classic primary red? That might read more like clown-planet or blood-planet than Mars. Oh well, I hope something good comes out of it.


      3. Classic red. We got a bunch from LUGBulk to use as a blood river, but I think it could work as a stylized Mars surface similar to what Shannon has going on with his background.

        But yeah the LUG is kind of depressing seeing as there’s maybe 5 out of the 40 or so members who can build anything worth a damn. Plus they’re all super into minifigs and buy into the “bigger is better” mentality for the sake of public events at least so microscale is a turn-off. I think most LUGs at this point are more like fan clubs than anything else.


      4. Classic red is so harsh. I didn’t think of in terms of Shannon’s build, so maybe I’m too quick to be dismissive. That’s interesting, the bit about LUGs being more like fan clubs, from my limited experience and stories I’ve heard I’m inclined to agree. I thought Microscale was more popular, it’s too bad they are so short sighted to only pursue huge builds but I guess it’s kind of boilerplate at this point, it’s kind of a core value of the hobby and we’ve trained people to believe it. You could always press on anyway, show them the light, if you’re up for the lion’s share of the workload.


  11. Microscale is popular in terms of contests and such, but not for exhibits. There, big is all that matters. But that’s also caused by the audience, usually it’s the big city table with running trains that gets all the attention around here.


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