People of ‘The Pages’: Nick Pascale

Welcome, constant reader to the inaugural entry of a new feature here at the Manifesto called People of ‘The Pages’.  ‘The Pages’ refers to MOCpages of course, that wonderful reservation inhabited by Brickarmz prototype enthusiasts, home-schooled teenage religious zealots and all the lovable disenfranchised dreamers of the Lego dream.  Although I don’t go to MOCpages for the social interaction or creations any longer, the site does offer one redeeming quality that keeps bringing me back for more…the home-page description.  Every MOCpages account has a space for you, the builder, to say a little something about yourself and your approach to the hobby….it’s like the ‘profile‘ feature on Flickr but not so inaccessible and underused.  On MOCpages the home-page description takes center-stage and it has inspired some truly great content over the years.  It is my great pleasure to share that conent with you, just the best of the best.  This series has less to do with building and more to do with finding out just who the hell we are as a tribe.

This feature is inspired by a shitty early 1980’s TV show called Real People, that seemed to be on constantly when I was a kid.  Because there were very few channels to choose from and options were limited, I watched more of this show than was probably healthy.

So with that preamble out of the way, I’m going to kick-start the series with perhaps the ultimate home-page description in all of ‘The Pages’.  I stumbled upon it years ago, quite by accident, during my time blogging for TBB.  Nick Pascale was (and probably still is) a frequent commentator on the Big Blog, rarely would a week go by without a comment or three popping up on various postings.  Never on my posts though…never on mine…which naturally pricked my delicate ego and peaked my interest, prompting me to seek him out in his natural environment.  What I found on ‘The Pages’ nothing short of astonishing….one of the single greatest pieces of writing I’ve yet encountered in the hobby.  In future editions of this regular feature I plan on highlighting key rhetorical segments and discussing them in some detail, but this mother of all home page descriptions is simply too pure…too magnificent…and defintiely too long to attempt a critique with any meaningful fidelity.  Nick covers everything from his biography, frustrations with Lego Ideas, MOC statistics, community spirit, personal Lego achievements, Lego related travels, 9/11, obituaries, a plea for greater MOCpages activity and much much more!  You will be amazed by his use of color and font!  You will be amazed by his spirit and creativity!  Indeed, there is a new member of the great pantheon of AFOLs named Nick (Barrett, Trotta and Dean)  I will leave you to your own conclusions and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts in the comments.  If you have any recommendations for this feature, constant reader, please shoot me a link at your earliest convenience.


WELCOME to my LEGO(R) Creations, my VISION and my DREAM

by Nick Pascale

My project based on my MINNIE’S BOWTIQUE here on MOCpages has just been accepted as a LEGO IDEAS PROJECT. As you know I need 10,000 SUPPORTERS! So please visit LEGO IDEAS and lend me your support! If you are not a member you can join for free! there are 5 simple questions to answer and then click SUPPORT and I am there! Thank you for your support in advance! I only posted this yesterday and I already have 1,952 views as of July 12, 2016 12:57 p.m. dst! It’s so frustrating trying to get the needed 10,000 SUPPORT VOTES needed for the LEGO IDEAS TEAM to decide “Should this become a set?” I need your help! Here on MOCpages I have 2,131 views and get this 4k (4,000) views on LEGO IDEAS yet I only have 72 votes I still need 9,928 more! Proud to inform you I now have 173 Supports only 9,827 more to go as of September 9, 2016! Please get to LEGO IDEAS AND JOIN & VOTE! I’ll ask you all once more: Please go to LEGO IDEAS Join, Verify your email and Support, do not forget to click on follow and please leave a comment and mention MOCpages! Minnie’s Bowtique LEGO IDEAS.
And this is the set right here on MOCpages: LEGO MINNIE’S BOWTIQUE

…and how it appears on LEGO IDEAS:

UPDATE: I now have 64 votes of SUPPORT I need 9,936 more votes to reach for the LEGO IDEAS TEAM to consider it! What I do not understand is it has been viewed here by 2,106 people, imagine if each one went and voted for it I’d be that closer and get this on LEGO IDEAS I have 3K views that’s 3,000 views adding the views here and the views there I’d be half way there. Just like in America this is an election year and we always hear YOUR VOTE COUNTS! you can see just how important you as MOCpagers votes for any LEGO IDEAS project is. Today is my birthday – July 26 what a great present to see it reach at least 75 maybe 100 SUPPORT Votes! Thanks!

HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY, Yes, guys and gals I just celebrated 5 years on MOCpages this past January 22nd, where does time go?


Unfortunately None of my Lego Ideas were accepted!


I hope my shirt tells all of you just how IMAGINATION is born…you need INSPIRATION!

Once again I bet my followers asked themselves is he going to post again? Well you have seen by now all my FRIENDS MOCs With a Spring, Summer and Winter Theme, a new FRIENDS Character Mr. Scott and additions to HEARTLAKE HIGH! You enjoyed last years SANTA’S NORTH POLE VILLAGE! Santa’s North Pole village was done as a daily ADVENT CALENDAR! And wait until you see just how much I expanded my LEGO World People! And I can’t wait for you to see the new shelves I designed and my pal Al made for me to showcase them in my bedroom, no longer do they need to balance on the tops of my picture frames!
And there are several MODS to come as well! Including Disney Princesses! I have kept my word and added two new classrooms to HEARTLAKE HIGH!
AND Keep an eye out for my newest creation: THE OOGLES! Mini-figures that are just that — MINI! they came from outer space and only have 1 eye! I just did 4 more play sets!

Much More to come!

Yes, imagine on January 22, 2015 I will be celebrating my 4th Anniversary on MOCpages!!!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT Here’s to many more years here on MOCpages!



I am honored to tell all of you my HAPPY DAYS Lego Cuusoo project has been highlighted on BRICK ULTRA as the CUUSOO of the Week!

I have submitted my HAPPY DAYS MOC for LEGO to consider as their newest LEGO CUUSOO Project I need 10,000 supporters for them to consider it! PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR SUPPORT! It’s official I just got accepted to be considered so all you who are my buddies out there please give me your support!

Thank You all who supported my projects!


I have expanded my A VISIT TO ST. NICK a.k.a Santa Claus and have created a SANTA VILLAGE being inspired by this year’s WINTER VILLAGE set – WINTER MARKET PLACE. It will have 28 separate entries and then a combination of all of them together and many surprises. It will be posted in time to celebrate CHRISTMAS!!!

…and it will be my ADVENT CALENDAR 4 YOU! each day I will add one of the finished 24 scenes and on CHRISTMAS DAY I will gather them all together…Please consider it my CHRISTMAS PRESENT TO ALL OF YOU!

…and here is the MAP to SANTA’S NORTH POLE VILLAGE to perk your curiosity:

You will get a hint at things to come!

ANNOUNCEMENT (sneak peak)

I have entered into the SUPERHERO, VILLAINS and GODS themes for you to enjoy! I have added many X-MEN MINI FIGURES AS WELL!!!

As you may have seen I have added: The TEEN TITANS Secret Identities, the KRYPTONITE MAN and CALENDAR BOY!

As well as adding many JUSTICE LEAGUE of AMERICA MEMBERS MOCs!!!

The FANTASTIC 4, NAMOR – The Sub Mariner and some surprise HEROES and VILLAINS as well! My Custom LEGO Minifigures – TAKE 4 & TAKE 5 are up and running!
And (drum roll) my MOD of the very first modular building I bought and made: ,THE PALACE THEATER!

And I completed all 16 major ROMAN GODS !!!
I am working on the ROMAN TEMPLES in Olympus!

…and LOOK FOR for one of my biggest MOCs and biggest challenge: THE LIFE OF JESUS! I have gone way beyond my BIBLE CHARACTERS: JESUS! I will have 100 Scenes In the LIFE OF JESUS to share with all of you! Please consider it my ->*CHRISTMAS*<- Present to you even if it’s a bit early!


I think you may have noticed some changes in all my MOCpages!
You did!
I have created a new look for all my pages and gave them all a unifying look! It took days but I think you will think it was worth it!
I gave each opening photo a “magazine” look! I created a template (upper left hand corner) and had fun with the LEGO® Logo! I did it in many colors! And created an American and Italian flag look! (upper right hand corner)Then I created the unifying Logos for example: Winter Chapel, Croc Hunters etc. (lower left hand corner) and finally created a BANNER to announce what the MOCpage was!(lower right hand corner)

I did this because there is so much talk in media about: SIGNATURE Pieces in the art world and world of cooking so this will be from now on my “signature” piece!
I hope you like my new look!

Well as of today, August 13, 2013 I have hit 10,238 views with my “SPIDERMAN vs. SANDMAN a MEGO BLOKS inspiration! I appreciate all the visitors who over the months have helped hit me to the heights! THANK YOU!

Never in my IMAGINATION did I ever think I’d hit the 1,000 mark! To my amazement I hit it 4 times! I was even more awed when I hit the 2,000 mark 2,006 (to be exact) as of March 3, 2012 then as of June 17, 2012 there were: 3,721 views! all this with my MOC “SPIDERMAN vs Sandman a MEGO BLOKS inspired set!” that hit 1,538 views and 7 comments, I Thank You All!

Three others trailed right behind it: “Sleigh Bells Ring or Jingle Bells – Take 2” I hit the mark with 1,982 views and 2 comments! as of July 31, 2012! Yet no comments were made until I received one from Mortal Swordsman today, January 19, 2012!
And my WINTER CHAPEL thanks to: LukeClarenceVan The Revanchist has hit: 1,139 views on: JANUARY 23, 2012 and 32 comments! And as of July 31, 2012 I have 1,471 and 39 comments!
My 4th MOC reached the thousand mark on: January 30, 2012 “The MAD HATTER’S Tea Party (not political BUT quizical)!” with 1,359 views! 2, 386 as of June 17, 2012! With 34 comments! And as of July 31, 2012 it has 2,728views with 2 comments! WOW!
To add to these 1000 markers I have 3 more 1000 or more views. They are: LEGO HISTORY 101 – Lego for Girls – SCALA with 1,539 views and 0 comments, not bad for one of Legos venture into the girls domain
Long Island City Arts Center – Meeting SEAN KENNEY with 1,309 views and 23 comments.
I also have:City Streets with 1,083 views and 7 comments!

AND the 5th one to add to the list is LEGO WORLD PEOPLE with 1,034 views and 5 comments!
one and all!
I am so very excited IMAGINE having that many in the 1000’s, once again THANK YOU one and all! You made it possible!

“SPIDERMAN vs Sandman a MEGO BLOKS inspired set!” that hit 5,819 views! This is the one that humbled me! Thanks to all of you this was my first real multiple view MOC!

“Sleigh Bells Ring or Jingle Bells – Take 2” I hit the mark with 1,997 views! Three away from another 2,000! Sleigh bells ring … are you listening?

“The MAD HATTER’S Tea Party (not political BUT quizical)!” with 2,786 views! That’s incredible. Welcome to the TEA PARTY! Watch out for the DOOR MOUSE!

“LEGO HISTORY 101 – LEGO for Girls- SCALA” with 1,602 views!

“LONG ISLAND CITY ART CENTER – I meet Sean Kenney in person and see his work UP CLOSE!” with 1,330 views! Hope you enjoy this one!

“CITY Streets” with 1,102 views!

Lego World People – 1,046 Views 5 Comments VIEW

LEGO Food 1,114 views VIEW

LEGO History 101- Lego for Girls – FRIENDS! 1,336 views VIEW

This I am proud of my very own SIG FIGURE as he/I appear in:
NICK Himself – why not do a LEGO Figure of yourself? 1,001 views VIEW

Well two more MOCs have hit the 1000 mark again I say thanks!
They are:

Under the Sea – 1,031 Views 12 Comments VIEW
Cool City – 1,068 Views 3
Comments VIEW

I wish all you MOCbuilders and your families a very HAPPY NEW YEAR may it be filled with JOY and PEACE!
We start off with a clean slate let’s write on it many beautiful memories!

One of those beautiful memories will always be MOCpages’ own HEATHER BRAATEN a.k.a. LEGO GIRL. I am saddened to report her death! the following picture is my way of memorializing her. My heart and soul offer prayers for her soul and her family and friends, a talent and imagination like hers is hard to find!

I will keep this up for 30 days! Please offer your prayers for her family and friends!!! Because of the responses my tribute to her received I am keeping this up for another 60 days!
Sadly this gained 1,278 views with 28 heartfelt comments so as of June 17, 2012 I decided you all needed a place to grieve her so i am keeping this up a bit longer!

I’d also like to THANK all of you who are making the following very popular! It makes my designs humbly successful!

4×4 Contest Entry – 869 Views 12 Comments VIEW
Police Station – Modification – 839 Views 4 Comments VIEW
Mini-figures My Way – 822 Views 11 Comments VIEW
Long Island City Arts Center – Sean’s Studios – 915 Views 4 Comments VIEW
Silver Squire Men’s Wear – 676 Views 14 Comments VIEW
Malibu Home – 831 Views 4 Comments VIEW
Rosie’s Mexican Mariachi Band – 784 Views 12 Comments Come and hear he band play! VIEW
Spiderman’s Villains 779 views VIEW
Doc Ock’s BANK ROBBERY – A Spiderman MOD 706 views VIEW
FIESTA ITALIANA – (the Feast of St. Anthony Abbot) 717 views VIEW

AQUAMAN 964 views VIEW

THANK YOU once again!

9-11 Memorial News:

I spent my day on 9-11 watching the Memorial Event on ABC (channel 7 in NYC) and as a prayer for the lost souls, I did research on 9-11 Pictures to use here to begin each of my creations. I will do this for one year!
It took me up to today to finish all 5 pages of my work here on MOCpages. I used the time to UPDATE & REPAIR all my MOCmodels that needed repair due to the “system crash”. I tried to have (in some cases) the 9-11 Memorial Pictures that went with each Model I’ve done. I included pictures of myself proudly wearing my 9-11 Shirt – it cost $10.00 of which $5.00 will go to the 9-11 Memorial.
I included pictures I took of the T.V. coverage as well.
I was a volunteer “Grief Counselor” on 9-11.
I was on the way to the METROPOLITIAN MUSEUM in Manhattan with a visiting Polish Priest, a man came running on the Long Island Expressway that leads to the BQE screaming the cars are stopped because they destroyed the Trade’s Center. I could see from the left window of my car the tower go down.
By the time we got to the Kosciuszko Bridge, which offers a great view of the Lower East Side, we saw the smoke and an airplane flying too close. I had my camera I take slides with, my camera I took prints with and my cam corder, a journalist convinced me to take pictures of this event in history, I did just as the plane hit the second tower!


The priest and I offered our services and we were escorted to the 94th Police Station, in Greenpoint where the cloud of smoke was billowing through, as well as remains of the building.
We were assigned to the 104th where we were given a makeshift office and the people came in droves. We also counseled the police and firemen. For a solid week I was a part of their family. They took excellent care of me!
For me not to acknowledge this would be a crime!
Especially since there are so many tributes to the Trade Center done in LEGO® right here on MOCpages.

Like this one from Mr. X:

A special THANK YOU goes out to Mortal Swordsman for his acknowledging my tributes to the fallen in his statement: RIP all victims 9-11! I was worried if a place like MOCpages was a place to give tribute to “all victims 9-11” Mortal you gave me my answer, besides all the LEGO MOCmodels of the Trade Center, there’s space for all of us to memorialize them! THANKS!

Here is a link to my TRIBUTE TO 9-11:

God Bless all you guys who have done wonderful tributes to the WORLDS TRADE CENTER in LEGO®!

The picture below is me in my 9-11 Shirt!

and some 9-11 pictures in the form of the NEW BUILDING, Me at the reflecting pool and the pool itself! It is such an awesome space. When you visit NYC you must see it! The tickets are FREE and be prepared to be frisked!


I have with my WINTER CHAPEL hit my first 700 mark today, September 12, 2011, in fact 703 views! A very big THANK YOU to one and all that made this possible! NOTE: As of January 23, 2012 it has hit 1,001 views!!!

I am speechless and for me that’s a first! So enjoy it! I was going through my work here on MOCpages, today, Tuesday, September 20, 2011 I have seen many of my creations going way over 100 views (55 to be exact), even 200 views (18) and some past the 300 views mark(7) some are now in the 400s (3) and two are in the 500 range!
My WINTER CHAPEL as of today, September 20, 2011, has not only hit the 700 view mark but has 732 views! ! Wow! And joining it is my 4×4 CONTEST ENTRY with 519 views!
I am so greatful to your support and the kind advice and kinder words you left in the comments section.
I am happy many of you turn to me for advice and guidance! It makes me feel alive! I am also honored to be a moderator for a group here!
God Bless You all!
As I always say: KEEP BUILDING ! …one brick at a time!

I’d like to begin by saying: THANK YOU you made it so, that by your visits (as of September 20, 2011) over 86 of my MOC Modles have gone over the 100 visits mark! I could not get over the fact my Review of Sean Kenney’s COOL CITY book recieved over 100 in less than a day! There are over 10,207 views to be exact! I am touched by this number, I cannot believe over ten thousand! I am both touched and humbled by your show of support! I could have never imagined all this!

I’d like to say THANK YOU for your kind words and encouragement!
I hope I do not let you down!

I have a lot more ideas…like an ASIAN RESTAURANT, I am thinking of illustrating some FAIRY TALES (like Jack & Jill, Humpty Dumpty etc.), I want to expand my VISIT TO SANTA by creating a SANTALAND, so as you can see I will still be contributing!

The areas I hoped to cover have been realized! The ones I covered were:
1.) the background of the founder of Lego® OLE KIRK CHRISTIANSEN (still needs to be done)
2.) the invention of LEGO® Bricks(still needs to be done)
3.) all the Theme Area logos including the many LEGO® as used [DONE]
4.) I will try to get all the minifigures used in each set listed(almost finished)
5.) Since there are many older designers here on MOCpages. I’ll be covering BABY TOYS, Duplo, Quatro and Lego Baby(still needs to be done)
6.) Since there are many females here as well I’ll be covering LEGO® and how it responded to it’s female user in SCALA, PARADISA & BELVILLE [DONE]
7.) I’ll be introducing you to LEGO® Products like kitchenwear, appliances, school supplies, food and books [DONE]
8.) I’ll be covering Lego® Cakes those to eat and those that were made [DONE]
9.) I’ll be including a section on how some lovers of Lego® express their love of LEGO® by getting tattoos of it![DONE]
10.) On that vein I’ll be covering LEGO® Jewelry![DONE]
11.) I’ll even show you the greaat LEGO® Mini figure Costumes people created[DONE]
and I’ll also show:
12.) LEGO® HOLIDAY models, LEGO® in LOVE (wedding cake toppers!)[DONE]
Nick 🙂


I was happy to share a major part of my life and ItalianAmerican Culture with all of you! I am so glad you all enjoy it! I have added the ITALIANS as another tribute to my heritage!






On May 14, 2011 I went to LIC (Long Island City – in Queens [not LONG ISLAND]) to see the Sean Kenney exhibit his administrative assistant said I could take pictures I have taken as many pictures as my 2 batteries and 4g card allowed!
This was for me a great moment in my LEGO® HISTORY!


This was part one of the LIC Art Center Show!
I went back on May 21,2011 (see LONG ISLAND ARTS CENTER – The Studio of Mr. Sean Kenney – LEGO Certified Professional) which was the date that all the artists in this vast complex opened their studios for public view LONG ISLAND CITY ARTS CENTER – Art Imates Life/LEGO Imates Art ! I met and taked with Sean, his wife Lillian (my mom’s name) and their baby daughter – Audry! I took plenty of pictures and when I have posted them here and if flickr ever gets fixed I will post all of them there as well!
The most interesting thing was I only needed to walk 5 blocks and take one bus (the Q67 ) and I was there and it ONLY took 35 minutes!

His studio is in the newly gentrified Long Island City which is now the home to SILVERCUP STUDIOS (the former home of the SILVERCUP BAKERY) and P.S. 1 (the former home of Public School 1) (MOMA is their sponsor) and the LONG ISLAND CITY ARTS CENTER, the area has become an artists’ mecca! iT WAS SEEN ON HGTV’s DESIGN STAR!

I was impressed with his newest work a bicycle made up of lime green bricks surronded by small black brick LEGOS that at first appeared to be dirt! But they turned out to be small Lego Vehicles. (More about this can be found in my posted pictures!) And what was more impressive it was made in North Carolina for BRICK MAGIC and brought to his LIC Studio!
In the meantime link up to this documentary made about Sean, look closely and you will see some of his work that I photographed at the exhibit!

A documentary about Sean Kenney

Stay tuned: Same space, same mocpage!


It started when I was a kid many years ago. I was an only child so my father and “ Santa ” always brought to me toys that required no brothers and sisters to play with. Building toys fit that bill!
So toys like Linclon Logs , Tinker Toys and my Erector set became my favorites. Each offered me another dimention of building, but they missed a 3d quality and very little detail.
My beige box of little red and white interlocking bricks that included doors and windows made of ‘glass’ soon replaced them all. I was always curious ( even up to today, at my age!) to see how things work. I remember how I borrowed my dad’s screw driver and would bend back the metal tabs of all my tin wind-up toys. I can’t forget each time I look at the web between my right thumb and right index finger I see a scar made from a sharp tab! So I was always into building things – including building the AURORA figurine models!
I have even done a MOCpage devoted to all this. For some it will be a walk down memory lane and for others a history of toys!

As I hit my teen years when I knew another kid or family need toys for SANTA to give all my toys were given away except my Erector set in it’s red tin box, which is in storage! I still miss my tin roller coaster which went to our friends son – Ronnie!

Comic Books took their place!
And in the late 60s early 70s I did a lot of stuff for DC Comics! I used to enjoy going up to their offices on 575 Lexington Avenue every Tuesday & Thursday when they had “open house”!
Ironically DC Comics and LEGO® have a longstanding relationship! DC produces the BIONICLE and HERO comics!

I went to the HIGH SCHOOL OF ART & DESIGN and F.I.T. in Manhattan I was a costume design major. So I knew how to research a design and the sence of color, shape and form!

I graduated BROOKLYN COLLEGE with a B.A. in Education/Spanish and HUNTER COLLEGE with a MsED. in Language Acquisition/E.S.L.

I started a Christmas Hobby – collecting plastic Santa Claus toys.
When I was married for our 1st Christmas (1984) my wife gave me a plastic LEGO® Santa it was a toy after all!

It seemed fitting then to devote some MOCpage space to some SANTA Sets:

It seemed natural then to marry my art skills and those little 2×2 bricks!
That’s when I realized my childhood favorite toy in the beige box was LEGO®!
I was hooked once more! Over a 5 years period when I traveled to England as well as Italy I searched the toys stores looking for sets they didn’t sell in the United States and sets I didn’t have!
My fondest “find the LEGO® set” was in the Piazza Navona in Rome. A kindly old man who was the shopkeeper took me down to the sub-basement of his store where he kept older LEGO® Sets and Hard to Find sets! It was a treasure trove of LEGO®!!!

I collected and built every play set they made (none of the bucket sets) from 1977 to 2001. I was away for a couple of years and stopped collecting them. I came back to LEGO® in 2006. Ironically it was a comic book character that brought me back to LEGO® – BATMAN ! My collection includes sets from the blue parts space set to today’s Bank and Transfer set .

I have to thank my mates in England for a great assist in helping me with collecting LEGO®. They too searched stores and accepted sets mailed to them in England and then sent them to me! Thanks goes out to Leoni and her daughter Elaine and her son-in-law Dave for helping me get the sets not available here in the states. I’d also love to give them a big hug for helping me bring the cartons to Heathrow Airport in London!

I have them plus Bellville (mini-figure range and the larger figures), Scala (real dolls with combable hair), Znaps , Technic, Mickey and Fabuland .
My interest is in City (Town) and Pirates. I have every Batman set (except for the Batmobile model).

I am enjoying the Collectible Mini-figures collection! As well as the Advent Calendars!

And I enjoyed creating the Undersea Merpeople set, since mermen/mermaids are my favorite mythological creatures! As you look at the video keep an eye out on how my creation has a lot in common with it! The strange thing is I only watched it for the first time today, May 28, 2011!
Please visit it, it’s called UNDER THE SEA

I also enjoyed the VENDORS as they reflect New York City culture and my series on Italian Feasts since the series reflects my Italian heritage. I’d love to see more of you creating MOCpages that do the same!
To get the feeling of the feasts that inspired me visit The OUR LADY OF MT. CARMEL FEAST in Brooklyn, New York and the San Gennaro Feast in Little Italy, Manhattan, New York

But as a retired teacher on disability, I enjoy reading about parents using LEGO® to bring them together with their children. And at the LICAC Exhibit I spoke with many parents about this.

When my physical therapist recommened crochet, needelpoint, counted cross-stitch and LEGO® for use in keeping my fingers nimble…he didn’t have to “twist my arm” when it came to LEGO®!

Also I am very lucky to have 5 LEGO® STORES in my area:
1.) Palisades Center – upstate, The M train to Grand Central then Metro North
2.) Rockefeller Center – Manhattan, the M train to 49th Street/Rockefeller Center
3.) The Queens Center – the Q58 Bus to queens Blvd. a 6 block walk (20 minutes in total)
4.) Roosevelt Plaza, Long Island – the Q54 bus to the N5 Bus that leeds you off in front of the door!
5.) The Westchester Store – upstate, the M train to Grand Central, the Harlem Line to Westchester and the bus right to the door! (this is LEGO(r)’S 100th STORE I covered it’s opening here on MOCpages!

Here’s a picture of me at the Rockefeller LEGO® Store:

And finding other ADULT Friends of LEGO® made me feel at home and I was very impressed to see the number of females grace MOCpages! My favorite being Heather LEGOgirl she will be sorely missed. I have dedicated a MOCpage in her honor! Her DOLL HOUSE was awesome and showed her work as an expert LEGO(r) Designer

I am also trying to use mocpages to show people world wide that NYC is the place to be!
And also the world is a wonderful place to be! You’ll see this in my 3 mini-figure themes within.
And I am trying to show we all have a place in this world! No room for prejudism!


Please feel free to make comments on my designs.


To everyone that not only stops by my pages but others as well, please try to at least rate our work (even if it’s a low score), I cannot understand how so many whose work is over the top and have over 2000 viewers may only have 3 to 5 ratings! Whose ever site I go to I try to leave a star (*) or at least a rating! It doesn’t take long!
WE all work hard and at great expence to share our COMMON love of LEGO® with each one here. Can you share a few seconds to rate our work?

Listen each time you rate our work you make YOURSELF known to each of us and give us the chance to see your work! You are not a “needle in a haystack” you are the star of your own show! And you make yourself known to the person whose work you rate or leave a comment!

When we come together then we can be a STRONG community!

Let Each Go Onward®!

I’d like to thank wikipedia for many of the links in this introduction!


24 thoughts on “People of ‘The Pages’: Nick Pascale

  1. And here I was thinking you’d share hidden gems from the depths of the pages. I guess it’s an interesting twist. I need some beer before I get to reading that novella though, I’ll get to it tonight

    This reminds me of my pages description though, which is 100% not neglected at all, stating that I just started mocing or something like that. But noooo, this won’t do. It will be changed. Even if it takes me 50 years to make myself do it. It. Will. Be. Changed. Afterall, it only took me 2 years to make folders.

    The lord giveth the brick, and only by the lord’s will and for his glory shall the brick be snapped in place!


    1. Beer might not be strong enough, may I suggest black tar heroin?

      I will definitely have to check your home page to see if it’s up to the rigorous quality levels established by Mr. Pascale’s seminal work in the genre. I suspect that no matter how old or neglected, your personal narrative will not be up to snuff, mostly because your models are too good and the better home pages seem to be written by people who are not compelling builders. It’s very rare to see both done well, but I will check just to be sure.

      Lordy, lordy, lordy…if there is a great sky-god looking down on all of us I sincerely doubt he gives a rat’s ass about Lego. Judging by the state of the world I’d say the lord might be more of a Megabloks fan.


      1. You fail to grasp the brilliance of lordy mate. Who in their right mind would worship, if everything in life was perfect? You wouldn’t even have the brainwashed children, there’d be nobody to do it. Besides, what’s more fun to watch, utopia or chaos and mayhem? Oh, and no worship, no Mo₦€¥$ in the right(ful) pockets.


  2. Every pic of him next to something, be it Santa, Sean Kenney, or a brick built Lego dude, seems to exude discomfort from everyone that has come into contact with him. You can just read their minds as that grey matter screams for penicillin. It reminds me of the scene in Aliens when the girl plastered to the wall says to the Marine, “Please, kill me.”

    Oh, Nick. Sweet, adorable, innocent, creepy as fuck, Nick. Yeah, he holds a special place in my heart. The Lego community can thank, or blame, him for being MY gateway into Mocpages. I was looking online one day four or five years ago for ideas from other builders I had no clue that were out there. Oddly enough, Nick’s page was at the top when I searched and I was instantly taken to this homepage. What’s even odder was that I had the wherewithal to leave it immediately and float through the Temple of Syrinx/Mocpages wondering what the shit that colorful MS Paint-gatory nightmare was that I passed through. I think the pic that best describes him is the second to last one of the kid paying $100 for a flavorless, white ice cream on top of a copy of All That Jazz.

    Stay classy, Nick! Stay classy.


    1. BTW I think Real People followed That’s Incredible! of which all of us of a certain age and demographic were relentlessly subjected to throughout the early 80s. And Solid Gold.


      1. Ah…”That’s Incredible”…who could forget the Yogi Kudu contorting himself into that little box, that really put the zap on my young mind. I was always a bigger fan of “In Search of” not only because it had Spock as the narrator, but it had better intro music. In the 80’s and late 70’s it was all about the intro music.

        The big question is who would win in a death-match style arena: Skip Stephenson or Jon Davidson?


    2. Ah…now it all becomes clear that we can place the blame squarely on Nick for the rashy blight on the hobby that is rountRee. Somehow it all makes sense now. One evil begets the next, greater evil.

      The “All that Jazz” DVD really threw me for a loop too…does not compute…I mean it’s an awesome movie with Roy Scheider at his chain-smoking best but I would have expected maybe “Home Alone” or “Bedknobs and Broomsticks” not a Bob Fosse biopic with erotic dancing. As for those photos, the one with Sean Kenney is my favorite. If there was ever a guy who deserved to squirm uncomfortably it’s the “artist” and absentee landlord Sean Kenney. How I would have loved to be a fly on that wall, to see Kenney interact with his number #1 fan, I’m laughing like an idiot just thinking about it.

      “Please kill me”.


  3. “I now have 64 votes of SUPPORT I need 9,936 more votes to reach for the LEGO IDEAS TEAM to consider it!” just made me spit my coffee through my nose. His optimism is palpable!


    1. I do envy Nick’s relentless optimism, I’m not sure I’ve seen it’s equal anywhere in the hobby. “I am happy many of you turn to me for advice and guidance! It makes me feel alive! I am also honored to be a moderator for a group here!”

      I think we can all take a lesson from Nick and embrace the positive, perhaps I should turn to him for advice and guidance, I think it’s clear that I need the help.


  4. Sometimes the Internet is like an endoscope for the viscous seepage of the psyche. This is one of those times. I found myself waffling between discomfort, pity and (edit: very) brief moments of endearment, shackled to an inevitable glaze of confusion.

    However, I am thrilled to see that others remember both Real People and That’s Incredible. I seem to recall them following the last of the Saturday morning cartoons for the week. It was like a sad tornado siren of Kidworld, signalling that I had to wait another 7 days to find out how the students of Lazer Tag Academy managed to foil another sinister plot bedeviling them.


      1. Lords of Light, perish the thought! Although as a kid I seem to recall taping a rubber ended batter stirrer in a cardboard scabbard to my wrist to act as may ‘fabulous Sun Sword’.


      2. Ariel, OOkla, Ride! I also fashioned my own Sun Sword but it was decidedly less than fabulous. Holding the hilt without a blade really makes you feel like a retard, even as a kid.


      3. Wait, you know about LTA too?!! Damn, I was hoping it was a weird Canadian thing. I feel so left out. I think we’re long overdue for some MOCs inspired by Thundarr and Jason. Get on that rountRee, you’ve got nothing better to do. That blue pup-tent you call a SHIP can wait another year, it’s not going anywhere.


    1. Nick’s home page is indeed like a thrill ride at a fucked up amusement park. Things could go off the rails at any moment but the colors and shouts of glee and vomiting from your fellow passengers are almost enough to make you forget the loose bolts rattling around by your feet. It is a life-changing home page and I doubt we’ll see it’s like again.

      Oh man, I feel left out about Lazer Tag Academy…like I didn’t get invited to a great pool party. I shall have to see if I can find it on Youtube, it sounds amazing. Sad tornado siren is the perfect descriptor.


  5. “Nick covers everything…”

    Yep, that’s accurate. With no spaces in between anything. I didn’t realize endless 18pt white bold font on a black backdrop was so painful.


  6. Well, that was… interesting. Seriously though Keith, I think you may have set yourself up for failure, because I don’t see how subsequent entries in this theme will be able to top this one.


    1. Good point…it may be all downhill from here. I have another one in mind for next time and while it may not measure up in terms of length, color and uncomfortable photos, it kind of makes up for with memorable rhetoric. We shall see, but I agree it’s a daunting task. If I was worried about failure though, I never would have opened this seedy bar. I embrace the failure.


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