Friday Night Fights [Round 17]

Welcome back fight fans, to Sin City Nevada for another slap and tickle edition of Friday Night Fights!  This week’s bout features two armored man-horses jousting for the right to appear in the official Lego Monster Manual and a bucket of oats.   Without further preamble, let’s go to the tale of the tape.

Fighting out of the red corner, from his throne on the dizzying heights of Mt. Olympus, it’s “Never Surrender” nobu_tary and his “Centaur Knight“.


And fighting out of the blue corner, from a place where the streets have no name, it’s “Lion-hearted” Lego 7 and his “Centaur Knight Mech“.


As usual, constant reader, you are tasked with deciding the outcome of this pugilistic endeavor and determine who will receive a week’s worth of bragging rights.  Simply leave a comment below and vote for the model that best suits your individual taste. I will tally up the votes next Friday and declare a winner before announcing the next bout.

Last week, on Friday Night Fights….

It was the Battle of the cronies as KeithLUG and WACKlug brawled in the thin air of the angry red planet.  In the end, Shannon “The Savage” Sproule and his “Unity Outpost“ scored a decisive 7-4 victory over Brendan “The Brawler” Mauro and his “Modular Mars Base“…proving once again that KeithLUG is the superior LUG.  Sproule records his first win and improves his record to (1-0) while Mauro falls to (0-1).


30 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights [Round 17]

      1. Oh yes do excuse me. I meant to follow up immediately after the all caps but I was crunched to make a tiny Mexican restaurant before 5 pm. A hearty table-pounding for Shannon and you with your best LUG ever and we look forward to crossing swords again some day yadda yadda yadda. Didn’t you herald your return talking about some huge train dio you were making? You’re a train guy now. Train guy!

        Anyhoozles, this is indeed a tasty brace of robo-centaurs. I absolutely love the head on Centaur Knight Mech – 1, and the shaping on the legs is satisfyingly horsey. But beyond that I find it too busy for its own good, and neither the orange nor the Technic panels are helping. My vote goes to nobu_tary. This is one of those times that less is more, and using those standard Hero Factory parts as hooves is a jack move just because of its simplicity. I do think the shaping falls apart a bit in the lower abdomen/upper horse part, but overall it’s a solid win.

        Train guy.


      2. Guilty as charged. Wait, no, to be a true train guy you have to have one of those little engineers caps and your sense of humor surgically removed. Also, I’ve never used the words “track geometry” publicly. At best I’m a wannabe train guy. Now I’m just confused. You’re mean! I’m glad Shannon beat your crony to a pulp.


  1. Two top shelf centaurs here…very competitive pairing.

    My vote goes to nobu_tary. The legs/feet are a standout. The wavy golden hair is pretty slick as well. I don’t quite like the fist part for the abs, simply because it was also used as a hand, but it everything else is so well put together. The checkered base is also sweet as well.

    As for Lego 7…I really do like the model. A lot.
    I think technically it may even be the superior model. However…to my eyes the color scheme is just not quite cohesive enough. I think my biggest issue is the shield…my eyes keep getting drawn to look at it when I want to look and absorb the rest.


  2. I love both, but also dislike both. The mech’s lower body is spectacular, but that upper body looks messy. Also, while the subtle use of orange on the lower part looks wonderful, the sudden abundant use on the top just doesn’t work.

    As for the not mech one, that helmet and hair combo is to die for. I freaking love it so much, (spoiler alert) I’m going to give it my vote just for that. Yep, I’m that shallow. What I don’t like here is the area where the human mixes with the horse part, it looks weird and over-textured for no reason. And the legs are not that interesting.

    So yeah, my vote goes to nobu_tary. But if the mech one wasn’t so messy on the upper section, it would have won easily.


      1. Out of context it sounds so moronic. :)) But the thing is both models are great but flawed; and I can’t help picturing how fantastic they could be if not for those shortcomings.


      2. I got your point, I just couldn’t resist commenting on the turn of phrase. “Great but flawed” is a pretty good description of this bout, and nearly everything that gets posted here.


  3. Keith, this one is really hard! You pulled out two outstanding builds.

    Nobu_tary uses bionical, hero-factory and technic parts to build a fantastic centaur. He used the parts with perfection. The shaping he achieved is truly organic. The pearl gray works fantastic for the armor sections.
    I’d loved to se the inner black from the upper body continue on the non armored parts of the lower body. The legs between knee and ankle look too mechanic to me. Using black for this section and maybe beefing it up just a bit would have added a lot.

    Lego 7 took the system approach to build a mechanic centaur. The balance between mechanic and organic look his creation has is very eye pleasing. The light and dark gray give a very nice contrast. Blocking those colors failed on several points. I’d used the dark gray and pearl gray for armored sections and the light gray for non armored. The techinc panels in orange and white look totally displaced for me. They seem to break with the overall fine system based design. They even stick out more as they also break with the color scheme of the system parts.

    So both creations look fantastic at first glance, both have their flaws when examined closer and both stay outstanding after staring at them for quite a long time. It is hard to decide which one is the better and I think it is a standoff. My decision is just a personal preference.

    I go with nobu_tary as his built looks more coherent to me.


    1. Marco, I looked at the two builds and was putting together a comment in my head, and then I read yours and it’s pretty much exactly what I was going to say.

      nobu_tary’s use of just a tiny bit of system pieces where needed (plus the base, but I don’t really count that as part of the main build) vs. the technic bits feeling a bit out of place on Lego7’s build makes my vote go to nobu_tary, as well.


    1. Absurde, your ongoing issue with being stuck in the moderation trap is baffling to me. I’ve checked all the setting and the only time a post should be held up is for first-time commenters or people who include links that might be questionable. This doesn’t seem to happen to anyone else. Do you use different computers to sign in? I’m reaching here because I have no idea what’s going on. I just fired off an email to WordPress, maybe they can shine some light on this nonsense. I appreciate your patience.


      1. Only using one computer, but I do have a dynamic IP if that makes a difference. Figured I’d try removing the flickr link and change the name to see if the problem’s from there, but it appears to be something different.


  4. Possibly, but maybe you did fixed something since the test one also had the name changed and link removed and didn’t work. Hopefully it stays that way.


  5. Lego 7 for me. Nobu_tary’s scale bothers me a lot. That horse body, although brilliant, doesn’t match the human scale at all. It’s like a Corgi-taur. Lego 7’s proportions scream of a powerful adversary on the pitch, I imagine this thing DRIVING the lance through the opponent rather than poking in a huff. The colors don’t bother me as much although I agree that a bit of refinement on that shield wouldn’t hurt. But shields are supposed to stand out especially from a distance, let whoever is on a far off hill know that they are about to be in a world o’ hurt. I see Nobu_tary’s centaur as a prim and proper palace guard, not like Lego 7’s baddass answer to when you have to kill every last mutherfucker in the room, accept no substitute.

    And Nobu_tary’s flexible axle piece on the lance is driving me up a fucking wall. It’s not a weapon, it’s a dildo.


  6. I’m not a fan of the busy design philosophy that seems ever-present in recent Japanese cartoons about giant automatons, so I’m gonna throw my vote to nobu_tary for not buying into the hype from his homeland. I’m not a fan of the shaping and transitions in the mid-section, but he’s got a more calculated use of color on that… mane? Hair? Whatever it is it pops. Bonus points for the checkered base as well, which provides a nice color and texture contrast, as well as grounds it as castle/fantasy rather than sci-fi. It reminds me of the backgrounds you see in random monster battles from older turn-based RPGs and in my opinion it makes the whole build.


  7. I find them both wonderful.

    I’ll go for the the one from nobu_tary. I dig the hair (wow), and some of those mid-section bits. I like that it’s a super-clean construction, but it’s far outside my realm — I have almost none of these parts and have no idea what they are.

    I really like the helmet + visor area on the one from Lego_7. I think the shaping/facets on the torso are done well and generally look good, but I’m not a fan of the extraneous bits (spindly legs; and wings?) after seeing the other perspectives. And like Zach said, the shield contrast color feels off.


  8. Nobu. It looks like the horse part is doing that hard walking thing (name?) that they do in shows? Like where each step is supper clipped, supper deliberate? I don’t know what it’s called, but its supposed to be really hard for horses to do.

    And then there is the fact that he used so many Bionical parts and made them look so dam good!


    1. Strutting? Prancing? I guess it’s one of the reason why this works so well, it matches the proud/arrogant pose of the human side as well.


    2. Dressage. I think that’s why I prefer Lego 7’s. Nobu_tary’s seems too sissy to be a mythical beast of kickassery.


      1. Rutherford does enjoy some hot dressage action. He likes to engage in kiss-of-death style equine action too.
        <insert disturbing title here>
        There is never a wrong time to use this photo, it’s Simon’s single greatest contribution to our community.


  9. Lego_7 gets my vote. Call me an old curmudgeon but I still hold a grudge against Bionicle / HF and *here’s why*:

    While I like the pose and shaping of nobu’s centaur, Lego_7 had to put in far more work to get the shapes he wanted. There’s some clever parts arrangement on nobu’s, sure, but the torso, arms, legs, those are all still mostly pre-fab pieces designed specifically for that usage and not much different than they appeared in their original sets. Lego_7 first had to figure out the shape and pose he wanted and then design each segment and still come out with a complete vision at the end. That I am far more impressed by. And I like the avante-garde elements like the helmet and bisected shield that others did not. It’s different, and I like that!


  10. Although I don’t care for the exposed CCBS pieces in the legs of nobu_tary’s build, it still gets my vote for one key detail: The way the centaur is attached to the base. I see too many mecha builds in person where the builder has ignored the fact that they aren’t going to be stable on their own, especially in an action pose, and don’t bother with a base or stand, and then get upset when it falls on its face as soon as someone breaths on it.


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