Happy Father’s Day

I’ve got some serious barbequing to do today with my wee ones, so I’ll spare you my typical long-winded blathering.  I don’t have any fond childhood memories to share of playing Legos with my dad, he wasn’t too into toys or fun for that matter.  I do greatly enjoy building with my kids, and we’ll probably do some of that today, in between water-balloon fights, ice cream and episodes of Samurai Jack.  Thanks to my 9yr old there is some action going on in the Legoratory and I am more than willing to share that with you. She’s very creative and a great deal of fun to collaborate with, although I may come to regret introducing her to Bricklink.  This is just the beginning of a sprawling equine-themed diorama that should keep us busy all summer long.  My little one is more into destroying projects than creating them, but that’s fun too.  Life is good in Casa de Goldman, and I hope you guys are knee-deep in some quality Lego time with your kids.


I looked around briefly for a fatherhood-themed model to spotlight, but all I could find were some low-res dioramas from The Empire Strikes Back, you know, the whole: “Luke, I am your father” thing.  That’s not going to fly today because to quote the late, great Freddy Mercury: “Jaws was never my scene and I don’t like Star Wars.”  Since I have a strict policy of not posting Star Wars creations, I decided to simply go with something cool.  Thank you F@bz, your work is always entertaining.


I’ll leave you with a movie clip that sum up my feelings about Father’s Day better than anything I could write.  For all you dads out there, enjoy your day!


29 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Back at you, Keith! Enjoy the barbecue! My requests for the day were simple 1) A Jestro’s Headquarters set and 2) to start the day with a big chunk of Lego garage overhaul. It’s been a bomb zone in here since my TFOL nephew visited in April. Later there will be a swimming excursion and In-N-Out on the way home.

    So happy to see the pencil guy got himself a horse.


    1. Right on Jeff, that’s a wicked set, I hadn’t seen it before and it sounds like a great way to spend the day. Nexo Knights is a crazy theme, I hope it gets another run. Never let a TFOL into your Legoratory without handcuffs or some kind of bio-hazard suit, even the best of them will spread chaos and leave half-empty cans of energy drinks behind. If it’s a relative your options may be limited, but I find that denying them access up front is the key. Have a great one!

      LEGO Nexo Knights 70352 - Jestro's Headquarters


      1. I will. I totally missed the stable for some reason when I read this. Looking good, glad K is into working the brick.


      2. Yeah, her interest comes in fits and starts (which seems natural) but for now she seems to dig it. I thought for a while that she’d lost interest in the topic entirely, but then out of the blue she hit me up for the equestrian diorama and then she really got into it making detailed sketches and gathering useful parts from her collection of Friends sets. I’m trying to soak it all in because I know it won’t be long before Lego becomes lame to her and I’ll get the classic eye-roll when I suggest we build something together. That is if she can look up from the phone long enough to roll her eyes.


  2. I have a dog. And she celebrated father’s day by rolling in the cut weeds and shaking them off in the kitchen. Twice. Thanks Coda.

    Happy father’s day to all ya fathers, ya’ll muthas to me. XD Time for a 40 of St. Ides. Cheers!


      1. Actually, it’s short for Malacoda, which was one of the demons that led Dante and Virgil in the Inferno. It also means “evil tail” in Italian, very appropriate with this damn mutt. And agreed about it being the worst Zeppelin album. Cheers back at ya!


      2. Malacoda, that’s right, I think you told me that once. It’s also apparently a Canadian death-metal band. Who knew? You’re such an art-school wonk, I should have known it wasn’t a Zeppelin reference. That would be too simple!


    1. Take your time man, kids are awesome and kind of make life worth living but…they also make you worry about shit you never worried about before and the mess is never-ending…and you have to deal with other parents…and perhaps worst of all, your time is never truly your own. Thanks for the comment!


  3. If my father didn’t introduce me to LEGO way back when, I wouldn’t be here today, I owe everything to him.Also, Rutherford is your daddy and F@bz’s bike is superb.


    1. Your dad sounds like a great guy, and F@bz bike is indeed superb but….Rutherford is my daddy? Ouch! Sick burn dude, I may need to go to the burn clinic and get treated! That’s 3rd degree at least. I thought of a few comebacks, but really, there is no comeback to that one. Totally owned.


    1. The smack is on fire here lately, it’s coming from all sides and multiple countries! Guy Fieri? Really? That one hurts more than Rutherford is my daddy…Fieri? I can assure you that’s not a custom sigfig of mine, he has way too much hair and none of it is gray. Maybe I should have my lawyers contact CitizenBrick in any case. Dis Sandro put you up to this? You’re mean! You and Angka and Rutherford.


      1. It really is strange, and even after repeated views I can’t decide if I like it or not. Did you know that village they built for the movie is still in use today as a tourist trap? Amazing.


  4. I can’t complain. My Fathers day, like my birthday the week before was totally devoid of grief. Mostly catch up work around the house. Lawn work and sun burn. Some times, zero grief is good enough. Last night though… my oldest daughter did say:

    “Oh shit, I missed your birthday and fathers day without saying a dam thing to you papa… So ummm… Happy birthday and fathers day, and I love you and should I get you a Lego kit?”

    I was surprised and after staring at her dumbstruck for what must have been a full second, I blurted out

    “Yea, you totally should uh… run out and score that Saturn V rocket set… best set in years… and its less than 200 bucks… but get your siblings to contribute their typical pathetic amount, so they can take credit for the action as well… Oh, and I love you too girl.”

    She said:

    “Yeah, good plan. Right on.”

    Fatherhood… so beautiful…

    the Saturn V…sniff…

    Hope everybody’s fathers day was as devoid of grief as my own was.

    Most of you wont get the Saturn V… deal with it you suckahs!


  5. Late off the mark, but the stable looks fun! I have a 9yo daughter as well and we’ve been plunking away at our own city for a bit. Like you said, interest comes and goes, but it is fun when the tide is high. Pics are on Fecesbook, but I should really crosspost to Flickr where the majority of fellow ThunderNerds hang out more. Hope the Dad’s day was good!


    1. Thanks Gil, I’ll pass along your praise to my collaborator, I’m sure she’ll appreciate it. Your town sounds like a good time, there is nothing like building with your kids, it’s rewarding in a way that a more “artistic” approach can ever be. Noting like debating the best way to simulate a pile of horse-shit too. Good times. Dad’s day was great, barbecue, lego action…what’s not to love? Except of course for the record temperatures here in the scorched wasteland called Nevada. Breathing the very air is like opening an oven door and getting blasted with heat, except it doesn’t stop and you can’t close the door. The relief of late September seems a long way from here. Help me Gil….help me.


      1. Sounds like a great day! I agree on every point – building with the kids feels like it peels away just a bit of the layer of messed-up-world grime that builds up on my leathery hide.

        I was thinking of you and a couple other friends down there last night when were watching a correspondent cook an egg on a baseball bleacher. Good lord. In contrast, we are in endless rain. Lake Ontario has risen so much, it’s put 70% of the Toronto Island underwater and threatens to turn the community there into Atlantis North.

        Help is on the way…I’m starting a new Underground Railroad for climatically threatened and politically frustrated Americans. If a lumberjack driving a ’71 El Camino shows up and tells you get under the tarpaulin in the back, just do it.


      2. That, is the perfect way to describe the benefits of building with your kid. You remain the poet-laureate of the blog. You talk to me of rain when I’m baking alive in the desert!

        All I have to say is: “Yeah man, El Camino!”


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