Friday Night Fights [Round 22]

Welcome back fight fans, to Sin City Nevada for another Indiana-hook edition of Friday Night Fights! This week’s bout is all about making a scene, with the customary bragging rights and a discount coupon to the Pancake House on the line.  Without further preamble, let’s go to the tale of the tape.

Fighting out of the red corner, from the other side of midnight, it’s the always dangerous “Fabulous” Fabio Maiorana and “The Red Room”.


And fighting out of the blue corner, from an abandoned oil rig in the north Atlantic, it’s “Relentless” Revan New and his “Abandoned Factory.


As usual, constant reader, you are tasked with deciding the outcome of this pugilistic endeavor and determine who will receive a week’s worth of bragging rights.  Simply leave a comment below and vote for the model that best suits your individual taste. I will tally up the votes next Friday and declare a winner before announcing the next bout.

Last week, on Friday Night Fights….

It was a little girl tag-team death-match, with the Intercontinental Champtionship belt on the line.  In the end,  “Madman” Moko and his Love Laika scored a 7-3 victory over “Lightning bolt” LegoWyrm and his “Ladybug & Chat Noir”.  Mr. Moko records his first win and improves his record to (1-0) while Mr. Legowyrm falls to (0-1)




19 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights [Round 22]

  1. Aside from the fact that there is no midget dancing and speaking backwards, I vote the Red Room. The factory has some very nice texture to it and that steel door hanging by one hinge in the background is dreamy, but seeing Laura Palmer there in the Black Lodge getting ready to belt out the most intense, hate-filled screech in film history is all the mood I need.

    Hooray Killer Bob!


  2. I saw these last night, and instantly thought red room. I thought I’d sleep on it to be sure… and the Red Room still gets my vote.

    The factory overall is a nice scene… but… The photoshop usage in “the factory” draws too much of the attention vs. the build, IMO (and I think there needed to be some random “dust flakes” shining in the dark areas too, not just in the beams). The light shining down also draws too much attention to the the areas where I can’t tell what those LEGO parts are supposed to be. “Oh, those are those engine intake/exhaust parts. That is that turbine fan blade housing with a round dish on top. There are the cheese graters”. I guess I’m not convinced they are something else beyond themselves… not sure those heavy door in the back would fall inward towards the hinges either, and wedge into the door jamb. They should likely break away from the hinges and tilt in the other direction… I guess with a lot of details, there’s a lot to critique….


    1. I’m with Ted all the way on this one. The photoshopping is such a distraction that the Red Room wins, almost by default.


  3. This almost feels like comparing apples and oranges-do I favor the final image and pick the more complex, immersive build with fairly decent photoshop, or favor the physical build and vote for the more self-sufficient and clever Red Room (those curtains-dang!) that speaks for itself?

    The former, I guess. That simulated dust could stand to be a good deal more subtle, but I’m still very fond of how the abandoned factory looks.


  4. Hooray, I’m for the other team. I vote Revan. The factory’s built in grey-scale which is near and dear to my heart, has appropriate greebling, and even uses some good studded surfaces. It can be hard in a “scene” to consider texture as an important component, but I think Revan nails it. I gotta say though, it doesn’t look “abandoned” as much as “closed over the weekend”. I understand the others’ gripes about the Photoshop, but I like that the creator was willing to sacrifice clear view of their building for the sake of the scene.


  5. I’m not particularly taken with either of these, but I’ll vote for the Red Room just because the abandoned factory fails at being what it’s supposed to be. Granted, I don’t know what the Red Room is supposed to be, but I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. Point is, there’s no sense of decay in the factory. No rust, no discoloration, nothing. The bright yellows in particular look freshly painted. If it’s been abandoned, it was done so two weeks ago when the build was posted.


    1. And those technic wheels on the far wall—what exactly are they for? The build has atmosphere, I’ll give it that. But like a bad steampunk build or an aging Hugh Hefner, there’s no sense of function to any of the parts.


      1. I think the wheels are part of a steel cable driven door mechanism. One of the sides of the door has fallen off the rails.


      2. Fair enough. I meant to have this as a reply to/agreement with Ted so that’s not the only issue I had.


  6. The floor and curtains of the Red Room and the exposed technic bricks in the Abandoned Factory are brilliant examples of simplistic techniques used to great effect. Two more builders I need to add as contacts.

    My vote goes to the Abandoned Factory. What really sold it for me is the detail of the partially broken and missing security railing on the upper floor.


  7. I have to go with the factory, it really sells what it’s supposed to be to me. The red room is well built, but I have no connection with the show, so it’s just a simple scene to me.


  8. After much going back and forth with myself, I cast my vote for Revan and the factory. I’m putting it down to the good amount of subtle details, like the machinery and the broken railing, as well as the minimal use of colour to sell the place as an industrial setting. However, I agree with the comments of others that the Photoshop could be toned down.

    The Red Room is an awesome build, (those curtains? Epic!) but I don’t know the scene or the show that well, so I’m going off face value and the lack of other details didn’t stand out to me.

    Still though, a fantastic match-up regardless!


  9. Red Room.

    But both are cool. I agree (Ahhh!) with many of you regarding the heavy handedness of the photoshopping in the factory shot. Distracting. also, the chaos vibe is not strong enough. There are some excellent hints of decay and chaos, the crooked doors, the hanging chain, the missing railing.

    But that red curtain and that floor nailed it down for me. And nope… Im not a Twin Peaks guy either.


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