And the Winner of SHIPtember 2017 is…

Brama!, by Mr. Zac Lowing, who also took the top spot in 2016.  The rest of you losers can go home now, try harder next year!


I would love to tell you who won the SHIPtember People’s Choice award for this year but as usual, Simon Liu has wandered off to the next shiny thing and probably won’t think about it until just before next year’s contest.  I thought about tallying up the votes myself but that sounded too much like work and it’s a useless exercise because Zac was clearly going to win the challenge anyway. Sure the BASILISK seemed to be leading the way and it was an exciting and worthy SHIP…but we’ll never know because Simon is awesome at starting things but not so awesome at finishing them.  Maybe he’s busy with the Canadian branch of C4C, that would be a pretty good excuse.  I’m probably in the tiny minority of people who are bothered by his inability to close out the proceedings, but I’m old and cranky so why are you still standing on my lawn?


For you SHIPtember enthusiasts it is worth noting that creator of the BASILISK and  friend of the blog Pico van Grootveld completed the official poster of last year’s offerings.

So a heartfelt congratulations from the Manifesto to Zac Lowing and all praise to Brama.

35 thoughts on “And the Winner of SHIPtember 2017 is…

    1. I agree whole heartedly with the first half of your response, but let’s not get crazy Wolff, how can you include Rutherford? He’s not fit to kiss the ground that Zac Lowing walks on. Rutherford…. he’s so arrogant he probably doesn’t even acknowledge the superiority of Brama, you’ll notice his deafening silence on this post. Not everyone can admit it when they’ve lost, even though there is no shame in losing to Lowing and Brama.


    2. Come on man. My design was sort of novel but as far as actual building, and vision? My name does not belong on that list. Maybe you were just listing all the people who have ever commented on the Manifesto and were in Shiptember. Then your list might work. Being on the same battle field as those guys is honer enough. Actually being compared to them… again, I say “come on man”.

      Also… Picos ship is impossibly dope!


      1. I just thought you wouldn’t want to be left out my friend 😉

        And yes, impossibly dope does indeed cover Pico’s SHIP. Actually, all of his work can be summed up as impossibly dope, I reckon.


  1. Where is Zac? Last I saw was his catapult of either the Brama or a similar SHIP into the floor at full gravity (unpleasant although uniquely satisfying.) Basilisk is frighteningly great, especially Pico’s hurndy-furndy expression. He could use a yellow, rainbowed t-shirt if he was really serious about competing with The Lowing though.


    1. That’s a question for the ages…where is Zac? Unfortunately, a fast and dirty google search brought up this depressing article from 3 years ago, seems as if he’s not doing so well: “Lowing strayed. He saw his old life, condo, et al circle the drain in a haze of whisky.”

      I also found him on Facebook where he’s still doing his street photography thing in Chicago. I left him a message of encouragement from his Lego buddies. You guys should consider doing the same.

      All joking aside I hope he’s in a better situation now, the thought of him being homeless is a huge bummer. I only interacted with him a couple of times back in the day but he was always an affable dude. If you’re reading this Zac, rock on dude, you will never be forgotten.


      1. Sometimes I wonder about your artistic choices and sensibilities and then you call for something like this…. I’ll never doubt you again, my art school girlfriend. Now who do we know that could pull off such a wonder.


  2. Nothing’s going to help me get manly like Zac. Not the hairdo, not the stache, not a pony rainbow shirt.. there’s no competing. Congrats Zac!
    Thanks for the shout out Keith, x

    Got the 2017 poster nearly done, just waiting on the jury’s verdict. Oh Siiiiiii…


    1. Don’t feel bad Pico, we all fall terribly short of the mark because Zac is the living personification of both manliness and skill with the brick. We all live in his long shadow. There is no reason to believe that Zac won’t win SHIPtember 2018 as well. Looking forward to that poster, thanks in advance for your effort. I don’t think you received the kudos you deserve for producing last year’s poster (a whopping 1 thank you) but I think most of the SHIPtember participants have wandered off, emulating Simon’s disinterest. You da man, Pico.


      1. Oh… shit, I forgot:

        ZAK! You magnificent bastard! Two years in a row! You sir… are truly a force multiplier!

        Lead on sir! Lead us all to victory!


      2. Haha I’m betting on Zac doing another homerun next year.
        The buzz around the poster isn’t too shabby though, kudo’s enough to go around. Go grab some.
        And even it hadn’t: it’d be a shame to drop it anyway. It’s tradition!
        I just mailed Simon, see what he’s up to. He was having a hard time with the trophy scale SHIPs lol (and I dont blame him) No YOU da man


      1. I didn’t recognize him after watching either. In fact I have no idea who the hell Reb Brown is. But I just have to watch Stirba (translates to toothless in romanian) the werewolf bitch.


      2. Reb is the definition of manly manliness of 80s beefy manlinessiness. And where else can you get THAT and Lou Ferrigno trying to emote? All kneel before Reb! No, really, or else he might start yelling.

        I highly recommend Yor: The hunter from the Future. Saw it on Elvira when I was a wee lad, left quite the impression. All I’m gonna say about it other than the rockin’ soundtrack is orgasmically 80s is…

        Pterodactyl hang-glider for the fucking win. Enjoy.

        Also, a bit of a PSA, try not to drink anything during the movie that may hurt coming out of your nose. Trust me.


      3. Ah, I see…he’s the one true Captain ‘Murica. Well, if the LA convention gets too dull we shall retreat to the hotel with a copy of Yor and drink until we’re thirsty again. Pterodactyl hang glider sounds dangerously close to a Lego set. I’m seriously kicking myself for not recognizing him, he’s got the 70’s TV trifecta in his back pocked: Love Boat, Fantasy Island and Chico and the Man. An actor’s career doesn’t get much better than that.


      4. Toothless werewolf? It’s like an action hero named Gandhi. Didn’t quite think that one through. Haven’t seen that masterpiece, but it sounds like it might be ninety minutes of some furry guy gumming people. “How do we stop it, silver bullets?” “Nah, just a rolled up newspaper and a stern NO.”


      5. I’m guessing Yor’s the sword and sorcery-ish one that attracted my attention in the clip, will check it out.

        Also, it’s definitely a furry chick gumming people (Stirba’s the feminine form), some pure kinkfest going on in that title.


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