Friday Night Fights [Round 30]

Welcome back fight fans, to Sin City Nevada for another yuletide edition of Friday Night Fights! This week’s bout is the battle of the snowflakes, with spiked eggnog and access to the mistletoe on the line.  Without further preamble, let’s go to the tale of the tape.

Fighting out of the red corner, from a tiny dorm room in a respectable college, it’s Aaron “The Argonaut” Van Cleave and his “Christmas Day”.

Screenshot-2017-12-22 All sizes Christmas Day Flickr - Photo Sharing .jpg

And fighting out of the blue corner, from the plush Las Vegas Headquarters of KeithLUG, it’s Keith “GoldmemberGoldman and his “Blue, Blue Christmas“.


As usual, constant reader, you are tasked with deciding the outcome of this pugilistic endeavor and determine who will receive a week’s worth of bragging rights.  Simply leave a comment below and vote for the model that best suits your individual taste. I will tally up the votes next Friday and declare a winner.

Last time, on Friday Night Fights….

It was the battle of the Brothers Brick Blades, with experience points and Treasure Type J on the line.  In the end, Deus “El Diablo” Otiosus and his “Functional LEGO sword (DEADLY!!!)” scored a decisive 7-4 victory over Nick “The Brick” Jensen and his “Complex Solution”.  Deus scores his first victory (1-0) while Nicky Bricky runs his record to (0-1).

19 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights [Round 30]

  1. Ain’t going crony here, but I have to go with Blue, Blue Christmas. I love A-aron’s free flow ambiguity and leave-it-to-the-viewer interpretation but Keith’s floor is stupidly mesmerizing. Normally, I wouldn’t favor anything that goes Turner and Hooch and kills the dog, but even with Christmas Day’s clever use of Forestmen hats and suitcases, the focal depth and the tire pile in the background make such a cool vision. Yeah, as much as I hate throwing a vote to the hippy with money, gotta go with Gordon Street/Goldman here. jerk.


  2. I don’t get either build, so, yeah, technique voting time! Keith loses my vote for using the lamest fig combos I’ve seen in ages, although stacking a ton of rubbers and 1x1s look stupidly awesome. So it’s A.A.Ron.


    1. Lamest fig combos…you’re such a bullshit artist….I say again, bullshit artist.

      You’re so caught up in your role of contrarian you contradict yourself in your own post. Well I love the “rubbers” and the the plates but I’m voting the other way. Spoken like a true bullshit artist. Don’t ever change Absurde.


      1. It’s a B-movie called “The Greasy Strangler” I can’t recommend it in good conscious, but much like a car wreck I was unable to look away. If you do watch it, plan on drinking heavily.


      2. Drinking heavily? Way ahead of ya, buddy. Way ahead of ya.

        I sadly have to report that life has gotten the better of me and I find that devoting an hour and a half to a shit movie just ain’t anywhere on my radar anymore. Some movies, like Showgirls, I’ll devote the time; but outside that, I can not. I can naaaaht. Oh hi Mark.


      3. I do like the rubberplates, but they’re just thrown there, while the other has, you know, connections. Not everything is contrarian, I just didn’t bother specifying what I like about Aaron’s over it.

        Did I mention how lame the figs are? 😀


  3. I like Aaron’s opposing organic shapes grown from a rigid structure of equally-spaced blocks. It’s an interesting look, although not entirely well executed. Something he could revisit in the future for certain. Keith’s design forms a better image (as he is known to do) but despite the story wanting more from me, the viewer, I vote for Aaron. Good thing I made my decision before checking the builders. A friend versus a crony… who woulda thought.


    1. I can think of no explanation for that first one. I’m sure the fact that the grim reaper has a dog penis coming out of his chest is important, but I’ve never been good at this interpretive art stuff. I’ll have to pass up that one and vote for Blue, Blue Christmas.


      1. The dog penis is the tip of the scythe the black fig’s stabbing the mofo with. Why it is bloody though, beats me. Or maybe I’m just seeing things and it’s actually the dog’s penis from Blue Balls Christmas, those lame figs are surely up to no good.


  4. Woah, I’ve been keeping tabs on the Manifesto but not nearly close enough if you managed to sneak this under my nose! I always assumed you contacted people before the Friday Fight Nights happened, but now that I consider my experience with trying to get in contact with random people in this community (especially on Flickr) that sounds like a logistical nightmare. (In case it seems like I’m disgruntled that you don’t actually contact builders, I’d like to clarify and affirm that I’m not. Props for efficiency.)

    And hey I won!

    I’ve always had mixed feelings about that build (which is one of an extremely similar pair). I’ve noticed the apparent confusion at the subject matter, so I’ll just mention that by my *intent*, the pair comprise abstract depictions of the metaphysical/spiritual goings-on of Jesus’ Incarnation and Death/Resurrection, respectively. Consequently it would have been more appropriate to post this second half on Easter, but I guess I was averse to waiting so long to post what was mostly a ripoff of the original Christmas post.

    Technically speaking, I’ve always been pretty happy with the blocky/organic interface. But looking back, I’m not so thrilled with the integration of the hellish elements to the left. Working it into an extended section of the blocky base may or may not have improved that.

    There are lots of other small details to screw up in a minifig-intensive diorama like this, where there’s a heavy focus on symbolism distracting me from design. The scythe definitely shouldn’t have been bloodied, for example. I’ve always imagined the stereotypical depiction of Death as being all skeleton under those robes, so no idea what I was thinking there. Then again, why impale an animate skeleton though the chest if you’re trying to destroy it? Hacking off the limbs is a way better place to start. As you can see, degrading into overanalysis always ruins abstract symbolism.

    But hey I won! Against Keith! Who also organized this matchup and could have picked a build that would have crushed mine! What kind of Faustian favors do I owe in light of this uncanny kindness?


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