13 thoughts on “Recommendations (Blog or Die! Entry #14)

  1. I think there is maybe some inside jokes here that I’m not totally getting, except maybe by reading the “Tagged” section, specifically the tag “How the Manifesto looks to the outside world.” As far as the characters go, I think the blond one is the most inspired.


  2. Alright, this was a test for how well you read the comments section. More correctly, if anyone pays attention to Rutherford’s long-windedness. You’re 0 for 3, Rutherford! Here’s the link to his comment. The last few sentences of his third paragraph morphed into this comic. https://keithlug.com/2017/12/31/2017-the-manifesto-year-in-review/#comment-4498
    Yep, the yellow-haired dude is Absurde, the bartender is Keith (naturally), Rowntree is the confused urinator, and Wolff is the poet at the table.

    Sorry for the lack of context, I should have included the link from the start!


  3. Yes! I don’t believe it! The realistic-ness of my brick-form is uncanny! 😀

    But seriously, very good stuff here mate! Got quite a good laugh out of this one! Best of luck.


  4. “I think the blond one is the most inspired.”

    I somehow got 3/4 characters without having a clue what was going on, so you must have done something right on a subliminal level. The bartender was the one I missed (yeah, the most obvious one). I can’t tell you for sure if I read Mike’s comment or not because memory and I don’t mix, although having read it now, awesomeness like that should have stuck.


  5. XDDD Just saw this, busy day on the Manifesto. I wondered too if anyone actually read Mike’s blather. I guess so. Nailed it here, even when I stick my tongue out while pissing on a potted plant. Genes, what can I say?


  6. Official Contest Review
    Entry # 14
    Title: Recommendations
    Author: Caleb Inman
    Views: 72 Comments: 7

    Favorite Quote: “Hey, those bottles aren’t going to fill themselves.”

    Favorite Comment inspired by the entry: “I somehow got 3/4 characters without having a clue what was going on, so you must have done something right on a subliminal level.” – Vitreolum

    Single Sentence Summary: An inside look into the social dynamic of the Manifesto and how it looks to the outside world.

    The Good:

    1. RoontRee’s character is spot on, you captured Lego Jesus in plastic and I’m really tempted to try and buy it from you, or failing that, copying it myself. The glasses, the hair, the wink and the protruding tongue (great technique) are spot-on, he was the first character I identified at a glance, you managed to capture the key “art school girlfriend” aspect of his tempestuous nature without using a beret. The other character that didn’t require explanation was Werewolff, I love the pose with the pen in his mouth and the orientation of the eyeball tiles. He does somehow bear a striking resemblance to Stephen Hawking, I had to check to make sure he wasn’t sitting in a wheelchair just to be sure. While I didn’t identify the Absurde character, and I have no idea what he looks like in real life, it didn’t take away from the great job you did on the face, it gave me a chuckle and the beard was particularly well chosen.

    2. I liked the minimalist setting, it reminded me of a Sesame Street bit or 70’s variety show skit where the window frames just kind of hang in space and it looks more like a set than a scene. The blue construction paper background somehow worked in your favor and actually helped the atmosphere. This is a junky half-assed blog and you translated that very effectively into the brick.

    3. Although the decision robbed you of any chance at mass-appeal where your audience is concerned, I dig the way you took a quote from a gasbag Rutherford and turned it into a comic. While it may be too meta for some readers (especially new readers) it definitely gave me a chuckle, because I distinctly remember that accurate description of the blog. I didn’t expect to see such a tactic used in the contest, and I give you credit for originality. I’ll probably use the comic down the line when I’m trying to explain the Manifesto to someone unfamiliar with the blog.

    The Bad:

    1. As many of the comments noted, this comic was just too much of an inside joke and required too much explanation to even constant readers of the blog. While I appreciated the approach, nobody seemed to get the joke or the quote. I wonder if it would have been more successful if you’d included the entire quote in the title or had Rutherford actually say it to someone in the comic itself. As I’ve criticized other entries it also includes me, which is problematic and I’ve learned that for next time I’ll explicitly state in the rules that participants should not include me in the comics. Again, I’m uncomfortable selecting a winner that features me as a subject, while it’s flattering it also give the impression that I’m biased towards those entries, or easily flattered. I won’t hold it against you but if you’re up against another builder for the award who doesn’t feature me in some way, it’s going to tip the scale of judgment in your opponent’s direction.

    2. The third panel, the one featuring Absurde and I, is kind of confusing. Maybe it’s just me, but I had to read it like three times and I’m still not completely sure I’m reading it in the right order or completely grasping the exchange. I think a re-write on that scene might have rendered greater clarity. In a story this short, ever word matters and I think there was room for improvement with the flow and the humor.

    3. Even though I’m ready to embrace minimalism, I think you could have improved the building portion of the comic. The lower part of the bar is kind of a mess (I don’t like how you can see through it in spots) and the liquor bottles looked more like lightsabers than glass containers. In fact, now I’m reconsidering one of my good points about the Werewolff character…is that a pen as I initially suspected, or is it a beer? And while the tables were an interesting choice, I thought they were fountains at first and seem like an odd choice. I don’t usually see tables that curve like that and I think the transparency actually works against you in combination with the white floor.

    The Whatever:
    RoontrEe looks like a dog-man, that’s too damn funny. Can I please buy RoontrEe from you? At least consider listing an updated version for this year’s Creations for Charity event. I need it!


    1. As you said, Wolftree and Wolf are easily recognizable; not sure what made “me guess me” (that doesn’t sound weird, nope, never, not at all), but it probably has something to with the fact that he built it using techniques I generally use all the way to the hair on the eye. Reminded me of Guybrush. Also I’ve had people call me blonde (although I don’t see it at all, it’s some lame assed light brown) and he got the beard part right. No idea what sort of juju he did there, but it was obvious from the get go.

      Now where’s that beer?


      1. In my defense…

        Nahh, that’s a crappy way to start a defense. I’ll say this instead. If you waneed a comic that isn’t 95% light bluish grey, I’ll give you my post address. I simply ran out of pieces left and right even when trying to stretch colors as far as they’d go. Post-college, I will probably spend as much on a used car as I do on finally rounding out my Lego collection.

        Other notes. I have no idea what Absurde looks like, so I made him look awesome. He also definitely had a bottle (aka lightsaber) in a cut frame. Also, I tried to give everyone a unique face, so Wolff’s hunched posture was a bad side effect of that effort. I figured it fit him best. The lightsabee again is indeed a pen, though I can now see where the confusion came in.

        Regarding the paper, you know me. I am low-budget to a fault. I just wish the lighting could have been more favorable.

        The Keith and Absurde line was my attempt to change it up a bit so the entire comic wasn’t only one-liners. I might have missed the mark on the “dialogue”.

        And now that you’ve asked for it, there will definitely be a “roontrEe character up for sale this November. I better build both a clothes on and off version though…



      2. Oh sweet baby Jesus, you did! I glanced over the hub thinking it was just a hub. Forgive these weary, atrophied eyes.


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