Friday Night Fights [Round 35]

Welcome back fight fans, to Sin City Nevada for another knuckle sandwich edition of Friday Night Fights! This week’s bout is the battle of Territory EA27, with access to SZ18 and control of the continent on the line. Without further preamble, let’s go to the tale of the tape.

Fighting out of the red corner, from his velvet chair at Launch Command, it’s LukeClarenceVan “The Revanchist” and his “Blast Off!”.


And fighting out of the blue corner, from the corporate headquarters of Tequilatron, it’s Pistol Pico van Grootveld and his “Cabo Agave“.


As usual, constant reader, you are tasked with deciding the outcome of this pugilistic endeavor and determine who will receive a week’s worth of bragging rights.  Simply leave a comment below and vote for the model that best suits your individual taste. I will tally up the votes next Friday and declare a winner.

Last time, on Friday Night Fights….

It was the battle of Eternia, with the keys to Castle Grayskull and THE POWER! on the line.  In the end, “Diamond” Dave Frank and his “GraySkull He-Man“ scored a solid 6-4 victory over Alex “The Jackhammer” Jones and his “Castle Grayskull“.  Dave scores his first victory (1-0) while Alex runs his record to (0-1).




15 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights [Round 35]

  1. Rhetorical question: how come LCV isn’t a frequent of this blog? He’s one of the OG builders like you, Keith, and I think part of VirtuaLUG too, right?

    I’m a bit surprised, but neither of these builds are that fantastic. Pico is probably best known for his Tequilatron attack vehicles, a few of which can be seen in the sky above the base. But I really don’t like that simple vector graphic solution to water, clouds, and horizon, so I don’t think the sky counts as part of the creation as I would vote for it. The base itself is adorable but a bit lacking. It doesn’t feel very inspired like some micro bases do. (I think of Tom Remy’s spaceport. )

    LCV goes where I never dare to go: rockwork. Rockwork and stonework are my two biggest pet peeves as a builder, and this build doesn’t do it as well as I’ve seen. In fact, it is pretty messy. Part of that is because of the photograph’s lighting setup. It’s a shame, but that sort of spoils the model for me.

    I like the dynamic of LCV’s waterfall here, and even if I’m in the minority, I am voting for him. But literally anything else that Pico has built would probably have won my vote, so this is an exception.


    1. I can’t really speak for LCV, but I also assume he’s busy trying to keep MOCpages afloat as a moderator, that seems like an endeavor that it would eat up a lot of time. I wish he would comment here, he’s a good writer, has a strong perspective and as you say he’s also been building and posting for a long time. I don’t know if he’s in VirtuaLUG or not, I have very little knowledge of their roster.

      The builds may not be spectacular or the best examples by each builder, but the theme/category is emblematic of my launch towards DA and away (briefly) from the Manifesto. The rocket that is DA is about to take off. I also wanted to use these specific builders.


      1. I think I must have mixed him up with Tyler Haliwell. Which is odd, I’ve never interacted with either in the same circles. My bad, thanks for jogging my memory.


    2. I’ve gotta echo a lot of what Caleb’s said about the builds; neither is particularly strong. I recall seeing LCV’s when it first came out and being blown away, but it’s been nearly five years and the bar has raised exponentially. Or maybe the bar for rockwork specifically has raised exponentially, and since his build features a lot of that it doesn’t come off very strong. Either way this brings up a curious conundrum that I ponder occasionally: in what situations is it best to compare builds to relative contemporaries, and when is it better to compare builds to older and newer builds?

      That comes into play here because Pico’s is almost two years younger. Yet, besides his characteristically haut presentation and the smooth style that I personally prefer, it really doesn’t strike me as substantially better.

      My vote’s falling to LCV because “Blast Off!” and Cabo Agave aren’t either much better than the other, but “Blast Off!” was handicapped by age (assuming regular progression of build quality) and still managed to at least play up to a future build’s level. A convoluted way of saying that LCV’s build has a certain quality of timelessness, I suppose.


  2. LCV’s shot is a terrible angle. From the front the terrain looks pixellated and all depth is lost.

    This shot shows the true build:

    Pico’s strength on the other hand is my cup of tea – polish.

    While LCV’s structures themselves are inferior to Pico’s, I have to give him my vote for the excellent landscaping.

    @Vak Rockwork is nothing difficult, but oh so boooooring.


      1. Dang man… even Queen Latifah was down with O.P.P. (2:35 mark). ARM ME WITH HARMONY!!!

        (… and that “aw yeah” nod and smile gets me every time at 3:43)


  3. Going Pico. Might just be my mood, but I love the simplicity of the micro better than Lachlan’s. And the simplistic water and background isn’t bothering me with the build. As much as tequila and I have the agreement of not ever fucking with each other again, I’m one for Tequilatron on any given day.

    LCV was not in VLUG as of the time I left it two years ago. Heath Flor hasn’t mentioned any new recruits after I left, apparently I left a bad taste. 😉 He is definitely full time on keeping up with Mocpages’ dimwitted drama and inanely demoralizing questions in the Help Forum. I mentioned to him that he should come over here and check out the Manifesto in addition to throwing down an entry for Blog or Die!, but he didn’t seem interested. Plus, I know he’s full bore with University, so he probably doesn’t have Keith or the Manifesto on his priority list. Still would love for him to be a regular voice here, he has a style and knack for doling out some righteously riotous smack on a moment’s notice. In addition to being a genuinely bright lad.


  4. I vote Pico.
    This was a specicfication driven exercise and while Lukes approach is by no means incorrect Picos approach is cleaner. Simpler.

    It might not be “pure” or “objective” to judge these builds in the context of DA but for me thats the context they evoke.



  5. I have a hard time picking this week. They are both better than I would do at microscale, but at the same time I’m not particularly inspired by either build. I’ll go with “Blast Off” for building the entire scene in LEGO. I think if the cliffs were cleaned up it would be a top notch build, but something seems off about them.


  6. Dang it Keith! Why did you have to make this week so hard?

    Anyway, as others have said, I don’t feel that either build has the most complex design or techniques at play, but both a fantastic regardless.

    However, whilst LCV (yeah, you know me)’s scale is downright impressive, I’m going to swing my vote Pico’s way on this one. I just really like the clean, organised aesthetic of the space base with all the micro vehicles and, as always, the edit is simply awesome. Tequilatron gets the vote.


  7. Don’t feel a strong pull one way or the other with this one. I guess I’ll vote team Tequila because I think Pico had a clearer vision in mind when he made his whereas LCV’s feels kind of messy. I like how the colors and the edit make it look like a Cold War-era propoganda poster.


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