Taking Decisive Action


Editor’s Note:

The action on the Manifesto is going to slow way down as I turn my time and attention towards Decisive Action 3, a Lego based war-game that should take 3-4 months to design and play.  I’ll try and keep things going over here with the weekly fights, and the occasional article, but the frequency of offerings from me is about to go way down because the other venture is very demanding.  As always, I’ll pretty much post whatever you guys send in, so if you’d like to keep the conversation going, have at it.  It feels strange to slow down when the blog is finally hitting it’s stride with more readers and new commenters than ever before (the contest was awesome), but I really want to pursue a different project for the short term, and if I try and do both well, they will likely both suffer for it.  Although I don’t take it for granted by any means, each time I’ve come back from hiatus the blog was better for it in terms of statistics, involvement and my own satisfaction.  I hope that will be the case next time.

Thanks to all you guys for making this latest 3 month run a great one!



35 thoughts on “Taking Decisive Action

    1. That’s awesome, I’d love to hear your thoughts about it after you’ve seen a few weeks. The only downside to watching the game is that the players tend to form alliances in private groups, and much of the best interpersonal exchanges take place there. I think there is still some entertainment value for the viewer, some spectacle, but it’s always an incomplete picture even to me as the admin, because I don’t get to see inside those private alliance groups either.


  1. Can’t wait to see how this thing plays.

    Hiatus is never a bad thing, not only does it keep things from getting stale, it stops them from becoming tedious. I’m sure I’m not speaking only for myself when I say that as entertaining as the contest has been, it also bunt me out a bit… and really, there’s only so much to say in a mouthful and only so much action you can keep up with at a time. Even more true for those posting articles as well.


    1. Agreed with Nick. Your builds alone would carry any alliance, if the rules are the same as last year. And you’d probably have a blast in an alliance (with the right crowd…)


    2. Is this some sort of reverse psychology nonsense where you’re actually trying to get me not to play by creating insanely high expectations I know I’ll never meet? 😀

      I’m definitely in, I can’t see how anyone could stay away after Nick’s article and the comments that followed.


      1. There you see, that’s the part I’m not very good at – the smack talk. I save my energies for the battlefield! You wouldn’t like Jane when she’s angry 🙂

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      1. Actually building and blackouts are always a good match; looking at the picasso next to you through the headache, wondering when the heck did you do that is a great way to start the day. Afol version of “umm… who the fuck is she?” :)).


      2. Wait, there’s another way to do Lego and art without blacking out?

        The downside is when you see a real piece of shit the next morning and wonder why you wasted a good buzz. The AFOL version of “umm… who the fuck is she?!” D:


  2. This is both great news and sucks like a massive black hole at the center of a galaxy! I am having foot surgery and will not be able to work or access my Lego room for several weeks as a result. Bites like a rabid lioness!


    1. How can you quit when I haven’t even announced the date yet, Ron? Keep hope alive, As it says in your bio, you put the “fun” in fundamentalist, you can’t simply surrender to foot surgery, black holes and lions. You’ve got a map to conquer, you have a wife and kids, it’s time to build by proxy!

      Let me quote Patton by way of Rutherford: “Attack! Attack! Attack!” Do you think Patton would have quit before WW2 started because of foot surgery? Hell no!

      Attack! Ron. Attack!


      1. I should have also wished you a speedy recovery, Ron, I hope your time under the knife goes well and you’re back on your feet soon. Yes, that pun was intended. General, prepare to hobble!


    2. Ron

      Ah the foot. Seemingly mundane as appendages go. Yet absolutely essential in the attack… Or the retreate as the case may be.

      But surgery is ni laughing matter. I sincerely wish you a clean procedure followed by a speedy recovery!

      You might have to sit this one out, foot soldier, so kick up your bandagex heels and roast a weeny over the flames of a burning world.

      To me, you’ll always be the guy who put the “foot” in fundamentalist!

      Stand fast!


      1. Sensei Rutherford, I am humbled at your largesse in casting your glance in my general direction. That you speak to me is honor too great for this poor broken soldier. Excuses for inaction are unbecoming, that you stretch forth your hand to even acknowledge this lowly one gives me strength of purpose and causes me to draw metal from leather, lading the oil and whetting the stone that my rusty sword may shine bright and sharp again!
        But yeah, put my foot in it big time…broke it at work on 1/2/18, have surgery tomorrow, will be 3-4 weeks of sitting in a chair with my foot up, then maybe back to work for sedentary for 3-4 weeks, light duty for 3-4 weeks, then maybe fully back to it! They are putting in a titanium plate to hold it together! Yep, no lead foot here!

        If we are a few weeks out yet, I will certainly be interested!


  3. Wait a second, wasn’t the Blog or Die contest held because you were going on hiatus to build for a convention? You are spending more time away from than on your blog. 😉

    Just give us brief weekly AAR’s on DA3 and we’ll be alright.


    1. Guilty! Blog or Die was indeed supposed to distract everyone while I was busy building for LA, but even still I manged to suffer from burnout. When I sit down to write an article, I just don’t have much to say and inevitably I end up working on DA instead so I figured it was finally time to commit to the game. Thanks for hanging in there through the slow-down, I’ll definitely run a journal here about the game, and I also told Ted I’d do some coverage of the speeder bike contest that’s about to kick off.


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