Friday Night Fights [Round 37]

Welcome back fight fans, to Sin City Nevada for another counterpunch edition of Friday Night Fights! This week’s bout is brought to you by friend of the blog and resident contrarian Vitreolum.  It’s the battle of the stag party, with access to a pile of acorns and an exemption from hunting season on the line. Without further preamble, let’s go to the tale of the tape.

Fighting out of the red corner, from deep in the heart of Illinois, it’s Tim “Lionheart” Lydy and his “The Ravenstag”.


And fighting out of the blue corner, also from parts unknown, it’s Joe “The Punisher” Perez and his “Stag“.


As usual, constant reader, you are tasked with deciding the outcome of this pugilistic endeavor and determine who will receive a week’s worth of bragging rights.  Simply leave a comment below and vote for the model that best suits your individual taste. I will tally up the votes next Friday and declare a winner.

Last time, on Friday Night Fights….

It was the battle of the monkey shine, with access to a crate full of bananas and control of the jungle canopy on the line.  In the end, Jimmy “FendoirFortel and his “Three wise monkeys“ scored an overwhelming and unprecedented 15-0 victory over “PoignarderPistash and his “The three wise monkeys”.  Fortel scores his first victory (1-0) while Pistash runs his record to (0-1).


20 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights [Round 37]

  1. While I like Lydy’s, I am more struck by how Perez’s stag seems more alive. It’s paused for a moment while being spotted and is ready to quickly run off again. Perez all the way.


  2. While both are very good builds, the winner for me is pretty clear – Joe Perez. I like his stag better in every respect. Joe’s version has better antlers, better body shaping, and most of all, a much better, more realistic, stance. Plus, the overly shaggy coat on Tim Lydy’s version just looks a little weird to me, like his stag has the mange or something.


  3. I am also going to vote Joe. The thing that struck me about his model when I first saw it on Flickr is the texturing. That is my favorite bone to pick with builds, and while Tim satisfies my need for proper shaping, Joe ups the game to another level. This is one of my favorite models so far this year, so I’m a bit biased. But even from a technical standpoint, the photography on Joe’s model reflects the model better in the ever-hard-to-perfect black build photo. Also, that eye gets me every time. It’s almost shining, just like they do in the wild. A+ work Joe.


  4. Tim’s is interesting in a fantastical way, and in that light it could certainly stand on its own. However, Joe destroyed it with accurate shaping, “realistic” texturing, and presence. The last one is vital and almost imperceptible, subconscious even. The stance is electric, that subtle splay of the rear legs fits the musculature perfectly. If you’ve ever seen these four foot tall rodents in the wild as we have shit tons here where I live (not with racks like that though), they are skittish and stupidly fearful. The result is compact, potential, explosive energy. I’ve startled them where they’ve leaped thirty feet in a single bound and you feel the ground vibrate as they land for a second only to change direction. At work, we keep a Frisbee in our Kubota to zing their direction for shits and giggles, ’cause. 😀 Anyways, Joe nailed the feel as they really are, majestic by default; rather than Tim’s which seems to set it more on a pedestal without taking into account that they’re stupid damn vermin that aren’t all that tasty.

    By accounts, I see this as a similar battle result as last week. Great mocs though, just in comparison there doesn’t seem to be any comparison. Weird.


  5. I wasn’t sure this was a good idea and expected this kind of result, I guess my curiosity was whether the fantasy side of Tim’s will have anything to say against realism and if the battle will be perceived that way rather than stag vs stag where the result is obvious. Or if there’s a Hannibal fan that will just go with it. As for the builds, I find Tim’s more polished and prefer the torso/neck shaping on that; Joe on the other hand nailed the poise and the head is a standout.


    1. If you expected a landslide victory for one side, why would you propose the matchup? When I get that result, like last week’s horrible bout, I see it as a miscalculation.


      1. Because I was hoping this battle would be perceived from a different pov: how well Tim replicated a fantasy stag compared to how well Joe replicated a real stag. In case of stag vs stag the result is obvious because Tim didn’t do a real stag, he built this fella and I think he nailed the feathery look:

        With that in mind and the polish he achieved I thought he had a fair chance, but only if TIm’s stag was perceived for what it was; I for one am not sure which way to go since they both nailed what they aimed for.


      2. That makes sense, thanks for letting me into your thought process. I think for this week I might go for an apples-to-oranges approach rather than my usual strategy. Mix things up a bit. Thanks for volunteering the matchup though, I was pressed for time and appreciated the assist.


      3. After looking at some clips from the show, the stag from Hannibal is pretty much a regular stag. Just swap tufts of fur for tufts of feathers, a distinction that isn’t all that clear at this resolution. Lydy did a decent job on those details, but the proportions are still way off. Angka is onto something with his llama comparison.


  6. I vote for Perez.
    The eye, the antlers and the leg position really invoke the classic lines of this subject for me.

    Both works are recognizable and both are cool. No doubt about that. But Perez just got that much closer for my eye.

    I also have to say that the four black wings on the tail end of the other MOC just don’t work for me. It looks like a deer with four tiny black wings on it’s butt. Not what I would call classic lines.

    Congrats Vitreolum, on selecting this excellent topic and selection!



    1. The butt feathers swung my vote more than anything also, maybe the less detailed antlers too. Of course I didn’t know, until Vit told us, that it was supposed to be a feathered stag.


  7. The butt feathers swung my vote more than anything also, maybe the less detailed antlers too. Of course I didn’t know, until Vit told us, that it was supposed to be a feathered stag.


    1. Yeah, and im down with the idea. And the notion explains many of the other building choices in the MOC… but untill being TOLD what it was, it never occurred to me.

      They both rock though.


  8. I admit Joe’s Stag is superior in almost every way, especially the pose.But in the end, it’s a matter of personal taste.So, I join the minority (if any) by voting for Lydy’s Ravenstag, simply because it amusingly resembles llama.


  9. Tougher choice for me than last week’s fight. I both like them. The first has a more fantasy approach to it (might as well be a Pokemon of sorts) and the other is more realistic and clean. Looking for the little things to balance it out like the eyes, flowing of the shapes and textures. Perez takes it home in the end.


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