Friday Night Fights [Round 40]

Welcome back fight fans, to Sin City Nevada for another shanghai edition of Friday Night Fights! This week’s bout is the battle of the shipwrights, with at least a month’s worth of bragging rights and and a dram of top-shelf whiskey on the line.   Tonight’s bout is a little unusual in that the fighters in question recently challenged each other to see who could come up with the most accurate model of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force’s Asagiri class destroyer from the mid 1980’s.  The rules were simple: the Asagiri would be built in 1:350 scale, using only parts that are available IRL. The match-up has some added importance in my mind, because these guys went out of their way to challenge each other and they are not currently getting any help from the community to resolve the challenge.  The handful of comments is typically weak, never more than a sentence and avoids the topic of comparison entirely.  Let’s do these gents a solid and determine the winner here, on the blood-stained floors of the Manifesto arena.

Without further preamble, let’s go to the tale of the tape.


Fighting out of the red corner, from a long patrol somewhere in the Sea of Japan,  it’s Mark “The Machete” B. and his “JDS Asagiri (DD-151)”.


And fighting out of the blue corner, from the top of a swell in the East China Sea, it’s “Lock and Load” Locutus666 and his “JDS Asagiri DD-151“.

JDS Asagiri DD-151

As usual, constant reader, you are tasked with deciding the outcome of this pugilistic endeavor and determine who will receive a week’s worth of bragging rights. Simply leave a comment below and vote for the model that best suits your individual taste. I will tally up the votes next Friday and declare a winner.

Last time, on Friday Night Fights….

It was the battle of the big rock candy mountain, with a bottle of hooch and a bulging bindle of SWAG on the line.  In the end, David “MagnetoZambito and his “Country Side Tunnel took his opponent to the woodshed with a bruising 14-3 victory over Jason “The Axeman” Allemann  and his “Moutain Train“. Zambito scores his first victory (1-0) while Allemann runs his record to (0-1).


5 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights [Round 40]

  1. The shaping on the front seems more in scale for Mark’s, Locutus’ feels a stud or two short. Mark’s extensive details like the curved slopes making up the face of the bridge and his black tower are superb. Love the wall pieces on their sides that form the hilo deck.

    Definitely Mark.


  2. Mark “The Machete” B. It appears they are both digital builds (unless my eyes deceive me) which makes Locutus’s choices all the more questionable and disappointing. “You had EVERYTHING!”… Odd mix of the dark grey and that white stripe across the side. Also the use of that fence panel part at the back seems lazy. Don’t think the person spent much time refining it in any way… reminds me of my very first LDD train build in that way, ages and ages ago. Like me, hope they take the critique and improve.


  3. I’m usually one to downplay NPU, but part usage is vital when working at this small a scale. Mark B. makes each element look distinctly functional with the parts he’s chosen, while in Locutus’s the details of the original ship feel lost in a salad of plate offsets and bars. Another vote for the red corner.


  4. Also, I didn’t factor this into how I voted, but I find it kind of jarring to use a photo background on a digital MOC, especially if it hasn’t been through a renderer.


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