Friday Night Fights [Round 41]

Welcome back fight fans, to Sin City Nevada for another tooth-splintering edition of Friday Night Fights! This week’s bout is the battle of St. Astrid’s Fall, with heavy reinforcements and the blessings of the God Emperor on the line. Without further preamble, let’s go to the tale of the tape.

Fighting out of the red corner, from the Forge World of Magnos Omicron, it’s Faber “The Magistrate of MayhemMandragore and his “Blood Angels Captain In Terminator Armour”.


And fighting out of the blue corner, from the Tomb World Seidon, it’s Marco “Mad DogMarozzi and his “Crusader“.


As usual, constant reader, you are tasked with deciding the outcome of this pugilistic endeavor and determine who will receive a week’s worth of bragging rights.  Simply leave a comment below and vote for the model that best suits your individual taste. I will tally up the votes next Friday and declare a winner.

Last time, on Friday Night Fights….

It was a self-selected battle battle of the shipwrights, with at least a month’s worth of bragging rights and a dram of top-shelf whiskey on the line.  In the end, Mark “The Machete” B. and his “JDS Asagiri (DD-151)” absolutely mollywhopped “Lock and Load” Locutus666 and his “JDS Asagiri DD-151“ to the tune of 9-1.  Mark B. scores his first victory (1-0) while Locutus666 runs his record to (0-1).


15 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights [Round 41]

  1. I hate to vote against Marco. His builds are always creative and cool. But I’m going to have to vote for Blood Angels Terminator Captain. It was a close one, but in my opinion, Mandragore’s all came together better.


  2. I’m going for Marco Marozzi’s Crusader. It has fewer parts, but the placement of each looks so carefully considered. It’s more than the sum of them.


  3. Mandragore for me, but it is close. Marco’s is actually a favorite of mine, so I’m surprised that I would go against it (and am always a huge fan of the figure part usage). I digged the lumbering look that gives off the Hellboy “Golden Army” vibes. On this second glance, I question the usage of the upside down fender parts under the armpits, and the void they create on the back view. Mandragore has some more intentional details… although it does look a bit more like a hockey goalie. The blockiness of the white tabard up front could have been cleaner too. I guess he gets some bonus points for the post and vignette stand.


  4. Mandragore just edges out Crusader. His primary weapon is superbly put together. And while his color palette is slightly better, those skulls really add a nice touch of carnage and reinforce the overall deadliness.


  5. I’m going Marco on this, I love how clompy it looks. The design is so well unified in spite of the proportions seeming to be off. It really works with the weapon as an extension of the framework. But mainly, I can hear this thing walking down a hallway with whirs and clanks and the beautiful clomp of its weight on a stone floor.



  6. I’ll hop on the Mandragore wagon, too. His has got better proportions, use of color, and details. I love Marco’s as well, but it seems here like he’s just showing off how many weird parts he can use. I’m also not convinced his Ma.K-esque curvaceousness meshes that well with the style of Warhammer; it looks too sci-fi and not enough medieval plate armor.


  7. Keith got me going on feet with regards to mecha and power armor. Mandragore’s has the WH40K aesthetic down, but it looks like it’s standing on stumps. I did look on Flickr and there are some kind of vestigial feet or supports, but it’s hard to tell. Accuracy to the source material or not, this is kind of a dealbreaker for me. I like the use of paneled and angular parts for Marco’s armor, I prefer the proportions of the armor, and of course, it has feet.


  8. The terminator is really amazing, but the UFO helmet head seems too small and the printing ruins the effect. The weird shaping of Marco’s armor with the bulbous canopy makes for a really fun design. So, Marco!


  9. I have to go with Mandragore, mainly because, despite the small head, his build seems to be better proportioned overall. And that weapon really looks menacing.


  10. My vote goes to Mandragore. Pose, shaping, details and the pedestal base are proper of a “real” awesome WH40K resin model, but carried out in LEGO pieces!


  11. Bit of a hard decision, but I’ll go Mandragore as well. He’s really nailed the 40k aesthetic, and I’m liking the proportions and all the little details. However, Marco’s model is still fantastic, and I do like his unique styling (and the fact that his has feet!).

    Still, the Terminator gets my vote.


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