Down the FTC Rabbit Hole: Secret Origins

If you conduct a search for “Fire Truck” on MOCPages the resulting figure seems to be an impossibly small number of creations, just 932.  Before checking, I would have guessed the total amount to be at least 10 times that number.   I suspect that much like the rest of the site, the search engine has been hacked or compromised and there are many…many more undocumented Fire Trucks out there that are largely invisible.  However, I did come across a far more interesting factoid when I filtered the results to display the “oldest” Fire Truck creations.

The very first Fire Truck on The Pages was posted on March 2nd of the site’s inaugural year of 2003 by none other than the absentee slumlord himself and self-proclaimed “lego artist” Sean Kenney.  It was part of his initial MOC-dump on the site’s first day of operation, and the truck was actually built in 2002 so it’s one of his earliest models. So what’s the significance you ask?  Well, the FTC (Fire Truck Cabal) is one of the oldest, most powerful and deeply cryptic organizations to vie for influence on the crumbling site.  Completing the trinity along with the LCZ (League of Christian Zealots) and the HSA (Home School Alliance), the FTC continues to hold sway over the radiated landscape to this day, and only a site-wide catastrophic event would be enough to end their dominance.  From the very beginning of MOCpages people have wondered just who the power behind the FTC is, and what (if any) agenda they were sworn to promote.  What I’m saying is…I think I’ve finally found the dark, corrupted heart of the Fire Truck Cabal and it both explains a great many things…and only begs more questions.


Just remember this nugget at the bottom of Sean’s MOCpage if you’re tempted to ask questions or conduct your own research into the shadowy digital recesses where you don’t belong:

I also created this website, MOCpages. If you have a MOCpages question, please do not contact me directly”

17 thoughts on “Down the FTC Rabbit Hole: Secret Origins

  1. If MOCpages were a nation in the game Civilization, it would be rated very low on the tourism scale. Part of the reason for this has been already addressed: shoddy maintenance, obsolete design and non-existent security. The last one will end up putting a bypass around what was once a thriving community. Google has announced that it will soon no longer include in its search engines, websites that are not encrypted. That means that if it cannot connect through a trusted HTTPS certificate it will no longer be on the road map. Several SSL certificate providers including Symantec will also be excluded from searches. This is important news! What is means is that your creations on the ‘pages will no longer be discoverable via search! Forget the fact that the town is dying, shabby and dilapidated housing groups are everywhere and that the only people still living there are too poor, too young, too old or just too,,,too. The interstate is building its bypass and not even leaving a sign! The Lego backwater will soon be a barren wasted land and banjo music will be heard, only playing at a really geriatric pace…


    1. That’s a good point that I hadn’t considered Ron, when I’m writing an article that requires something from MOCpages I always google whatever I’m looking for instead of relying on MOCpages lousy search engine. The irritation surrounding that site is immune to all forms of treatment. Good call Ron, it’s one more nail in the coffin.


    2. As a huge aficianado of Civ I can’t very well let that analogy slip past. If MOCpages was a nation in Civ it would be rated very low for everything except maybe culture and even that is waning. I don’t see it surviving more than a couple of turns if the Germans or the Aztecs are involved.


  2. One of these days I shall have to build a Firetruck. I’ve built every other kind of truck pretty much. and it will be the biggest, baddest, most functiony firetruck ever. The FTC will hate it.


    1. That’s where you’re wrong Nick, in their shriveled up hearts they will love everything about it, even as they publicly shun it and plot against you. Please, for the love of all good things…do it.


  3. The dark side to Lego and you dare expose it? It feels like that one time back travelling abroad, walking a softly left-curving street with no discernable end late at night in some lost corner of a European city with too many consonants to pronounce properly, knowing without a clue that the hostel has to be just another block ahead while wondering at the same time if they’re even called blocks here if none of them are actually square, feeling strangely sober in part to the crisp air breathed a thousand times already, when the smell of B.O. and patchouli harkens from a stoop embraced by wrought iron held together with rust, “Firetruck?” the negative space in the form of a person says from its slouched position stuck to the step. “Huh?” I reply without thought. It speaks again smelling interest, “Train? Star Wars? Space?” The last word sounding like a compromise of principles and defeat. ‘Ugh.’ my brain spills down my spine, ‘Trains? Really? That was a gateway from decades ago. And Star Wars? The designer du jour to get everyone else champing at the bit. Space, meh. The tried and true that always lures me back. What’s one more hit?’ I go to speak the word, get that quick fix, forget about all that reality continually nipping at my heels. “Firetruck.” comes out instead. ‘What was that?’ my brain asks itself. ‘Firetruck? What are you thinking?!’ The silhouette hands me a colorful box with a variety of numbers on it; 5-12, 60107, 214 pcs. I slip the awaiting hand several bills with muted colors sadly contrasting the box. The portrait of a well manicured face stares back from the bill not sure what to think as the only remaining sovereignty of a culture too long for this world is exchanged for a box of plastic. I slip the box under my coat and pick up the pace down the nameless street as I see the rain in the cones of light before it tries to wash the shame away.


  4. …or maybe they’re just not titled Fire Truck? :)) Nah, FTC (All hail!) can’t be more inspired than that.

    It’s wonderfully ironic for Sean to be at the bottom of things. Now we need to uncover the important answers:

    – Is Sean home-schooled?
    – Sean zealotry level = ?

    If the answers are as suspected, I think the mystery is solved. He probably wants it to be an exclusive club for the trinity. And like a proper god, he’s ruling over them with an iron fist by simply being… invisible.

    Bing, Bang, BOOM! …or more like Bonk. Thud. Smash!


    1. Of course you’re 100% correct Absurde, those are the two great burning questions I was left with after the startling FTC revelation. We need to track down his C.V. and do a little more digging to see which totem pole he dances around….if any.

      Bonk. Thud. Smash! is the trinity….and it’s been right there in front of us this whole time. Thank you for adding real depth to this conversation, I feel like this is a threshold moment for MOCpages expats and survivors.


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