The KeithLUG Manifesto is your window into the LEGO fan hobby with an emphasis on compelling models, criticism, history and personal interest stories about the people who build.  I’m Keith Goldman, your host and the founder of KeithLUG.  I’ve been building and participating in the online scene since I made my first post to LUGNET on October 20 of 2000 and I’ve been to a dozen conventions in 7 American cities.  You can find my work on Flickr, the current home of the LEGO fan community and you can find my writing on The Brothers Brick.

LUG stands for LEGO Users Group and I started KeithLUG because I didn’t have access to a traditional LUG in Las Vegas and I wanted to get in on the action. KeithLUG is highly informal and non-geographic in nature.  The roster will remain a mystery, much like Fight Club there is no KeithLUG, so there is no way of knowing who is a member at any given time.  This blog will serve as a headquarters for the ever shifting group of builders who have made my time spent in the hobby so much fun over the last decade and a half.  Enjoy your time on The Manifesto and don’t hesitate to reach out via our contact form if you are so compelled.