“I’m every bourgeois nightmare – a Cockney with intelligence and a million dollars.”

Right or wrong I judge LEGO mosaics based on a single question: would I hang it on my Legoratory wall?  In the case of our next featured model here on the Manifesto, the answer is unquestionably yes.  The builder is David Hughes and the subject is the great Michael Caine as he appeared in this 1965 image by acclaimed photographer and fellow proud Cockney, David Bailey.  Bailey’s impressive catalogue of celebrity photos helped create the image of “swinging London” in the sixties and this photo became so famous that it’s now in a special collection at London’s National Portrait Gallery.  It’s interesting that Bailey’s most popular photograph was an actor because he has said more than once that “Actors are a severe pain to photograph because they never want to reveal who they are.

David Hughes does a great job duplicating the photograph, I’m not sure if he used a program or free-handed the model or some combination of both but the results are remarkable. Caine wears the black horn-rimmed glasses he donned to play secret agent Harry Palmer in three films that began with “The Ipcress File” and an unlit Gaulois dangles as if he paused to unfavorably appraise your idiotic small talk.  You’re boring Michael Caine, constant reader, its time to move along.

If you’re looking for a movie recommendation for the weekend, you could do a lot worse than the The Ipcress File, released the same year as the photo.   It’s like a grittier version of the early James Bond entries, albeit with less exotic locales and less fabulous babes.  So if you’re a fan of espionage films, Michael Caine and swinging 60’s action, you should give it a shot.  If you’re under the age of 25 or you have a short attention span,  you can just watch the trailer below, it pretty much gives you the whole story.

Shout out to constant reader Mike M. for the suggestion and be sure to check out the rest of David’s work on Flickr.